Group Review: Handsome Men Suck (Handsome Heroes #3) by James Cox

A lot of potent drinks, a horned man with a tail,and high heels...

All caught on camera with a drunken Kendrew at the center. This fiasco leads to a career demotion and jokes behind his back. All that changes when he’s sent in the middle of a space war that could become a fatal adventure.

King Leith of the Golden Wolf Clan isn’t impressed with the new peace negotiator, Kendrew. Even less so when the talks break down and missiles start flying. Kendrew finds himself in harm’s way, horny, and still regretting that one drunken night. Add in a crash landing and some nasty creatures bent on eating it a party from hell! The question is, will they survive?

Be Warned: m/m sex, sex toys, rimming, spanking, bondage, public exhibition.

"Be Warned" - Oh James, you are so cute. "Warning" us is like offering us the bestest candy with all the glittery sprinkles and we love the hell out of you for it. This series just keeps getting better. It’s just so damn fun. Fun and sexy. Fun and sexy and full of patented Cox magic sentences. Breann and I have a few faves in our reviews, but just because they are awesome and for your viewing pleasure, please enjoy the following:

Kendrew: "Keep my eyes open, cock in my pants, and don't flirt. I got it."

Kendrew Again: "Focus." I nodded. "Sure. No problem, right after you fuck me."

Trifecta of Kendrew: "It was a bit creepy since it was dark, on an alien planet, and all I had to defend my life was my hard dick."

Kendrew is pretty much always hard. Tis why we are so enamored of him and all his charms and I could go on like this all day. But, we have actual thoughts on the story too, so while Breann and I brawl over Kendrew we'll leave you with our reviews . . . .

Breann - 4 Hearts

"'We show them your potential.' 'You want me to flash them my dick?'" <-------- Our hero, my friends. The loveable, dick obsessed, oh so clueless Kendrew. How I LUF me some Kendrew. So, Kendrew takes nothing seriously, much to his brother’s dismay. His brother sees the potential, but Kendrew has only one thing on his mind. Dicks. Dude’s seriously obsessed. But lucky for him he crash lands somewhere with the ever-so-sexy, Leith. Leith is the king of the Wolf clan and Kendrew is supposed to be negotiating and keeping the peace between the wolves and the felines. Not getting into the guy’s pants.

For the love of cock, thank the gods he does anyway.

Leith is one sexy, hunk of a man.

"When I have you in a submissive position, you will address me as your king."


Besides all that, I really liked Kendrew and Leith together. They were cute and fun and had some priceless banter. I definitely found myself giggling on more than one occasion.

"If there was monsters in there, I shall fight them off with my hard cock."


If you’re looking for serious sci-fi, turn the other direction folks. This is pure fun and entertainment on a sexy platter.

Ann - 4.5 Hearts

Handsome Men Suck starts where we left off in Handsome, Hard and Delicious. The Golden Wolf Clan and the Felintasions are in a space standoff. Vishtar refuses to leave without Lavender and there is no way Layden is letting him go. Layden’s uber alpha hot brother, King Leith is incredibly protective of his brother, yet he’s really a pretty reasonable ruler. Kendrew and his alpha bro, Captain Millidon are sent into moderate and diffuse the tensions between the two sides. Leith is staunch in his belief that Lavender is going nowhere, but he is open to a peaceful resolution. We already know Vishtar is a whackadoodle so this is going to be a challenge.

Kendrew and Millidon are polar opposites, so, just as Millidon is all about honor and duty, Kendrew is all about his dick and his heart. Of course he’s not going to admit he’s really a big softy with a terribly bruised heart, he does have his pride. While we don’t really learn the source of all his heartbreak, it’s obvious he’s been hurt repeatedly. He’s a tough cookie with a flawed, yet totally appealing coping mechanism. He basically will do any dude willing to do him. He’s full of snark and charmingly distracted by sex constantly.

“I let my cock take lead and it lead me down the wrong path. There was no coming back from this. Coming, I grinned then frowned. Why couldn’t I get my mind off my dick? We were trying to prevent a war here!"

But every once in a while he’ll come back with something like this that lets you know how much he’s been hurt and why he’s done some of the things he’s done:

“I want it brutal. I want to forget every man that broke my heart. I want to drown in delight.”

Sounds pretty reasonable actually.

When negotiations take a turn for the worse and he and Leith have to take an escape pod away from Leith’s ship, the two are forced together. Alone. And Kendrew is “a walking, talking pile of horny”. Such a great setup. Kendrew’s pretty ok with this turn of events and Leith’s stoic shell starts to crack. Their time was full of sexual tension and anxious adventure while they waited for rescue. Kendrew never loses his charm and he’s definitely one of my favorite Cox characters. He and Leith make a perfectly balanced pairing. The story had just enough adventure to give it extra dimension without taking away from the developing relationship between Kendrew and Leith. I love the smexy fun in this series and can’t wait for more!

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***A copy of this story was provided by the author for an honest review***

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  1. What I like about James Cox is that I'm never 100% sure where he's going to take me? But I know that when I arrive, the banter (which is exels at) makes me want to stay.