Book Blast and Giveaway: Smoke and Mirrors by Lillian T. MacGowan

Today we are shining the spotlight on a new release, Smoke and Mirrors, by Lillian T. MacGowan!

Firefighter Frank “Deck” Dekker was just doing his job when he saved Dr. Naim Moreau’s life, the last thing he expected was to lose his heart! But he can’t resist his quiet, mysterious doctor, nor does he want to. He wants to make a life with Naim—preferably locked away in his apartment worshipping each other like they were meant to be. Because they are.

Things aren’t as clear for Naim. His past haunts him to his soul, and he would rather die than let Deck seem him the way he sees himself. Being honest with Deck and showing his true face could cause him to lose Deck forever. But is it possible that just maybe Deck will see another man? A beautiful man? And what price is Naim willing to pay to take that chance?

Cover Artist: Kalen O’Donnell
Publisher: Loose-Id

     Naim’s cheeks flushed, and his eyes darted away from Deck’s as he turned toward the wall for gloves, only to find an empty box. He turned back to Deck and frowned.

     “Right. We uh…” Naim looked at Deck, one eyebrow up, while Deck cringed. “We kinda used them all up making glove balloons,” he muttered. The corners of the doctor’s mo uth quivered and it seemed like he was struggling to look severe. “The nurse brought more. They’re”—Deck scanned the room—“they’re over there.” He pointed to the counter next to the sink. See? He was helping.

     Sighing, Naim walked over to grab the box of gloves.

     Fuck. Those scrubs were clingy. And thin. And clingy. And fuck, he was beautiful.  Deck stared as Naim walked back to him and silently removed the empty box from the dispenser, replacing it with the new one. What were scrubs made of anyway? Fucking butterfly wings? Spider webs? God he looked so good in them. Argh. Brain then mouth, dude, brain then mouth…

     “I like your scrubs.” FUUUUCK.

Sales Link: Smoke and Mirrors can be purchased at Loose Id

Author Bio: You can usually find Lily MacGowan reading, knitting herself into the sofa, or writing. Lily has been a carpenter, a circus aerialist, a Sunset Strip club kid and a corporate mogul, but she gave all that up to teach middle school on the east coast and is happier than ever. Lily’s hobbies include food, household renovations and avoiding laundry. She’s a huge fan of comfy jammies and happily ever after.

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  1. I like what I've read so far-I used to make glove balloons for my daughter, so Naim is my kind of guy.