Review: First Contact by Alex Gabriel

Going undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn’t Rick Delaney’s idea of a good time – but for all the wrong reasons. 

Sure, going undercover in a gay BDSM club run by the mob isn’t exactly an everyday assignment. Still, as a cop specializing in undercover work, Rick Delaney is used to tough gigs. The real issue is that Rick’s expected to go under with someone he barely knows. But Rick’s partner is suspended, and he doesn’t have a choice. 

Newly transferred detective Jon Messina’s short a partner, too, except that his was murdered by the mafia. Jon may seem breezy and lighthearted, but he has a score to settle. And to do so, he’s willing to do whatever it takes. 

Except that it may take more than either of them can afford. Because their cover as a dom and sub couple spins out of control the minute they set foot into mafia-controlled sex club Gomorrah. What should be mere pretense threatens to become desperately real. And if Rick can’t control his desires, he’s going to get them both killed. 

I realize that this may be a bit cliché coming from me so let me back this claim up with a little story. I'm reading this at work. It's short. I figure I can knock it out right quick and get back to whatever. I got so engrossed in their second scene together at Gomorrah that I actually forgot I was at work then someone knocked on my door. I was so fashizzled that it took me a minute to (a) process what it was they were saying to me and (b) try and school my features like I hadn't gotten caught reading porn. Thankfully, my office was a little dim so she couldn't tell I was flushed and I'm fairly certain my eyes were glassy.

That's what I mean by HOT, HOT, HOT! 

U period N period F period

What made it so hot was this author's prowess in the visually evocative department. In the beginning felt like it moved at a glacial pace due to all the description and I was thinking it would be maybe 3 hearts but around the 40-50% mark things shifted. Rick began describing how he saw Jon, how he looked beautiful and debauched after Rick had his way with him, biting him and clamping him, in his cock cage and all spread out before him, eyes full of lust and needing. You know how I feel about cages and needing.

The kink isn't heavy, mostly D/s and some light bondage but there is a possible trigger-sharing. It fit within the context of the scene and probably with their case, but it'll probably be off-putting for some. If you're avoiding this because of the mystery/cops/thriller aspect, don't. The case is thin and essentially just an excuse to put Jon and Rick into a BDSM club with a bunch of kinky mobsters and forge their relationship as partners with benefits. 

There were two things that I found odd and/or lacking which were the writing style at the beginning of the book is strange. It's almost third person omniscient or Rick's talking about himself in the third person, very jarring, but evolves into Rick's perspective. Also, I would've liked more backstory on both characters.


I needz.

Recommend to fans of kinky smut.

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