Happy Hour Chat: "Superhero" by Eli Easton

Happy February, friends of the unicorns! We're excited to be chit chatting about a sweet lil novella today. Get cozy, pull up a chair, and check out what the UM had to say about this adorable story. Eli Easton will be BMBR's featured author of the month for February, so be on the lookout for more reviews of her work this month!

February's Happy Hour Chat book is Superhero by Eli Easton.

P.S. As a surprise bonus, we have a happy hour guest today, Sara from The Risque Redhead Reads.

Justin: speaking of hero, Superhero anyone? 
Breann: YES! 
Ann: Definitely 
Audrey: Quick copy/paste of the blurb so that everyone knows what we're talking about: It’s not easy for a young gay artist like Jordan Carson to grow up in Jefferson, Wisconsin, where all anyone seems to care about in middle school and high school are the sports teams. But Jordan was lucky. He met Owen Nelson in the second grade, and they’ve been BFFs ever since. Owen is a big, beautiful blond and their school’s champion wrestler. No one messes with Owen, or with anyone close to him, and he bucks popular opinion by keeping Jordan as his wingman even after Jordan comes out at school. Their friendship survives, but Jordan’s worst enemy may be himself: he can’t seem to help the fact that he is head-over-heels in love with a hopeless case—his straight friend, Owen. Owen won’t let anything take Jordan’s friendship away, but he never counted on Jordan running off to find a life of his own. Owen will have to face the nature of their relationship if he’s to win Jordan back 
Audrey: Thoughts on Superhero? 
Lorix: I LOVED this book. 
Natasha: me too 
Breann: ME TOO! 
Justin: Me too Lori 
Sara: I loved it. 
Sunny: I loved this book, too! 
Audrey: I liked it, but didn't love it. Sweet and cute. 
Breann: holy sexual tension!! 
SRAL: Superhero was really cute 
Jenni Lea: I enjoyed this book even though I detest YA. Eli Easton writes so well that I didn't feel like a pedophile at all. 
Audrey: OH, before we forget, we have a guest in today's chat - Sara from Risque Redhead Reads! 
Sunny: Woohoo, Sara! 
Sara: *hides under the table* 
Lorix: Yes Sara 
Natasha: wooooo! sara! *throws parade* 
Sara: A whole parade? Nice. 
Natasha: yes, all with a few small words. were you impressed? there were almost naked men dressed as peacocks 

Want to join us for the parade and the rest of our February happy hour chat, including juicy dishing about high school drama, who's our favorite big boy bottom, and why Jordy + Owen = twu wuv? Check it out after the jump!

Helloooooooooo, awesome friends! Thanks for joining us for our Superhero chat!

*sets out tray full of spiked milkshakes and wine coolers (are those high school-y enough?)* *points out the bar with the topless bartender, in case we get tired of reliving high school*

Once you all are settled in with your refreshing beverages, dive right in and see what the UM thought about Eli Easton's Superhero.

(Warning: This chat contains some spoilers.)

Jo: Guys you know what this book reminds me of ... it is that hopeless endless love you think you have when you were 12 and saw that first guy. Remember how much you wanted him and how much you thought the world was over because he did not feel the same but you still had hope 
Ann: Lots of cuteness 
Sara: Best second grade seduction ever! LOL 
Lorix: I will love Justin forever for recommending it & Eli Easton in general. :) 
Natasha: so much high school tension... like.. i remembered being that sexually stressed at their age and it felt so real.. :) fantastic writing 
Sunny: It brought me right back to HS - the good parts of it, at least 
Justin: She is one of my favs for sure 
Natasha: same with Sunny 
Jo: I fucking loved it so much because I was always in love with the guy who did not feel the same in jr high 
Sunny: I think that's why the young ages didn't bother me, I just pretended I was the same age 
Sunny: not at all a creeper old lady 
Sara: That unrequited love sucked but thank goodness these two worked it out. I loved the first gasp of realization from them. 
Justin: I want to be a Jordan-sexual.
Ann: You already are dear 
Breann: it didn't bother me because they were just so darn cute 
Jo: So you live out the angst of Halloween scene but it all goes right in the end 
Lorix: And Owen was still so cool with Jordy. 
Justin: I want an Owen. BAD!! 
Audrey: The POVs were really refreshing. However, I didn't like having sexytimes in this book. At all. It made me feel icky. 
Sara: The ages didn't bother me and what happens with them was fine for me too. I mean the whole BJ happening bit. 
Natasha: that was so hot 
Breann: i loved the sexytimes 
SRAL: The ages didn't bother me either. 
Ann: My kid is 12, so that was a little too . . . . . . .ack 
Natasha: ann, you dont look a day over like, 27, shut up your kid is not 12 
Breann: there was so much tension 
Lorix: Sara - that was my favourite bit. Wow. 
Justin: I loved the not quite sexy times 
SRAL: I loved the sexy times. I would have been put out if someone didn't cum. 
Breann: there should ALWAYS be cum 
Jo: Yes but that was the kicker he really was not interested in middle school and could still be his friend 
Sara: I loved every bit of the book. It was so well done IMHO. 
Sunny: I liked all the times... not quite sexy and sexy. I thought it was so well done.
Natasha: also reading about the sexy times for me was totally weird because they're like... babies... 
Ann: I would have been just as fine with it without the sexy times even though I LOVE SEXY TIMES 
Audrey: Ann, I felt the same way. 
Sara: They were 16 the first time weren't they? 
SRAL: I'm a sucker for unrequited feelings in stories. 
Lorix: Ages didn't bother me because they were both the same age and it is a YA where they are starting to realise those feelings. Nothing actually happened until they were older - well apart from a kiss. 
Breann: I don't know, it was just so realistic that it never bothered me 
Sunny: Same here 
Sara: That's how I felt too Breann. 
Sunny: I remember what I was doing at that age... 
Sara: It didn't feel like it was done for any other reason than this is what two boys who have feelings for each other would do. 
Justin: Me too Sunny 
Audrey: I don't know...I was bothered by its being promoted as YA, yet having sexytimes in it. I think it's an adult book with YA characters. 
Ann: If I didn't have a kid that age (like when they first started having the sexy time feelings), it wouldn't have bothered me either I don't think. Totally just my thing.
Sara: I didn't buy it going into it as YA. Hmm. 
Breann: in MM i don't think YA means intended for YA audiences though 
Justin: Ditto Breann 
Audrey: Well, it was with Harmony Ink, their YA brand. That's what threw me off. 
Ann: Me too! 
Lorix: I don't have a problem with sex in YA books.... 
Breann: you're right, that's what you would assume. but I've yet to read a MM YA book without sex 
Sunny: me, neither 
Justin: As a member of the GR YA group, no one know WTF YA really is 
Jo: I liked the fact that it was written as a real gay for you... You really believe Owen is hetero, he just has fallen in love with his best friend who happens to be a guy and now finds that guy attractive. I really believe this, that you can fall in love with a person and then you find them attractive.
Audrey: Jo, I liked that, too. It felt really honest emotionally. 
Breann: yes! definitely GFY and not OFY, which is what they usually end up being 
Justin: That's why I loved it too Jo 
Ann: I think it was so real and so truthful for that age, that's what got me. 
Jo: Yes and if you are secure enough in who you are it should not matter what parts the person has if you love them... that is the world we should live in 
Sara: YA is what, 16-25? And Teen is 15 and younger? 
Ann: It won a YA award, which I totally get, I just can't picture it at the middle school library 
Lorix: It very much explored feelings too and let's face it *hands over ears if you have teenagers* teens have sex. 
Sunny: *nods* 
Natasha: ya is like 14-17! na is like 18-25 
SRAL: But I've read MF YA with sex in it (not NA). It's just not explicit. 
Sara: L, so I have I and this wasn't. 
Sunny: So, favorite parts? 
Natasha: first blowjob ;) ;) 
Breann: besides the frot discussion you mean? because that was it 
Sara: When they first met with the cars. I thought that was adorable. 
Ann: See, I love the frot - goddammit 
Sunny: I can't pick one 
Audrey: I liked Owen's heart-to-heart with Jordy. And the decision tree that led to it. 
Sunny: Loved the cars... 
Justin: I loved Owen's coming out to Jordy 
Jo: yes that he tried to seduce him in second grade with matchbox cars... loved 
Ann: I loved all their conversations - I totally believed they were best friends first 
Breann: I loved Owen's whole self realization and comparing his two choices 
Sunny: I liked the wrestling scenes :) 
Breann: the kiss in the pool was awkward and awesome 
Lorix: Exactly and it was just a BJ ....I actually think it's good they show this, I can remember reading hetero YA books with sex, I do think it's important to show the feelings too. The other source of sex for kids is illicit porn and sex education - not a feeling in sight. 
Justin: yes Breann 
Sara: The pool kiss...ugh. 
Lorix: I truly loved it all. My favourite was the BJ scene though. 
Lorix: Oooh look at me choosing the sex scene...it relieved some sexual tension but really created more. 
SRAL: I loved the love Owen had for Jordy. It was pure. 
Jo: Right you really buy the two futures and it is true that for some the path with least resistance is hard to not stay on... but Jordan is on the other path and that makes all the difference 
Audrey: I didn't realize that wrestling was so popular in HS. 
Ann: It was at my school 
Natasha: I've never seen wrestling before and we definitely didn't have it at my school 
Sara: It's big out here. Those boys go through a lot to make weight. 
Breann: we did, but I never watched it. ... or any other sport for that matter 
Ann: I only went to sporting events to find out where the parties were after 
Jo: That halloween after sex scene gutted me you truly believe it is over... he has that line about never having owen again like that... uggh heart wrenching 
Sunny: I cried at the truck scene 
Audrey: Truck scene? Which part was that? 
Sunny: After the club scene 
Audrey: OHhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Yeah, that was so intense. 
Audrey: But I could totally see why it would happen like that for Jordy. Why he'd decide to go that route, I mean. 
Lorix: The club scene was sad. 
Sunny: it was depressing 
Breann: I loved it! it forced owen to wake up! 
Lorix: Though I like Owen rescuing Jordy, it was sad too as it made Jordy feel more of a loser. 
Sunny: I know, but it was a sad way to do it, Breann 
Justin: So was the part about the student that took his own life 
Lorix: That was horrible J, again because this is really how teens feel. 
Jo: right and the fact that he just wanted to be part of the sports players 
Sunny: I hated the suicide part...I ached 
Breann: yes, that was really sad ;_; 
Ann: I liked when Jordy was the hero for the freshman kid in the bathroom. He got to be the badass for a change 
Lorix: Yes Ann. LOVED that. 
Natasha: yes, i wanted Jordy and bathroom kid to bone or something. just sayin' 
Ann: You want everybody to bone natasha 
Natasha: i can't help it if thats true 
Audrey: Bathroom kid was a freshman, though, so TOO fresh meat, I would think. 
Sara: I loved this part from Jordy. No matter how many times I’d fantasized about being with a guy, being with Owen, it had never come close to the reality. I love, love, loved everything about this. Holy sexual paradise, Batman, I was so fucking glad I was gay! 
Natasha: :) 
Justin: YES SARA!! 
Lorix: Sara, yes. 
Sunny: That was a great part 
Natasha: sara- i love that quote. especially in a YA novel... where someone is 'loud and proud' about being gay 
Sara: Yeah, I love it when they are comfortable with who they are too. 
Audrey: Any other favorite quotes? 
Justin: I want this on my front door: “no one’s going to come shopping if the ‘for sale’ sign isn’t on the door.” 
Ann: HAHAHA - J! That was great 
Jo: I also like the part where emily is not a bitch or the bad guy she is just not Jordan. 
Sunny: Not favorite, but I liked how it expressed his feelings: “I’d read somewhere that animals would chew off their own leg to get out of a trap. I knew exactly what that felt like now.” 
Justin: Great one Sunny 
SRAL: "Jordy, you are perfect. I can't imagine wanting anyone the way I want you." "Male or female?" I asked doubtfully. "Uh-huh. And vegetable or mineral." "Glad to hear I can out-sex zucchini," I quipped nervously. "Don't forget the pumice," he teased. 
Justin: and: “If we’re being honest, then, yeah, it’s going to suck donkey ass. But we’ll get to the other side, and we’ll be together.” 
Sara: I wish I had all my notes but I lost them. 
Lorix: That line - I'm so fucking glad I was gay. My favourite line. 
Lorix: That one too L. 
Sara: I liked it when Jordy accidentally outed himself too. 
Natasha: poor bathroom kid that jordy saved 
Natasha: I agree with lori.. that should be like, the headline :) 
Ann: "I almost flipped them off then remembered that I'm, like, twenty pounds shy of the right to be cocky" 
Jenni Lea: I liked that line Ann 
Audrey: This one was really sweet: "More than anything he'd said, or ever could say, that made me believe him -- Owen wanted me. My heart exploded like a bottle rocket. Because if Owen really, truly wanted me, then pigs could fly, I'd get my window desk at DC, and life could be unbearably fuckin' wonderful." 
SRAL: I liked that one too 
Natasha: me three 
Sunny: "The bouncers checked me out as we passed. It was a little embarrassing. Yes, thank you, I am a total slut." he was so cute 
Sara: Eli really writes well. I love how believable her characters are. 
Justin: Owen to Jordy: I’m not as straight as everyone thinks I am. I think about that night we were together all the time. All the time, Jordy.” 
Natasha: yes, so cute and so real! 
Sunny: I liked that one, too, Ann! 
Lorix: I liked them all. I can honestly not think of one thing I didn't like about this book. 
Ann: I really liked Jordy - he was SO real and I wanted to hang out with him. 
Lorix: And she does sexual tension like no one else. 
Lorix: I loved Jordy. 
Sara: Owen's parents though were kinda douchenuggets. 
Sunny: yes, they were 
Ann: Nuggets of douchery - agreed 
Lorix: Yes - though they came round at the end. 
Breann: but they were realistic 
Justin: yes it was all very realistic. That's why I loved it soo much 
Sara: They were but I still wanted Owen to throw a chair across the room when they told him to spread himself around. 
Sunny: lol... 
Breann: in a lot of books parents are either 100% or 0% and I don't think that's the reality 
Lorix: I think like everything parents come in a range of sizes. 
Jo: Right I read it and was just back in that era of my life and then thank the fuck glad that I am done and gone from all that drama 
Ann: I loved everything and the stuffed that bugged was just my own place in life right now. 10 years ago or 10 years from now, probably wouldn't bug me in the least 
Audrey: Some of the word choices/cultural references pulled me out of the story. Like the Busby Berkeley musical reference, or the $300 choice for Jeopardy (there's no $300 option any longer). I dunno. I'm weird. 
Justin: Jo, I wanted to go back and start an anti bullying club! 
Lorix: Some 100%, some 0 and all percentages in between. I agree it's unusual to find an inbetweener. 
Jenni Lea: That's how it was for me Jo. I felt pulled in like I was back in high school. 
Ann: high school *smh* 
Sunny: *shudders* 
Sara: As I was reading this I actually was friended by an old high school classmate who I had no idea was gay back then. It was interesting to have feelings on high school. 
Ann: The parties were fun :D 
Jo: Right God Justin all the things I would tell the douchebags assholes of the school now that I was too much of a coward or clueless then 
Natasha: high school was better for me by a lot than jr high 
Sara: I had fun in high school but I was that odd chick... 
Sunny: I try to remember only the good parts 
Natasha: i was also one of the odd chicks/dudes :) 
Breann: i actually didn't think about my own HS experience at all 
Audrey: I thought it was AWESOME that the kinda homophobic wrestler dude was the one who ACTUALLY wrestled with Owen AFTER he came out. When he was wrestling for the UW scout, I mean. 
Jenni Lea: Oh yeah Audrey. His name was Vince? Something like that. I think he has a few secrets of his own to tell. 
Ann: I told everybody everything I was thinking at all times - fuck em 
Ann: They thought I was kidding - hence the class clown 
Natasha: really!? kids are fuckers. insecure fuckers. 
Natasha: all i hear is ANN = CLOWN 
Audrey: hahahahahahaha 
Natasha: honk honk ann ;) 
Sara: LMAO! 
Sunny: OMG. STOP IT! 
Ann: I'm so irritated with myself for laughing just now. 
Sunny: you really did set her up, Ann 
Lorix: Well Natasha...rumour has it Ann's the best top around... 
Breann: you love it! Ann is going to be your toppy clown 
Ann: Not a toppy clown!!!! A toppy badass 
Audrey: Would Owen be the top in their relationship? I can kinda see them being switches. 
Sunny: Owen is top 
Ann: They would switch 
Breann: i think owen would switch for jordy 
Lorix: i think the friendship was very equal. 
Justin: Both totally versatile, Audrey!! 
Natasha: yes, switch 
Lorix: o yeah switches. 
Jenni Lea: Owen will top for the most part because he is Pin Man and likes to wrestle the boys into submission. Plus Jordy already admitted he wanted to be held down with Owen on top of him. 
Sunny: exactly, JL 
Justin: Agree JL 
Sara: I love it when the big boy bottoms... 
SRAL: Yes! 
Justin: YES SARA 
Sara: It's one of my favorite parts in books. When the one you don't expect to...UNF! 
Audrey: I think Owen would switch for Jordy, too. He's Jordan-sexual, after all. 
Sunny: Me, too. 
Breann: i just saw that in a porn today... i was surprised. in a totally good way 
Ann: Me too Breann! 
Sara: That is how I found Jake Bass. Totally thought he was a bottom but then he wasn't. 
Sunny: But I just see Owen topping more. 
Ann: I had to watch it twice - for science 
Sara: Owen would but on their anniversary it's always Jordy on Top. 
Lorix: Ding, ding, ding. Sara for the win, first to mention JB in our chat and she's the guest. You're too good at this. 
Audrey: Which brings us to my favorite part...WHO WOULD JAKE BASS PLAY?? And who else would we cast? 
Justin: Brandon is a good bottom, Ann 
SRAL: I have I think 
Sara: I saw JB and Mason Starr. Thought for sure Mason would top but then Jake slapped his ass and got my attention. 
Justin: I think I have too 
SRAL: I think they are both switches but Owen secretly likes bottoming more. 
Ann: Do you know how hard it is to stay here right now when I know that Brandon is out there bottoming somewhere. Can Brandon be Owen? 
Sunny: lol.. 
Lorix: I'm racking my brains...I don't know who JB would be. None of the wrestling team for sure. 
Audrey: JB plays Jordy, wouldn't he?  He has a smartass mouth on him. 
Ann: Brandon = Owen 
Justin: I actually had that thought Ann. That's why I brought it up.
Ann: BOOM 
Sara: JB couldn't because he has those hand tattoos. Yuck. 
Ann: YAY J!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Lorix: Confession. Not watched any Brandon porn. I will fix that this week. 
Jo: Yeah I got hint that he just wanted someone to take charge and care of him for once 
Sunny: just because we like when the bigger guy bottoms, doesn't mean it's always true! 
Breann: it doesn't, sunny? :( 
Sunny: it's sad, but true :( 
Natasha: confession. I don't like Brandon 
Breann: WHAT?!?! 
Sunny: girl, you are in so much trouble! 
Breann: he's so cute 
Sara: Okay if you two are going to fight this out can Jello be involved? 
Natasha: i saw this coming... 
Ann: Brandon has a husband dick - Sean Cody said so 
Breann: well, if sean cody said so... 
Natasha: LOL @ ANN 
Natasha: im dying of laughter over here 
Natasha: "husband dick" the worst insult 
Ann: Not too big - not too small just right=husband dick 
Audrey: Husband dick sounds like praise of the highest order. 
Sunny: I don't even know what to say 
Sara: Husband dick? Do I need to google?
Justin: I like the sound of husband dick 
Audrey: o_O 
Ann: Me too J Me too 
Breann: mmmm.... me too ;) 
Lorix: o-O - my husband would beg to differ... 
Sunny: lol, Lori! 
Ann: Well, now you're just bragging Lori 
Breann: LOL 
Lorix: Absotively. 
Natasha: hahahah 
Audrey: SAUCY, LORI! ;) 
Justin: And Big G can do a split. I'm so jealous Lori 
Lorix: :) Why d'ya think I married him...wasn't for the money... 
SRAL: His nickname is Big G. Has to stand for something 
Audrey: We're totally squirreling, guys. 
SRAL: Confession: I can't picture porn stars as either lead 
Sunny: I don't see JB in this one 
Sara: I never picture anyone in books actually. 
Lorix: Me either SRAL. Maybe that is this books downfall.... 
SRAL: I could picture one of those one direction guys though 
Jo: OOOhhhhh Jordan can be Dylan o'brien... right Audrey... right??? 
Audrey: OMG, of course! He's totally twinky! 
Breann: whos dylan? 
Audrey: Stiles! 
Jo: and tall and gangly come on just saying 
Audrey: Okay, last thoughts on "Superhero" and anything you particularly loved or would've changed? 
Jo: I loved the book so much. It really does take me back to all that winnie cooper wonder years first love feeling 
Breann: i wouldn't have changed anything 
Breann: i loved everything about it. everything! 
Justin: I LOVED IT!! 
Sunny: I loved Superhero. It's one of my favorite comfort reads. I know it will make me smile. 
Lorix: Ditto Justin - I absolutely loved it, best friends falling in love, a great friendship, sexual tension.... 
Natasha: i loved the feel. the writing, in particular, was fantastical. it brought me back to my youth, highschool, but also much younger, remember my first crush, my first love, my first best friend. the plot was great but wouldn't be half what it was without the writing IMO. :) *fist pumps for eli* 
Justin: The prologue wasn't my favorite but I loved everything else. 
Ann: Eli's words are always good. I really can't say anything bad and my issues with it were my issues not the books 
Sara: I loved Owen's list about life with wrestling and life without Jordy and then him banging down the door to spill his guts, heart and soul out. 
Audrey: Superhero was very cute, and the writing was smooth. I enjoyed it, but I felt uncomfortable with the inclusion of sexytimes. Although that was realistic, I don't know...the underage thing makes me feel squicky. Some of the narrative choices didn't work for me, either. It was really sweet and adorable, though. Enjoyed it. 
SRAL: This was a great story. Happy to have read it. I am 2 for 2 with Eli. This bodes well. 
Jenni Lea: LAST THOUGHTS: I liked the book. I would have never read it had it not been for our happy hour chat because it is YA (blech!). I'm always afraid I will feel like a pedo if I read YA but I didn't feel that here. So, yay Eli Easton for not making me feel like a dirty old woman! 
Ann: Bonus for JL! 
Justin: I've read 4 of her books and have loved them all 
Sara: I loved that the story was based on friendship. That even though Owen wasn't gay he loved Jordy and finaly came to terms with what that meant for them beyond friends. 
Lorix: I've read them all now and I loved most liked a lot the other two. 
Ann: I'm a 3 for 3 with her, that's awesome! 

Yay! *tosses confetti and toots party horn* Hope you all enjoyed the parade!

Thanks for joining us for the February happy hour chat and a unipornian whinny of thanks to Sara for hanging out with us during the shenanigans! Keep an eye out for our Eli Easton interview, which will be posted next week.

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Note: This chat has been edited for length and clarity.


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