Review: Semper Fi by S.J. Frost

Though Marine staff sergeant, Cameron Brightman, is miles away from the Middle East and back in his hometown Chicago, memories of the war and lost love continue to haunt him.

**This is a free story, unedited, offered on S.J. Frost's website.**

Semper Fi, short for Semper Fidelis, is a Latin phrase meaning "Always Faithful"

Semper Fi is the story of Cameron Brightman, a marine staff sergeant and Gabriel (Gabe) Roland, a grad student at Chicago’s Art Institute. They meet in a gay bar in the Boystown area of Chicago while Cam is on a thirty-day leave from the Marines. Cameron and Gabe share an incredible night together but is this just a one night stand, or is there something special between them?

This is a sweet short story that you can read free on the author's website or download here

I was totally smitten with Cameron and Gabe from the start. The chemistry between them was there and I felt the mutual attraction. In this short story the sex between Cameron and Gabe was hot and felt realistic. Ok, so there was no swinging from the chandelier, but it was steamy and satisfying just the same. Also, if unprotected sex is one of your pet peeves, you have nothing to worry about here. They practiced safe sex yet it didn't interrupt the scenes or seem awkward in any way. I admire and applaud the author for this.

There's also a bit of humor in Semper Fi and that is something I always enjoy in any story.

If you’ve not read anything by S.J. Frost, I think you’re missing out. This free short story would be the perfect way to sample the author’s work risk free.

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