Book Discussion: Special Delivery by Heidi Cullinan

To celebrate the re-release of Special Delivery, we organized a buddy read at Boy Meets Boy Reviews.  After reading the story, we couldn't wait to talk about it.  And when four members of the Unicorn Mafia meet for a serious literary discussion, anything can happen. We jumped right into sharing our favorite characters, scenes, and quotes.  Jenni Lea could hardly contain herself.  A few of the highlights:

Jenni Lea: I love Randy, I love Randy, I love Randy. There. That should do it for my review. Or do you think it's too much? 
Sunny: Not enough, JL! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: After reading Double Blind you really get the gist of Randy and then rereading Special Delivery I saw all the subtle Randyness I didn’t really get the first time 
Sunny: crap, I should have re-read Double Blind... it's been awhile 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I haven’t reread Double Blind yet, I just remember how much more I got him after reading it and it changed how I read him during the reread of SD
Jenni Lea: I got the subtlety of Randy the first time around. He is way more intriguing than either Sam or Mitch. 
Sunny: I keep thinking about how sweet Sam was, but how he wanted to be so slutty. I loved him. 
Lorix: I loved Sam too. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Also, I love that Mitch loves Sam sluttiness and lets him strut it like the little Slutty McSlutterson he is 
Sunny: it's awesome how Mitch was the perfect match for Sam 
Lorix: Mitch is a brilliant character. i love how it hints at his dark past but really he's the sweetest guy. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: What are the odds those two kinky bastards would find each other? 

Moving onto our favorite scenes...

 Sunny: That bar scene in Denver was so flippin' hot 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Damn, that was cray shit wasnt it? 
Jenni Lea: Denver! Loved it! Guh! 
Lorix: The bar scene was my absolute favourite. 
Jenni Lea: That Leon guy was gross though. So smarmy! Blech! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: You know what was REALLY hot? Before they went into the bar and were sitting on the bench outside! 
Lorix: *fans self* 
Lorix: Had to have a coooold shower after that one. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Lets hang out in Denver! 
Sunny: I liked the toy shopping 
Lorix: big boys toys 
Jenni Lea: me too! Sam was adorable in his hesitation to pick stuff out. Always worried about the cost and if Mitch would think he was a freak for wanting some of the stuff he did. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: That was great. I loved when Sam kind of forgot himself and let go. 
Lorix: I loved when Sam just let go too. 
Jenni Lea: agree 
Sunny: I loved when Sam would share what he thought was too kinky/pervy/freaky and Mitch was totally cool about it and even loved it. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Exactly Sunny. He finally felt comfortable enough with somebody 
Lorix: It was what he wanted but he needed someone to allow him to be. 
Jenni Lea: They really are a perfect match, huh? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Completely! 
Lorix: They are. 
Sunny: *sigh* 

More favorite scenes after the jump!

************    WARNING: SPOILERS    ************

Jenni Lea: Let's talk about the scene where they're on the road to Vegas and the truck has a flat in the rain. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Those two were just so raw all the time. Damn 
Jenni Lea: Guh! The rain scene! Otherwise known as When Shit Got Real 
Sunny: it was one of the most intense scenes 
Lorix: That soooo needed capitalising JL. When Shit Got Real. Good call.
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Nailed it JL! 
Sunny: it made my heart hurt a little bit 
Jenni Lea: I teared up a bit at the Rain Scene. I also couldn't take my eyes off my screen. 
Lorix: That's what I liked about this book. It was kinky but it was kinky with feels. BIG feels.
Sunny: BIG feels is right. And I loved every bit of it. 
Lorix: That's when you can't put a book down because you're so invested in the emotional journey of the characters. 
Jenni Lea: That's how I get too.
Lorix: Those are the books that have you up at stupid o'clock , knowing you've got to get up early. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I loved that the kink was more than just sex. It really was part of who they were and how they connected. It was all about the acceptance and being who they really were was OK and good 
Lorix: Ann, that's it exactly. 
Sunny: exactly, Ann
Jenni Lea: I was riveted! I actually flinched when *SPOILER* Mitch shoved Sam. 
Lorix: JL, that was so....well riveting is the right word.
Lorix: You couldn't stop there, but had to find out what happened next. 

Lorix: Is it wrong *glances around and whispers* that I liked the sex in public scenes best? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: NO LORI! That's why I liked the scene on the bench in Denver
Jenni Lea: I liked the growth and maturity we saw in Sam along the journey. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Sam changed a lot. And as much as it broke my heart, he did the right thing going back home and cleaning up that mess and finishing school  
Lorix: That he was starting to accept himself, feel comfortable with who he was and not just a rebel, guilt lined because his mum wouldn't have approved.  Lorix: Look at us changing roles JL, you're coming out with all the feely sensitive stuff and I'm saying I liked the public nooky. :) 
Jenni Lea: I like the public stuff too.
Sunny: "Mitch, am I depraved?" 
Sunny: "In the most beautiful, wonderful way." 
Lorix: At this point I think we all are Sunny. 
Lorix: But I liked that line too. 
Sunny: *nods* we are all depraved in the most beautiful, wonderful way
Sunny: ... that's why we like the public scenes ;) 
Lorix: EXACTLY! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Double exactly 
Jenni Lea: DITTO THAT 

Lorix: So what about when they finally got to Vegas and we met Randy?
Jenni Lea: I loved Randy from the first moment I met him. He has this certain charm about him. 
Sunny: oh... I loved Randy! 
Sunny: even when he was a shit 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Especially when he's a shit!
Lorix: He'd been this - I don't know, elephant in the room/truck for a while. 
Sunny: It was good to finally meet the man from Mitch's past.
Sunny: and how about that scene in the bathroom at the casino?!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: DAMN, that was hot as hell Sunny! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: How do you write a timed rimming scene and make it that damn hot
Lorix: With Mitch watching in the mirror? 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Yep Lori 
Sunny: yes... totally hot 
Sunny: and Randy was so frustrated at having to wait, he was so turned on 
Sunny: then he noticed Mitch was hard, too 
Lorix: But you could feel how turned on he was, you weren't just told it. 
Sunny: "Sure, we can go to Bellagio." Still smiling, he tightened his grip on Mitch's dick. "And I hope they turn as blue as your goddamned rig, you fucker." 
Sunny: lmao... I loved that part 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: HAHAHA - that was great Sunny 
Sunny: and later, when Sam and Randy were dancing... "You had your tongue in my ass," Sam pointed out. "It's hard to be shy after that." 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Oh Sam, you sassy little minx 
Lorix: That's another great line. 

Ann of Ween Gaybles: OMG - I forgot my other favorite part! When Sam "made" Randy and Mitch do each other. It was funny, but it also completely explained why those two couldn't be together 
Lorix: I liked that too. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I think Sam really needed to see that 
Sunny: Loved that part, Ann. 
Lorix: it was a good way of showing us the different relationships too. 
Jenni Lea: I think he did too Ann. Otherwise he would have been jealous or not confident enough in his relationship with Mitch 
Lorix: Exactly JL. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Yeah JL, It was a really creative way to show and not tell 
Sunny: Heidi is so good at showing, not telling 
Lorix: Show Don't Tell - my favourite. :) 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Exactly you guys! 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: favourite - my other favorite :D 
Jenni Lea: She does good with the subtleties 

Jenni Lea: "He was smart, and he was a fool. He was handsome, and he was awkward too. He was kind, and he was cruel. He was an angel, and he was a whore. He was all these things." 
Lorix: ^^^and this. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: Good Pull JL - that's good stuff 
Jenni Lea: That's Sam's epiphany while getting DP'd. 
Ann of Ween Gaybles: I think you should have an epiphany if you're getting DP'd - seems like the right thing to do 
Lorix: PMSL Ann. 
Sunny: lol, Ann!
Ann of Ween Gaybles: This is long, but one of my fave Randy lines: "Bringing Mitch here. He wouldn’t have come otherwise. Or, if he had he'd have ignored me again. You were our big do-over and it'd be nice to think we got it right because we're older and wiser, but we got it right because of you." 
Lorix: ^^^^^^Ann. :) 

Sunny: do we have anything else to say about the book? 
Lorix: The ending. You can't not mention the ending. 

What followed was an in-depth review of the ending that we decided not to share because spoilers. MAJOR spoilers. Instead, we’ll leave you with one last thought from Lori…

Lorix: I like how Sam was the one for Mitch.That Mitch had gone from kinkmeister with Randy, to zero anything and then found his perfect place with Sam.                                                                                                                                                          

And there you have some of the reasons this is one of our favorite books. Delicious perviness wrapped up in sweet emotions. 


  1. Awwwwwwww that is a super fun discussion. I was right there with you ladies with every comment!!! Love loved this one so much; good idea to re-read Special Delivery after knowing more about Randy from DB; I think I will do that. At first glance, I was not into Randy at all. My fave is and always will be Sam though. :-)

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed it! It's fun to talk about books with friends, and I love the crazy things that get discussed. Although Randy has a special place in my heart, I'm with you... Sam is my all time favorite :)