Blog Tour & Giveaway: Storm Moon Press's 4th Anniversary - "A Diverse Publisher - Mission Accomplished" by Lor Rose

Today we're helping Storm Moon Press celebrate their fourth anniversary by hosting a stop on their blog tour. Author Lor Rose stops by BMBR to chat fiction and life in the blog post below.

My life is [F bomb] insane.


I'm not kidding.

I get crazy calls all the time. The text conversations are crazy weird full of emoti-cons and colorful language. Other instances, I have no idea who I'm talking to (or texting) because there's no such thing as a "personal phone." Sometimes I come home to clothes thrown everywhere, boiling eggs forgotten on the stove, and things turned over; it looks like a ransacking, but I know that's not what happened. When out in public, people stare at me and whisper their disapproval, interest, or (in most cases) disbelief.

Why you ask?

That's a very simple question but it has a complicated answer. (Isn't that how it always works out?)

I'm a polyamorous gender-fluid demipansexual, and I live with my five male partners. We're a diverse group of folk, that's for sure. We're sort of like fiction.

Take a mythical beast with trust issues and a love for half tea half lemonade, a swash buckling hero who's sword is too big (compensating?), an android that doesn't understand he's not human at all but a complex network of synthetic organisms (ohhh, angst), a damsel in distress (but not really because she's really a he-- plot twist!), a poet who can't rhyme (or really write at all), and a serial killer (that doesn't like killing)... and you've pretty much got us nailed.

Any two characters above could work in a story together (it might be a little weird but people like "a little weird") but all them in one story? Hell to the no. It's weird. Things just don't add up. Those elements can't work. It's impossible. That fictional story is just too "out there", even for the most adventures reader.

Well, guess what. That book exists. The characters are real (sort of) and they thrive together. Those characters are my life. My partners and I are those characters. We shouldn't work when shoved all together, but we do. All the different elements that make us human, individuals, the personalities, mesh so well sometimes it's scary. Other times, our Android and Poet argue over the validity of Android's emotions (Does Android's soul really exist?). Damsel swoops in making everything better or worse; meanwhile, Serial Killer watches without much input. Our Hero tries brandishing his gallant sword but it's not enough. Only through the combined efforts of Hero and the Beast does peace finally return.

We each deal with personal issues (plot twists) differently. Sometimes, we can work it out without the influences of the group, but occasionally, all of us weird characters have to come together and use our own unique quirks to resolve the problem.

Our diversity makes us stronger.

We celebrate our differences, and Storm Moon Press does the same with fiction. Genres intertwine with the creativity of authors, both published and unpublished. Some genres celebrate the taboo while publishers (generally, not all of them) shy away. Storm Moon doesn't. It's one of the things that initially drew me to the press as an author.

What if I write something with a little incest? Or an extreme scar fetish? What about a rape fantasy, explicit and vivid, all for the purpose of the character's pleasure? Or perhaps something a little darker, the forced servitude of another? (Which is one of personal favorite reads, just so everyone knows.) I wanted a press that wouldn't reject what I wanted to write because of its taboo content but because it truly sucked.

Mission accomplished.

I win.

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About the AuthorLor Rose is a snarky, over the top, genderfluid, polyamorous demipansexual with dark hair and pink highlights (although sometimes the color varies). She started reading very questionable M/M fanfiction at a very young age in the closet. Literally. Though, that didn't stop her from getting caught once or twice. This early love of things M/M sparked her writing career. Her short stories are in Storm Moon Press' Gay & Lesbian Coffee Break Quickies and Dracones anthologies. She can be found on Twitter @Lor_Rose9009.