Group Review: Heart of a Hero (The Triple Towers #1) by James Cox

Be Warned: m/m sex, rimming, sex toys, spanking, bondage

He made it to paradise on a lie...

Kallen is a hero. He single-handed ended the war. At least, that’s what everyone thinks. The truth is that he was at the right place at the right time. As the hero, he gets a room in the heavenly triple towers and enough mouths on his body to please him every hour of every day.

However, guilt and danger rise when a man starts searching for the truth. When the investigator is this sexy, he may just blow his secret, among other things.

Lorn is furious when the spy among them is named as his dead younger brother. He is determined to find the truth of what happened even if it means destroying the nation’s hero or the man he’s slowly falling for.

In Kallen’s world, bravery will get a person killed, so how exactly is he supposed to prove to Lorn that he has the heart of a hero?

Can we take just a brief pause to admire the warning at the beginning of the blurb?

Firstly, we love that the "warning" is at the beginning. It's begging us to read and love ALL the things and boy howdy did we ever! James has been such a great sport tolerating all our shenanigans and he's either a glutton for punishment, or we really aren't all that bad outside the clubhouse. I'm thinking combo platter of both.

When James sent his new book to us I immediately hoarded it, then felt a little guilty (not really) and I told the other Uni's that I had it in my sweaty little hooves, was going to review it and did anybody want it. The response was global, literally and so we pushed back the original review date to have a Unicorn dog pile of love all over Heart of a Hero.

Breann - The Collar Loving Queen of Kinky Slave Boys:

Fast-paced, LOL one-liners, fun and sexxxay. Everything James Cox does best. And, for me, this was the best I’ve read from him.

Kellan is awesome and not your typical hero. Heart of a hero? Maybe in the end, but not so much in the beginning. He was really just looking out for himself and judging by where he came from, I can’t say I blame the guy.

Lorn isn’t going to let Kellan get away with playing the hero. Nuh-uh. But can he do this and ignore how effing sexy Kellan is? Nuh-uh.

They were hot and they were rough. Yes, please! When hands started going for necks you could hear me cheering them on, “Grab it! Hold it! Right there!”

Heart of a Hero is my favorite James Cox so far. There’s a great sci-fi story set in an interesting, futuristic world. But, at the same time, it’s still an erotic romance at heart and doesn’t take itself too seriously. The two were balanced perfectly and I was drawn in by both sub-genres.

Oh, and the mini-cliffy at the end? Gah! *waits not so patiently for book 2*

Sunny - Patron Saint of Obscure Porn Gif Hunting:

One quick peek and my interest was caught right away. This was so entertaining, with an interesting dystopian world, great MCs, and irreverent humor, all mixed with James' signature porny goodness that is very much appreciated at Boy Meets Boy Reviews. There were editing issues, but I didn't let that affect my enjoyment of the story.

For me, the best part of the story was the characters. Kellan *sigh* was sweet, and just a little bit naughty. I wanted to hug him. And maybe spank him. Lorn, the usually disciplined Master Sergeant, was a good match for Kellan, even as he tried, unsuccessfully, to resist the Wastrel.

The world building and the story itself were also good, although Lorn was so easily distracted by Kellan, even with his determination to clear his brother's name, that I couldn't take the mystery part of the story too seriously. I wasn't too disappointed, though, because while I liked the more serious investigation, I also enjoyed the silliness that was mixed in. And then there were some moments that were so touching that I was taken aback. It was like a gift bag full of all kinds of goodies.

One question... When is the next book coming out?!  

Lorix - Princess of Extraneous U's and Epically Hot Birthday Porn:

Fun and hot and sexy and somebody needs to get to work on those flavouring shots, stat. I loved this book, the characters were great, the story fun - in short it was everything you expect from James Cox and more, I’m looking forward to book 2.

A few days after I’ve read it and my dwelling thought? Seriously, scientists need to work on those flavouring shots, there ain’t a man in this world gonna have trouble getting blown if you can make it taste like chocolate. Just sayin’. ;)

Ann - Bun Fetishist and Admitted Sean Cody Boys Stalker:

Oh James, how do I love thee and thine heroes?

SO freakin’ much! This story is exactly why I like reading James’ dystopian and sci-fi stories. There’s interesting world building, mystery, adventure, smarky heroes and the best sexy times in the universe.

I fell in love with Kallen right away, he’s cemented himself as one of my all-time favorite heroes. Or, anti-heroes as the case may be. Lorn is the traditional idea of a hero here, struggling to figure out how to clear his brothers’ name while fighting his attraction to Kallen, the “false hero”. No one can fight the attraction to Kallen, I mean really, who would want to, and the two form a bond that neither have had in their lives before. This is when the story went beyond a fun apocalyptic sexy time romp to a real love story and I really love the two of them together.

The unexpected twist at the end sets up the next story for our heroes and by the end of this one I would absolutely say that Kallen has proven that he has a heart of a hero too. I got goosebumps at the ending. It was awful for them, but was so perfect it’s got me so anxious for the next installment. A highly recommended fun, sexy, sweet and adventurous read.


So, there you go. Loved and recommended by Unicorns everywhere! In honor of James and given that the Stallion has now really opened himself up to the internet about his inner wants and wishes, I think it's time to post this epic artwork that hangs above the sofa in the clubhouse. Lovingly created by our own Natasha, suitable for framing . . .

A copy of this book was provided in exchange for an honest review

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