Group Review: A Need for Heroes by James Cox (The Triple Towers #3)

Welcome to the new world.

Lorn is now the president of the Triple Towers. With the help of his lover Kallen, they discovered a traitor and survived an exile in the wastrel camps.

Now, comes the biggest challenge of their lives.

There are dark forces trying to tear the two men apart. Together they must thwart assassination attempts, kidnappings, but still find time to bond sexually in a variety of new positions and places. However, secrets are festering that threaten not only the safety in the triple towers but the lives of two soul mates.

The new world has a need for heroes but will it cost Lorn and Kallen their lives?

Be Warned: m/m sex, menage sex (MMMM), rimming, bondage

As per usual, we have to take a moment to honor the warning.

Go ahead, read it again.

“Warning” = “Welcome” in the clubhouse and we welcome ALL the things in the warning for A Need for Heroes. The only real disappointment that happens when reading a James Cox story is the fact that this stuff isn’t real. Unfortunately the Unicorn Crew will not be crashing a bonding ceremony like Lorn and Kallen’s. We can’t buy the magical blue gel at our local drug store and/or sex shop, and there isn’t a lace cock leash to be found anywhere in the clubhouse. Seriously, if y’all could see the shopping wish list we have hanging on the clubhouse fridge you would be scandalized, titillated and really quite impressed. A LOT of what is on that list comes from James Cox’s books. A Need for Heroes is no exception and please read on to get the BMBR take on Lorn and Kallen, blue gel and lace cock leashes - ENJOY!

I know we did.

Breann  - "Who the hell keeps taking the blue gel?!?!?!"

3.5 Hearts

I'm going to be super predictable right now.

OMG. There were leashes. And not just any leash. No. A leash with lace. With lace that wraps around a penis.


What's up with that blue gel? And where can I acquire some? It seems it would be... ahem... handy.

Of course, there are sexy shenanigans with all sorts of toys/contraptions/what have you. It's what James Cox does and we love him for it.

More development with Lorn's presidency would have really helped this feel like the end of a trilogy with definite closure. Everything was rushed and very easily solved. Some more conflict would have been fantastic. I get that that is erotic, but I really love the dystopian/sci-fi part of this series. I think this world could be turned into a long series with full length novels. The Triple Towers are just that intriguing.

Also, what about Rohan?! I'd love to know more about him...

Ann - "Shall we go with the white lace or black lace today? Hmmmmm"

4.5 Hearts

Firstly, I’m going to take all the stars in the cosmos and throw them at the bonding ceremony, the required dress and the scene right after. I could probably stop there but then I wouldn’t be able to talk about the patented “Cox Sentence Magic” and two of my favorite all time characters, Lorn and Kallen.

Lorn and Kallen are back with all the sexy snark and adventure we’ve come to expect. They are well on their way to their HEA, but there are the bothersome interruptions of assassination attempts and trying to bring a nation back together that get in the way of their sexy times. Just minor things on the new president’s to-do list. But, Lorn has Kallen at his side and is feeling pretty invincible because of it. I thought all those moments were just too sweet. Lorn was attempting to change a nation, and Kallen gave him such confidence. At the same time Kallen was just so proud of Lorn and everything he was trying to do.

Review Intermission for aforementioned Sentence Magic:

“Love had taken hold of his cock, with both hands apparently.”

“Lorn would die before he let anyone touch this funny, sweet, caring wastrel that had a filthy mouth and a beautiful dick.”

Lorn and Kallen are taking the next step in their relationship with the bonding ceremony. Kallen is both excited and horrified. He’s not worried about bonding himself to Lorn forever, but he’s not so sure about the ceremony itself. Thankfully Lorn is and so was I! They each have to wear the “circle of honesty” around their dicks which basically equates to a lace cock ring with a leash. Who doesn’t want to see that? I dare say no one I associate with. I’m also left a little peeved this isn’t a real thing. The scene that follows is dirty and sweet, just as expected from these two.

The only thing I wouldn’t mind more of is the story of how the Triple Towers and Wastrels come together and more of the secondary characters. James is very creative with his world building and offers up a great story to go along with the main characters and the epic sexy times. I would love to read more of it, more of Rohan, more of Donton and more of Miles (that guy deserves a party in his pants with all the pressure I’m sure he’s been under).

I think Kallen speaks for quite a few men when he says:

“His cock was the essence of his soul, the pathway to his heart and happiness.”

Sing it my friend, sing it loud and sing it proud.

Lori - "I really do prefer chocolate cum with my biscuits."

3.5 Porny, Porny Hearts

Hey, the more cum the better. That was Kallen's motto, well, if he had a motto, that's what it would be. Probably.

Yeah, so this quote plus the fact the bonding ceremony requires the participants to be naked with a lace lead around their cocks kinda sums up this story.

It was porny, it was fun and it was pure JC. That's James Cox to you guys, as he's virtually a unicorn, we take liberties. It was just sixty pages of hotness wrapped up in the guise of a sci-fi/futuristic story. I liked the three towers series, for all the reasons. My only quibble with this story...Kallen prefers normal flavoured cum, to chocolate flavoured cum. That's just not right. ;)

***a copy of this story was provided by the author for an honest review***


  1. Girls, girls, girls. A bit harsh with the two 3.5's?

    1. A man has to be penalised for taking away the chocolate... ;) Lol, just kidding. 3.5 means we liked it, promise!!