Hear the monster trucks? See the pink and purple lights and lasers? The white clouds of smoke as the metal cage gets dropped over the arena? See the gay porn mascots, swishing their tails to the awesome beat of the unicorn glam rock band? The candy and chocolates being thrown in the air? The glitter bombs shooting across the sky?

This isn't a test, honey. You're not dreaming or hallucinating!


The unicorns have cordially invited you to witness our epic reactions to books that we love and think fellow unicorns would enjoy. They just haven't got to it yet.

Well, not anymore!


All the things happen inside the arena! Two readers enter! Two winners leave? Candy gets consumed? Naked mascots get groped?! What?

This match is Jet (Ann) vs. Jem (Jenni Lea)!

Ann has to read - Stories Beneath Our Skin by Veronica Sloane

Jenni Lea has to read - Stealing West by Jamie Craig

- Why Stories Beneath Our Skin ?

 Pretty much because I love this book so much and I need for everyone to read it.  But mostly because I think Jet will love it too.  It has everything she likes:  smart writing, multi-dimensional characters,  a mature plot line but most of all it has SMARK!  I know Jet loves SMARK just as much as Jem does.

When I first read Stories Beneath our Skin I was overcome by the sheer brilliance of the writing.  I had no words to describe how I felt.  I still don't have words good enough to describe it.  The words in this book are subtly amazing.  So beautiful in their simplicity.  No purple prose or fluff here!  I fell in love with all of the characters, not just the main protagonists.  It's a book that I could read over and over again and not tire of - ever.  I just want Jet to experience the awesome power of these words.  Plus it has tattoos and c'mon, who doesn't love tattoos?

Jet - Why Stealing West?

Why did I pick this book? Well, you know how sometimes you’ll read an older book, it’s not as new and shiny as the one you keep seeing in your update feed ad nauseam, but it’s so awesome you want ALL your peeps to read it NOW?

That’s what this book has always been for me. It was one of the early books I read when I first discovered the magic that is MM and I remember thinking, “This book is fucking filthy and I love it super hard!” I’m a big fan of the writing team that is Jamie Craig, and this is by far my favorite. Not only is it deliciously filthy, it is really incredibly romantic. Like, real romance. Not insta-love hearts and flowers BS, but the ‘these two dudes HAVE to be together or everything I know about the universe is a lie’ kind of romance and reading about them figuring it out has stuck in my head for years now. I ended up rereading it last year to see if it was just my newness to the genre that made me love it then or if the story really was that awesome to my now jaded self. It really is that awesome. Anyone who can make beautifully dirty kink deeply romantic at the same time (think, our resident Queen Shit of Fuck Mountain, Heidi Cullinan) is brilliant in my book.

Why did I pick this book for Jem? The obvious reason is she shares my love for the country boys and all that is the dirty. I’m hoping she’ll forgive me the fact that there is no shifting, knotting or knocking up of said country boys. But, I would be the biggest fool of all to try and rec any of that to our resident expert. No one knows more about the howl and growl than our Princess of Knottinghim, don’t even try and tell any unicorn otherwise. I do think she’ll get the romance out of the story though too and I mostly really need another unicorn to read this damn thing and Jem is a gamer who will give anything a fair shot.

Be good to my boys Jem! You don’t have to be gentle though, they aren’t fans of that nonsense. Enjoy!

Stay tuned for our reaction post later this week! It's CANDYLAND THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME! THUNDERDOME!

P.S. We have other matches/challenges coming in the future! A thing of beauty to see unicorns in their battle gear, prepared to read!