Sunday Funday: A Little Cray-Cray Never Hurts...

Actually... don't I love reading about it.
The other day I read a romance that touched upon a level of craziness (cray-cray) that I liked. Then I reflected back on some of my hands down favorite reads (it is less than 30) and noticed a good chunk of those books had a common theme that I secretly reveled in reading.

I don't condone violence nor like being involved in a cray cray relationship in real life. But it doesn't hurt to read about it, does it? All in the name of fiction and that jazz. There's a time and place for everything, the cerebral reads and the cat fight, high octane drama reads when it comes to romance. That's why I love this genre so much.  So I inadvertently came up with a rating system. I defined seven levels of cray in a relationship to easily apply to books I've read and conquered. Now I have a easy way for my private notes to rate a book, see if I want to go back and read again in the future.

What she ordered...Fish Fillet? Heh. Love that song.

SheReadsALot's Seven Levels of Cray in a Relationship:

7: One or both of you needs to be committed.
6: One or both of you needs to start anti-psychotics.
5: Only you two motherfuckers can be together.
4: We get it. You really love them, as their tattooed name on your body proves. (stupid)
3: I know you know you won't kill 'em no matter what you say. Quit playing around. You wanna hug?
2: We get it you're in each others pocket 24/7. Good for you.
1: They argue. They also make up just as passionately. Loud and lusty. Arguments might give you pause, but they're not going to do a thing.

No more song references...I swear. You must admit it's pretty funny.
Books can rate more than one level. I mean it'd be hard to find a book that is is fully a level seven the entire read. (If you know of such a book, PM me on Goodreads) Usually, I find books to have multiple levels. You say psychotic, I see spice. Possessive and really obsessive heroes? I'm not going to turn you away. Bring it on!

A favorite  book that has touched Level 7 a lot was "Mine" by Mary Calmes. Landry was a bipolar, co-dependent mess. He and Trevan hit all of the levels. Mmm...thinking on the watching while he sleeps scene. Love it.

Or "Beyond Complicated" by Mercy Celeste. Menage and Cray...what a union. Another Level Seven.

"My Rugby Playing Twink" by Jamie Samms was a level 5 at best. Those two and their stubborn shenanigans. They fight, have tantrums, make up, fight again. Add in some MANTEARS and you get the majority of the relationship.

These are just a few examples.

So if you are a reader like me who enjoy books that feature cray-cray heroes willing to do anything for their man (or close to it), let me know. Maybe you might have a favorite book that I should keep an eye out for or would like to recommend for fellow readers.


  1. Hey! Mine is not a 7! Landry just needs a little help.
    Definitely a 5, though. *nods* Yes, definitely a 5.
    *grins* I loved Trevan and Landry.

    1. I love Landry to my soul but standing over a sleeping man with a knife, wanting to carve them and being horny about it...Landry touched Level 7

    2. Yes, it was a little crazy *bites lips to keep from laughing* but, it was just that one time.

    3. That was one time too many. But it was all in the name of love so it's all good.

  2. D'ya know SRAL...I'm feeling the need to try some of these Cray-cray books of yours. I must be hormonal....

    1. :D
      Well I can recommend Stroke Rate if you want more of a Level 4