Happy Hour Chat: "Pushing the Envelope" No. 1-3 by Kim Dare

For this month's Happy Hour Chat, we're doing things a little differently. That is to say...a serial story! And not just that, but BDSM, too!

The focus of October's Happy Hour Chat here at Boy Meets Boy Reviews is the first three stories in the Pushing the Envelope series by Kim Dare. We're chatting about For The Attention Of, RSVP, and Written Request, BUT there are a lot more in this series that a number of the unicorns decided to read afterward, too. If you like the way it all sounds, definitely check out the rest!

Kim Dare will be October's Author of the Month, so keep an eye out for more reviews of her work and an interview with her later this month.

Cupcake: B's here, Jet's drunk, let's get this party started!
Jenni Lea: Crap, Audrey's not here to herd us.
Sunny: I'm ready to do the copying, but can someone do the intro?
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: There be an intro?
Justin: Intro?
Sunny: Audrey usually does a blurb, but this is three books...not sure what to do for that
Breann: There are letters
Breann: with instructions
Breann: for sex things
Breann: GO!
Sunny: I like sex things
Cupcake: I think we've established we all like sex things.
Jenni Lea: Paddle? Check. Flogger? Check. Leather cuffs? Check. Scott has gathered his supplies. He's sent the anonymous note to his fantasy dominant. All he can do now is wait, and hope like hell that Joe's curiosity will get the better of him. If Joe doesn't accept his invitation, Scott will be heartbroken. But if Joe does accept it, well, anything could happen.
Jenni Lea: TA DA!
Breann: *high five* JL!
ANN: WOOOP! That's my JEM!
Lorix: Good job!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Ahoy mateys and lovies! Tis a fine day! It's Book Chat Day!
Sunny: Thank you, JL!
Cupcake: well done, Jem!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Aye JL!
Jenni Lea: *bows*

Want to read more about paddles, floggers, and leather cuffs, oh my!? Then check out the October Happy Hour Chat after the jump!

Thanks for checking out October's Happy Hour Chat, folks! We hope you're enjoying fall and the spicy offerings that it brings. 

Grab a pumpkin spice cocktail (or just a COCKtail, if ya know what I mean?) and settle back on the porch swing while you join us for a chat about our preferred costume this October: BDSM and all its fine accessories.

P.S. The book chat happened to coincide with Talk Like a Pirate Day, so if you spot a few more "arrrrrr"s than we usually let loose, now you know why.  ;)

Sunny: Can I just say how happy I am that you guys liked these stories?
Lorix: I loved these stories. Thank you for the recommendation!!
ANN: I loved these pervilicous stories Sunshine
Cupcake: You chose well, Sunshine.
Justin: Pervy Sunshine is a Perv!
ANN: I read 1-4 and i need to read the rest
Breann: YES!
Breann: Safeword.
Lorix: Yes Cupcake (if you're going to make me type it all out) the safe word was EPIC!
Breann: LOL!
Jenni Lea: I knew I was gonna like these when I saw the safeword. I JUST KNEW IT
Lorix: Lol!!!
Cupcake: I'm not sure having a safeword with the word "horn" in it is wise. I AM JUST SAYING!
Sunny: These books were destined to be read for one of our chats...
Lorix: They really were Sunny
Sunny: Joe and Scott were perfect for each other...I love them so much
Lorix: The first one, when he opened the door and he was just waiting for him. *fans self*
Cupcake: I still don't understand how he got himself rigged up like that.
ANN: I had a rat once named Zip Wiener
Breann: Ha! That's funny.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: OMG
Lorix: Ann, that doesn't surprise me.
ANN: I know huh
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: LOL
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Scott was the sweetest sub there is. I like his naivete
Jenni Lea: I CALL DIBS ON SCOTT! I have a pocket reserved for him.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: No Dibs! I want a piece of Scott too!
ANN: OKOKOKOKOKOKOK - Joe and Scott are THE perfect kink match
Sunny: He just wanted to please Joe so bad
Lorix: He was! Am I the only one who wished the club hadn't closed in book two?
ANN: I thought the same thing Lori!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Me too Lori!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: I wished he fucked him for all to see. those are my favorite scenes
Lorix: Me too SRAL.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: With a heavy side of humiliation! *growls*
ANN: You can have Scott, I wanna break Joe and top him
Sunny: lol, Ann!
Cupcake: Jet is frisky!
Jenni Lea: That's my Jet!
ANN: Jet's a top - no lie
Lorix: Ann - you totes could!
Cupcake: I got the memo. Just now.
ANN: I like public wanking for showing off purposes, I'd make Joe do that!
Justin: I thought that was going to happen in the other club
Lorix: Yep.
Justin: but they went to the ladies room....
Cupcake: I liked that part!
Cupcake: and that they only wore boots
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Jet did you read The Bugger They Are YET
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Because that's in there!
ANN: I havent read that one yet - I have it downloaded - I LOVE that!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: LMAO Bigger* Not Bugger
ANN: I liked BUGGER better L!
Lorix: Bugger was a freudian slip.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: That's what he said. Har har har!
Lorix: It's also a GREAT word
Lorix: I'm hoping it progresses to PUBLIC stuff as the series goes on.
Justin: Lori!
Sunny: Lori likes the public stuff ;)
Lorix: Not that I'd read such kinky stuff, obviously, if you Unicorns didn't FORCE me too.
ANN: I was thinking the same thing LORI!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: I thought of you Cupcake when he mentioned the chastity device
ANN: Nice try LORI!
Justin: Our little innocent flower o'er the pond my ASS!
Jenni Lea: I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall during boots only night
ANN: I love boots, I would totally go to that and win
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Boots night was da shit!
ANN: Hot huh?!?!?!?
Cupcake: I was hoping for some more exhibitionism there but…
ANN: Does exhibitionism come in later Sunshine? I need to know all the things
Jenni Lea: I was hoping for longer books. How many more are in the series?
Sunny: I really can't remember, I need to re-read all of them. It's such a hardship...lol
Lorix: Yes Cupcake, maybe as the series goes on - there's like 400 book, right?
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: 14 books total
Cupcake: or 14, but whatever. I hear ya, Downton.
ANN: I have to read all of the books now. I need to know
Jenni Lea: Welp, I'm definitely hooked!
Lorix: I need to read all the books too Ann. They were too short - I agree JL
Sunny: Too short, I really wish some of them had been combined in one book.
Sunny: The paperback has all of them, though.
ANN: I'm thinking I may have to order the paperback - it's a definite re-read
Cupcake: it surely does. I'm just going to read the whole thing.
Breann: I agree, they were too short. I liked them, but couldn't really get into them.
Jenni Lea: You have the paperback Sunny?
Sunny: no, but Cupcake does
Justin: rein it in unicorns. Sunny has the whip out
Sunny: lol...no whip
ANN: Promise????
Lorix: Really Sunny, wow, that's a hot little read right there!
Cupcake: paddle?
Breann: That's for Saturday nights
Sunny: maybe a paddle ;)
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Baby is really good with a whip. >:]
Cupcake: that's a sword, Baby. SWORD.
ANN: Everything I've read of hers I would re-read. Definitely worth the investment
Lorix: She's a new to me author
ANN: Whips make me think of Indiana Jones - he's hot.
Lorix: I'm liking what I've read. Perfect if you're looking for something, er, hotter
ANN: But with a touch of sweet connection huh?
Sunny: They are so sweet together. I love how Kim is so good at showing us their feelings, too
Cupcake: is this your first KD, Downton?
Lorix: It is Cupcake. Too many authors, too little time
Cupcake: You liked it or no?
Lorix: I liked it!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Lori you must read Duck!
Sunny: Duck! ORI!
Cupcake: second Duck!
Jenni Lea: I liked Duck!
Jenni Lea: I wanna read Magpie or whatever its called
Sunny: Magpie is good, too
Breann: Magpie is good, too.
Cupcake: Magpie is good, not as good as Ori. I mean, Duck!
Justin: I just don't understand the D/s mentality
Cupcake: what ab/the D/s mentality don't you understand, Stallion?
ANN: I don't get it for myself either J, but when an author can write two characters who do, tis hot!
Justin: How it exists
Cupcake: can you be more specific?
Lorix: I don't either J - but I still like reading it. Go figure. It has to have feelings, which, as Sunny said, was done very well. I wouldn't want to watch it in a film so...
Jenni Lea: I like reading about D/s but I don't wanna live it.
Sunny: Same here, JL
ANN: That's the ticket Jem!
Sunny: okay, SRAL quoted this in her review, but it's such a great quote, I'm sharing it here, too "I'm the only one who's allowed to gag you," Joe growled. "And if I don't gag you, it's because I want to hear you."
Sunny: It's all about Joe having control, and Scott giving it up
ANN: I like noises *nods head*
Sunny: Scott gets off on pleasing Joe
Sunny: Noises are good
Justin: I can understand liking the tame stuff for sex but being locking in a cage all day, being led around on a leash, that kind of shit is FUCKED UP
Sunny: Well, that is more hard core, J
Lorix: It's hard to understand wanting to either dominate OR submit so completely to someone else. Never mind the pain etc involved.
Jenni Lea: It's all about the trust.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: D/s especially good D/s is boss.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Kim Dare, Lyn Gala...they got it.
ANN: *still thinking about the sounds*
Breann: Leashes are hardcore? Damn. *quietly puts away leash*
Cupcake: that's pretty extreme & not very realistic
ANN: Jo Myles has GOT It!
Sunny: cages are hardcore
Cupcake: i heart me some TPE but it's not very feasible IRL
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Careful Ann. I thought you're talking about penis sounds. Sounding...*grins*
Breann: I've not read enough sounding. It's a shame, really.
ANN: Oh, I am TOTALLY down with that too!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Leashes aren't hardcore. This was sugar kink.
Cupcake: i saw a chastity device w/a built in sound XD
ANN: NO WAY!!!!!!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Fisting is hardcore. Let's talk about recovering from that
ANN: Hey, read the cowboy book - HOT AS FUCK FISTING!
Justin: No FISTING! Listening to the radio!
Cupcake: what cowboy book? NOWHERE RANCH?????
ANN: NO - Stealing West! - or something
Lorix: Just because I don't personally understand it, doesn't mean I disagree with it or think it's wrong. I understand the theory of it all, just not at all on a personal level.
Justin: And sounding......that is beyond fucked up, IMHO
ANN: Oh J, come on, be a team player
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: You haven't read sounding, B? Let me look through my shelves. I'll direct you. LOL
Breann: I have, just not enough
ANN: There is the hottest fucking sounding book, I gotta find it
Jenni Lea: I think I need to read more of this series. I liked what I read so far but they're just too danged short!
Lorix: I think I can read a book with good feelings in it, it's not the acts, but the feelings about the acts
Sunny: I'm with you, Lori. I like D/s books best when it focuses on the psychological aspects
Jenni Lea: Me too Sunny & Lori
Cupcake: ditto
Sunny: how the Dom and sub feel about the relationship, etc
Lorix: Yes Sunny. But I have no spell check so I couldn't write that!!! LMAO!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Yep.
Sunny: another quote... It really felt as if there was nothing he had to do but stay exactly where he was, and do as Joe said, and absolutely everything in the whole damn world would be bloody wonderful.
Sunny: That feeling...
Lorix: which of the first three books did you like best guys?
Jenni Lea: I like D/s books with the sweet adorable sub and the growly but loving master
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: #3 I rated slightly higher than the others
Breann: I just didn't get the feels from them
Lorix: You didn't B??
Sunny: More feels come later, Breann.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: I don't like alpha-hole Doms.
Justin: I liked 3 best. It had the most feelz and the least inconsistencies
Sunny: These early books are more getting to know each other
Cupcake: i need more backstory on them, i think to get the feels fr/them
Lorix: They were all 4 for me.
Jenni Lea: Like I said I need to read the rest of them
Breann: I probably won't end up going further with the series
Cupcake: at this point Scott's a lil too delicate for me
Jenni Lea: The 3rd one was my favorite of the 3
Sunny: Scott is shy
Cupcake: and insecure
Sunny: I think he is adorable
Lorix: I did mean to agree with Cupcake - I wondered how Scott got tied up. I kept assuming a third person would turn up.
Lorix: Also, I thought he was lying on his back at the start and that confused me for a bit...
Sunny: I loved Joe's reaction in the first book when he saw all the other envelopes...got a little possessive
ANN: I don't think the stories would have been nearly as good without the switching of the POVs
Justin: I liked hearing both sides too
Jenni Lea: I really liked the dual POV as well.
ANN: Joe would have seem like a cold hearted dick without it and i liked how he was all floored and flattered by Scott
Jenni Lea: My favorite quote: Floggers and whips and butt plugs, oh my!
Lorix: I liked 'hearing' Joe's thoughts. It made him more vulnerable.
Lorix: Good quote too JL
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Have I mentioned I love stutterers? because I fucking do
Jenni Lea: He didn't stutter too much though
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Not like the first book no.
Lorix: each book only takes about a minute to read!
Jenni Lea: Oh! I really loved it when Scott word vomited all the things he wanted Joe to do to him
Cupcake: me too! I chuckled at that.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: I love word vomiting. :)
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: *dreamy sigh*
Justin: It was word porn. I didn't take it seriously and didn't have any expectations so I liked all three.
Sunny: Oh, JL, I loved that part, too. I couldn't stop grinning.
Lorix: I think if you're looking for a hot little number to read, these er, do more for me, than other books that are just a nooky fest. however kinky. Probably because of the addition of feelings and thoughts and not just actions. They are just that, a bit of hot fun.
ANN: Ok, how cute was Scott's letter when all he wanted was to see Joe naked and he said "Please"
Lorix: I liked that he remembered his manners too Ann!
Breann: That was cute, Ann.
Sunny: That was very cute, Ann. And I liked Joe's reaction to it, too :)
Jenni Lea: I just realized I now have two Scotts in my pocket. I hope I don't get them mixed up.
ANN: Who is the other Scott JL
Jenni Lea: The other Scott is from Wolf Run by BA Tortuga
Sunny: Kim Dare is so good at choosing exactly the right words to show sexual tension, and to show the reactions these boys had to each other
Cupcake: plus she writes some hot ass sex
Lorix: Sunny, I'm definitely trying more of her stuff.
Sunny: Awesome!
Jenni Lea: I wanna read ALL her shifter stories!
Sunny: I haven't read any of them, JL, I might have to give them a try
Justin: There's no KNOTTING or Mpreg, JL
Justin: lol
Lorix: I have yet to read KNOTTING and mpreg
Cupcake: #taunting
Jenni Lea: HOW DO YOU KNOW???
Justin: The Stallion knows all
Justin: lol
ANN: Bows to the Syallion
ANN: *stallion -dammit
Jenni Lea: I love how you guys are typing the word KNOTTING properly. Thank you very much. It is much appreciated.
Sunny: I just love how much Scott gets off on being submissive to Joe, and to see how Scott's reactions affect Joe...so hot
Lorix: Anyone have anything else to say about the book or are we ready to get wined-up Ann to give us some kinky/fun/embarrassing confessions yet?
ANN: I'm still looking for the sounding book too
Sunny: More favorite parts?
Sunny: of the stories?
Justin: I liked all three Sunny. Not my usual kink but they were still good.
Sunny: That made me so happy, J :)
ANN: I loved them all Sunny and I want to read more!
Lorix: I liked the boots. Muchly
Breann: are we rating an average of all three?
ANN: I love the FIT books of hers too!
Cupcake: Kim Dare writes kink w/a heart which is why I think the Stallion will like her writez
Sunny: That is exactly it, Cupcake!
Sunny: another one of my favorite things about these stories is how surprised Joe was by his own reaction to Scott's submission.
Justin: My favorite part was the envelope BOGO explanation
Sunny: The BOGO thing was just another example of showing how adorable Scott was :)
Justin: I loved Joe's jealousy in that scene
Justin: And Scott's innocent reaction
Sunny: Scott was so confused
Jenni Lea: I liked that too. I liked seeing Joe's jealousy and possessiveness
Cupcake: he growls a lot too. cupcake approves of growling
Sunny: I think Joe was surprised by his reaction
Lorix: I liked Scott's vulnerability in book 1 - he had no idea how Joe would react and yet he put himself out there.
Sunny: Yes! He definitely took a risk.
Lorix: In book two I wanted the club to still be open and full of people. And the bj to be the other way round (Scott receiving) if the club was full.
ANN: She writes kink with love and a happy ending
ANN: and the feelz
Lorix: Yes. It was all about their reactions to each other, rather than their reactions to the sexy stuff.
Jenni Lea: YES LORI! That's exactly it.
ANN: "they all have three things in common - kink, love and a happy ending"
Sunny: I rated them all 4 stars. They needed to be longer, though
Lorix: I rated them all 4 stars
Jenni Lea: Book 1: 4 hearts, Book 2: 3.5 hearts, Book 3: 4 hearts
Sunny: I even liked the dedications to the stories...
Lorix: I don't think I read the dedications...
Sunny: first one...To the written word, in all its forms-- and especially to handwritten notes inviting the kinky to come out and play.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: there were dedications?
Sunny: 2nd book...To finding out the first date won't be the last date.
Lorix: Okay - yep, they're good.
ANN: i liked the dedications too. They were so very general, yet specific. I liked that
Sunny: book 3...To have nothing left to hide behind
Justin: Oh and when he thought Scott was too good at giving bj's.....and tested him. That was kinda sweet....in a fucked up way. lol
Sunny: lol...no, that was awesome, J
Sunny: he was so relieved with the results of that test, too
Justin: That's what I meant Sunny. It was awesome....but still fucked up.
Justin: Speaking of book 2......Joe told Scott to cancel all future dates that he now belonged to him yet later when Joe says next time, Scott is all "next time?" Oh wow there's going to be a next time? That didn't make any sense to me.
Lorix: I agree J - there were some inconsistencies
Sunny: I caught that, too, J
ANN: Scott was all essssssited because he wanted Joe to want to see him again!
Cupcake: see. I chalked that up to insecurity. you think it was an editing issue?
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Me too Cupcake
Sunny: i thought it was an editing issue
Jenni Lea: I thought it was insecurity as well, not an inconsistency
Cupcake: hmmmmm
ANN: I was thinking insecurity
ANN: He was insecure about pretty much everything
Sunny: I might have to reread that scene...
Justin: I chalked it up to before the BIG O and After the BIG O when things are much clearer. That's what I think, yessirrebob
ANN: That's generally how it goes
Cupcake: That's what I meant before ab/him being delicate.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: what was inconsistent is Scott cumming with the cock ring on. He never took it off.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Unless I missed it
Jenni Lea: Yes, THAT I noticed
Justin: That's NOT impossible, L!
Sunny: I've read other stories where they come with it on
ANN: I thought he unsnapped it. Hmmmm - I've been reading a BUNCH of PWP lately Could be remembering the wrong cock ring
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: but Joe jerked him off and no mention of the cock ring while doing it
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: It was like it disappeared
Lorix: I was just about to say that J. I thought it was possible to come with a cock ring on
Jenni Lea: I thought that was the point of a cock ring. That and so you couldn't lose your erection.
Lorix: I think they're just meant to aid stimulation. There is some info in the MM thread somewhere - I read it for B's birthday story!!
Sunny: The MM thread has some great info
Justin: It is very POSSIBLE
Sunny: The Stallion knows...
Sunny: :D
ANN: I like magic jizz. Tis good for my garden
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: LOL
Lorix: Now that sounds like experience talking. ;)
ANN: Trust the man with the peen
Cupcake: STORIES!!!!!!!
Justin: Or so I've heard
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: I trust the word of the Stallion
Lorix: SO YOU’VE HEARD. Yeah right.
Jenni Lea: *note to self. buy cock ring. experiment on hubby*
Justin: There are different/varying types. Some are tighter than others, some slow things down but allow for things to still occur.
Lorix: JL!!! We'll be eagerly anticipating the info. Kinda like the grapefruit experiment!
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Grapefruit!
ANN: I have one, well you know, it doesn't actually STOP anything
Lorix: For science
ANN: www.sextoy.com
Sunny: Ann is such a scientist...
Lorix: Science was never this much fun before
ANN: get a VIP membership - TOTALLY worth it
Sunny: Have you got reviews on that site, Ann?
Cupcake: if this had been part of 9th grade Chem I wouldn't have doodled so much
ANN: Naaahhhh - I read them though. Very informative. Trust what the reviews say
ANN: Also - get a toybox that locks, just sayin'
Lorix: LMAO! Good advice Ann!
ANN: Also, also - tell your kid not to open packages that come to the house. Just sayin' again
Sunny: omg...do I even want to ask?
Lorix: Ann - you're the BEST!! poor kid.
ANN: That was a good day
Breann: Ha! Yeah, we found out that our bedroom door needs to be double checked when closing...
ANN: by "good day" I mean, an emotionally scarring day for everyone
Sunny: Oh, Ann...you have the best stories :D
Justin: Beware of "warming" lube from said site. FIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!
Breann: Beware of warming lube!! No truer words. BEWARE!
Sunny: *still laughing*
ANN: DUUUUUUDE - you totally want to beware of the self warming lube- WHOA!
Sunny: I LIKE warming lube!
Lorix: Really - does it work like deep heat, but on parts you wouldn't want to put deep heat??
Justin: warming is one thing.......setting your most sensitive area on FUCKING FIRE is something totally different. Just sayin
Breann: Lori.... just beware. That's all I'm saying.
ANN: Let's just say, it can be surprising. And if it isn't just "on the surface" it doesn't just wash off
Lorix: Mint is always a good option - for a tingle
ANN: Toothpaste
Justin: Lori!!! *faints*
Breann: Ew!
ANN: and pop rocks
Breann: Mint would work
Lorix: No not toothpaste. Lube.
Lorix: Not that minty!!
ANN: Pop rocks and a BJ FTW!!!!!!!
Breann: No warming/tingling lube!
ANN: Toothpaste, trust me! Not directly, but as an after affect
Lorix: Are pop rocks fizzing candy things?
Breann: Yeah
Justin: That's a new one on me, Ann. Must buy pop rocks tomorrow. And flowers and chocolate.
Lorix: I'm worriedly curious about the toothpaste. #beingcorruptedagain
Breann: Ha!
Breann: I think I might have to try the pop rocks
ANN: Pop rocks are so worth it J!
Sunny: Are we done with the book chat? Any last thoughts?
Breann: *cracks whip*
Justin: Whoa...Sunny with the whip!
Sunny: lol...paddle!
Lorix: I've no more to add to the book chat.
Jenni Lea: I've really gotta read the rest of the series though that's a bit of an investment. These little shorties ain't too cheap
Sunny: do we want to end the chat on a discussion about cockrings?
Jenni Lea: Sure why not. It won't be the weirdest thing we've ended a chat on
ANN: So, cockrings are good. Just not too tight. And the jelly ones are breakable
Sunny: *takes notes*
Justin: The adjustable cock rings are the best.
SRAL is a frigging Pirate!: Cum for a book chat, leave with a lesson
Lorix: Lol SRAL

*whew!* Who knew book chats could be so educational? *pervy grin*

We hope you enjoyed October's Happy Hour Chat, and we look forward to bringing more reviews of Kim Dare's BDSM books to you throughout the month!

For more info on Pushing the Envelope, check it out on Goodreads.

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