Review: A Slow Process of Understanding by Faith Ashlin

How does a world that accepts slavery affect both master and slave? Can two people build a new life for themselves with a start like theirs?

In an alternate world very similar to this one the all-powerful State controls just about every aspect of life—including the sanctioning of slavery. Jimmy, enjoying the privileged life of a television actor, has never really given the matter much thought, or paid much attention to the fight for freedom going on around him.

So what is Jimmy meant to do when a careless, drunken moment, leads to him being permanently bonded to a slave he doesn’t want? Does it change who he is? What he is?

Trouble is, Jimmy isn't sure who he was to start with. He's never thought about it.

And what about his slave, Nate? Can a slave force Jimmy into learning something about himself? 

This was me for about 30%...

Jimmy is an idiot.
Jimmy is a spoiled idiot brat.
What's wrong with Nate?
Why is there no chemistry?
There is zero spark. No heat. Nada. Zilch.
They have sex, but I don't feel a thing about it.
Why am I reading about this couple?
There has got to be more to this.


BOOM! I get it. Faith Ashlin is a genius.

A Slow Process of Understanding, indeed. It's an apt title if there ever was one.

I feel like I should just stop here to avoid spoilers. I won't go over any plot, it's one readers need to experience on their own. I'll just stick to what worked and what didn't.

What worked: Jimmy. Yeah, he was an idiot for a lot of the book. That was an accurate understanding I had. But there was so much growth and change in him. I couldn't help but admire his bravery. His change wasn't forced, it was slow and thoughtful and natural. He had a few very harsh self-realizations he had to face, but he did. He faced them head on.

The first 30%! I didn't really get what was going on the whole time and I admit, was a bit confused as to what the point was. But once I did, everything clicked and fell into place. I thought it was so well done and artfully crafted.

Oh, Nate. His pain and struggles were so real. Even though the story wasn't from his POV, I got a real sense of what he was feeling.

The way they formed their relationship was wonderful. It was heartbreaking at times, but it was necessary in order for Jimmy to become who he needed to be. They created a solid foundation of trust and openness before moving forward.

What didn't work: The length. It was a little long winded at times. It was in the redundant conversations between Nate and Jimmy. I get they had a lot to work through, but I feel like I read the same conversation about 5 times.

Obviously, my likes seriously outweighed my dislikes. This is my second book by Faith Ashlin that has kept me up until stupid-o'clock, and it certainly won't be my last.

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A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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