Author of the Month: Interview with Kari Gregg

And she's our January author of the month! We read and book chatted, In The Red. We unicorns are very happy to have her here! Especially this unicorn (SheReadsALot). I've been a fan of the Gregg for years. There is just something about her characters that I truly dig. And she doesn't waste her time on filler which I respect. In fact, let me share my experience with the Gregg.

The Gregg is a ten foot cyborg from planet Fuckatron. And her stories are awesome, depraved tales when she turns on the fuck force. Not for everyone but it's like sonnets to me.

The Gregg experience: Pretend you're at home alone, and it's the middle of the night. You're thirsty. So as you make your way to get a glass of water, the ten foot cyborg busts through the wall, grabs you, bends you over the first available surface and emphatically describes obscene and lewd descriptions in your ear, while pressed against your back. You're feeling a wealth of emotions: fear, lust and surprise. The Gregg continues on, no matter how you feel, pressing harder, words are getting hotter, you're under the spell. And once the Gregg is finished, the Gregg leaves you in the same position and hightails it outta there. Now you're panting, maybe shaking and bewildered wondering WTF just happened?

Either you dig it or don't. But I can't stop coming back for more with the Gregg. ;D

We interviewed our January author of the month, asked her a couple of questions fans might be interested in knowing like the lengths she goes to understand her characters or the current free series she has going on. And maybe you're curious about sequels? Check it out!

BMBR: How in the world do you come up with your plots?

The Gregg: Plots? Oh. You mean I'm supposed to have those? LOL. Nah, seriously, I come up with an idea and then I put it away for a while. I revisit it occasionally, tweak it. Let it grow, add a bit here, take away some, blend it with that other idea way over there. When I'm done messing with it, most of the time that idea only superficially resembles whatever initially set me off.

BMBR: Is there a favorite genre or theme you like to write?

The Gregg: I'm not much of a contemporary gal. Most of my stuff is paranormal, scifi, and fantasy so I suppose I like to be taken somewhere beyond our ordinary world. I like my damaged heroes too, not because they are weak but because they are so very strong. When life knocks you on our ass and you get back up? That's strength.

Also, sex pollen. I have a horrible, dreadful weakness for sex pollen. >:D

BMBR: Favorite character(s) you've written?

The Gregg: I'll always have a special place in my heart for Micah and Eli, my heroes from the first m/m story I ever wrote, Spoils of War and its sequel, Plunder. I'm still in love with Noah and Wade from Pretty Poison. Brian from In the Red. He was so wonderfully fucked up, but the guy just never quit. Ever. I really admire that.

BMBR: What would be something we'd be surprised to know about you?

The Gregg: I'm taking aromatherapy classes. There's no national certification for that, LOL, but I'm in a NAHA approved Level II program, yeah. Hero of my current project is a massage and aromatherapist and there's a horrifying amount of disinformation -- dangerous disinformation -- on the vast interwebs about aromatherapy. I didn't want to get it wrong or write something that could hurt anyone, so...the class. The material isn't easy (I vastly underestimated my ability to recall chemistry and physiology), but vedy interesting nonetheless. I'm genuinely enjoying it and in a month or so, you may begin referring to me as the Empress of Woo Woo. I'll have earned it. ;-p

BMBR: Sequels? Will we ever get any from you? *coughs**In the Red**coughs*

The Gregg: I promised readers a prequel of IO (I, Omega) in 2015, but other than that, I'm focused on the current project. Beasty long story. Can't think beyond it. I must've been crazy, high, or both.

BMBR: You're not an author known to shy from kinkier and darker topics, is there something we shouldn't expect to read from you?

The Gregg: Hm. Let me think. No.


What can I say? Never came across a button I didn't want to push. (Please note I never claimed to be especially smart.)

BMBR: Your favorite go to author(s) or book(s)?

The Gregg: Oh, I've tons of author go-to's. Josh Lanyon, K.A. Mitchell, Ava March. Wait, can I amend the shouldn't-expect question to include historicals? Because as dearly as I love Ava March's stories, that is definitely and for sure not in my skills set. Adore reading historicals, but my trying to
write one would be a catastrophe.

BMBR: Any upcoming books or projects we can look forward to in 2015?

The Gregg: Tame a Wild Human is releasing with Riptide on January 19th. I'm also working on something very, very different called For Whom the Heart Stone Burns. I haven't created a hub page for it on my site yet, but soon. Until then, I've uploaded the first two chapters onto the blog on my home page. Heart Stone is a high fantasy novel plus consisting of 4 parts, or acts, and the plan is to post the first of those -- 6 chapters (or 31K) -- on holidays marching forward Christmas Day to Beltane on May 1st. Lots of magic. Casting grids, smudging, calling the elements, mythological
beasties that maybe aren't so mythological...and heart stones. What's it like to be one of the few who have no magical ability in a world where magical powers are bred into the bone? Becket Douglas is about to find out. And turn those casters on their heads while he's at it too. ;-)

We'd like to thank The Gregg for stopping by. Or should we say, Daisy Silky Cheeks, her new unicorn name.

Daisy is a very clever horse with deep, mysterious eyes. She has a mane as silky as a cat's tail, and she casts happiness spells.


  1.!!!! "For Whom The Heart Stone Burns" sounds totally for me, fantasy and m/m and kinky Gregg combined! And an "I, Omega" sequel! Yes!

    1. I know!!! I yelled my head off learning about the IO prequel! :D