Review: Resistance by L.M. Turner

Ryan's relationship-phobic, preferring to live his life from one anonymous hook-up to the next. He never remembers a name, and he never goes back for more. But then he meets Jayden, the one-off who won't get out of his head, his life -- or, indeed, his bed.

Ryan remains in a denial, however; he has no place in his life for emotion or feelings, despite how much difficulty he finds in keeping away from the gorgeous, confident Jayden.

It's not until Jayden gets a boyfriend, bringing their non-relationship to a sudden end, that Ryan thinks he might have been feeling something all along. Feeling a lot, actually, but it's too late.

Jayden's happy with his new man, and Ryan shouldn't want to get in the way of that -- but he's selfish, and he's had an epiphany, and maybe the only way to get Jayden back is to reveal more of himself than he knows how to handle. But is it enough for Jayden to take a risk on a man who, by his own admission, has no idea how to love?

This has all all the things I love. ALL THE THINGS I TELL YOU!!

It's basically perfect. I've had it recommended to me at least 3 times and I was "meh & shrug". WHY? Why was I "meh & shrug" when Resistance is all the things?!?

I officially recommend this to everyone because of reasons:

1. Jayden. Ugh, Jayden.  So, Ryan has issues (to say the least) with all his rules about relationships, or the lack-thereof, in his life. Jayden? Jayden doesn't care a whole hell of a lot about Ryan's 'rules'. He knows they have something and he's going for it. I just freaking loved this about him
"When Jayden pulls away with a final lingering press of lips, his face remaining so close, Ryan's breathless. 'What are you doing?' he says but he gets the feeling it comes out more like a hoarse mumble.
'It's called sweeping you off your feet.'
Ryan's stomach jolts. 'It's not working.'
'Liar,' says Jayden and kisses him again."
2. Ryan. In all his fuckupedness in the beginning, hell, throughout most of the book, he's really able to make up for it in the end. It did take Jayden having to get another boyfriend for him to finally wake up and see what's right in his face, but once he did he (mostly) made all the right choices and he ended up winning me completely over.

3. Snarky-snark FTW!! *twirls* I'm picky (really picky) about what I consider 'humorous'. What many readers find hilarious, I find myself rolling my eyes. This was effing funny, people. The dialogue was witty and smart and engaging. I basically highlighted the whole thing.
'"You can't just invite yourself to stay in a stranger's house.'
'Dude, I had my tongue in your ass. You're way past being a stranger.'"
"'I can't believe this is happening to me.'
'I know, right? Who knew when you left the house today you;d end up meeting the incredible Jayden Cobain? I'd be in shock too.'"
I really could go on and on with all the fun.

4. Oh, the angst! It was angst without feeling like that was the intention because it was also so much fun to read. I'm having myself a grand old time reading about Ryan and Jayden with all their snark and hotness and then BOOM! I'm crying! Wait. What? This type of book isn't supposed to make me cry. I'm supposed to laugh and swoon and maybe melt a little. Well, I did all that, plus felt enough feels to produce a few tears. *dreamy sigh*

5. These boys know how to get it on and they got it on gooooooooood. *bites lip*

6. Back to Jayden. FFS, Resistance wasn't even from his POV and I could feel just how much he really wanted Ryan all to himself. Amongst all of Ryan's self-made drama, Jayden's character and emotions were really able to shine through because of the awesome dialogue and the way the author brilliantly showed the way he felt. *melts* Hell... *quelts*

7.  I could not stop reading. I was just so into Ryan and Jayden's love-drama that didn't quite feel like drama and before I knew it, the book was over. Sad, sad unicorn (<-me). I tried to savor the end, but let's face it, that never works. I kept going until the last swoony, wonderful word. *turns the page looking for more & panics*

So. Yeah. Those are all the reasons and things.

Read it.


  1. I've had this in my TBR pile for quite a while. Based on your excellent review I'm moving it to the top of my list.

    1. I hope you love it!! I was not excited to read it at all, but (obviously) ended up loving it.

  2. This is a great review, Breann. I really loved it. I'm going to be reading this book soon for sure.