Author Visit: James Cox Q&A and Giveaway

To kick off BMBR last week, we did a Happy Hour Chat and review of James Cox's alien-themed m/m novella Handsome Hero Wanted.  Today, we're lucky enough to have James Cox hanging out with us unicorns, and he's brought along two ebooks to give away.  Read on for more details on how to enter this giveaway.

So pull up a chair, grab a cocktail, and join us for a Q&A with James Cox!

BMBR: You’re obviously a sci-fi fan. What is your favorite sci-fi book and movie?
James: My favorite book? That’s like picking out your favorite time to masturbate! Every new book (time) has the potential to be fantastic.
Movies, that’s another tough one. I’m going to have to go with...Serenity! I’m a Browncoat and I wanted to be on that spaceship with Nathan Fillion from the moment the series started! If you haven’t watched the TV series Firefly and the sequel movie, Serenity, I highly recommend it!  

BMBR: Of all your books, which is your favorite and why?
James: That is a tough question. In terms of a serious book, I think I’m actually going to go with Lay Me Down to Sleep. This is a favorite and the one that’s had the least sales. Completely understandable as it does have a bit of a religious edge to it. You see, growing up, I hid my sexuality. When I finally told my parents, I was kicked out. I’ve been on my own for years but, thankfully, I’ve survived, thrived, become the man that I want to be. Lay Me Down to Sleep really has elements of believing in a higher power which got me through some tough times. I like to think that there is someone or something up there looking down. Maybe saying, it doesn’t matter if I’m gay or straight, all that matters is that I am a good person.  There’s also reference to Glenton’s father who was based off my father when I was younger. He was always so strong and such a positive influence. When I came out that all crumbled. Lay Me Down to Sleep was a rather deep story for me and it really cut into the emotional aspect of my life.
As for my favorite book to write, that would be Handsome Hero Wanted. I had a title without any plot. So, I sat down (Naked if anyone is wondering, cause that’s the best way to write!) closed my eyes and said, ‘If I was in a spaceship where would I go? How about a planet with all men? How about a bunch of naked guys running around looking for good head? Maybe the best head? Oh, a king!’ The story trickled down from there and it was the most fun I’ve had writing to date. It was just creative, horny, entertainment.
BMBR: You mention having a crush on your boss, tell us about him. What makes him crush worthy?
James: My boss...(drifted off for a moment). Yeah, he’s fucking hot. Honestly. He has a great body, goes to the gym all the time. He’s handsome, all dark hair and intense eyes. Then there’s his smile, it gives him this wicked quality. I can see him smiling like that just before he wraps his mouth around...(Okay, drifting again). It’s not just his looks though. He’s generally a nice guy. My boss has class, holds the doors open for women, doesn’t curse in front of kids, etc. He handles every problem with a calm, respectful attitude. I had a birthday when I first started working for him. I was new, didn’t really know anyone, kind of on my own. He threw this office party for me. It was stupid and kind of lame, but it was sweet too. He went out of his way to make my birthday more than just another day. That meant a lot. Of course...he also has a tight ass...that looks delicious in suit pants. Damn, his suits...I want to come back as one of his suits!
BMBR: Collectively, we’re big fans of Jake Bass, who is your favorite porn star?
James: I’m rather partial to Tate Ryder! The light blue eyes, that ass and he’s got a dick to drool over, or rather on. Yeah, if I had to pick one porn star to be stranded on an island with, it’d be him.
BMBR: Our whole little group bonded over Handsome Hero Wanted and in a perfect world it would be made into a movie. We had our ideas about who would play each character but we want to know who you would pick?
James: A movie would be fantastic, the stuff of dreams. This is a great question!
Let’s see Drayton would have to be sexy, confident, the kind of guy that smiles and you harden...I’m thinking Charlie Hunnam with dark hair. That man! Have you ever seen Sons of Anarchy? That guy should run around naked all the time, it should be a law.
For Dusk I would have to pick one of my favorite actors of all time Manu Bennett! I could imagine him with two dicks. Oh, yes!
King Ranix is most definitely Alexander Skarsgård. They’re just a perfect fit.
I’m thinking Jensen Ackles for Lavender because he kind of has that graceful, sexy, quirky thing going on. At least, in the shows I’ve seen him in.

Layden...I’m thinking Hugh Jackman. Yeah, nice!
As for about Orlando Bloom. That’s the only man I can picture with long white hair and still be fuckable.
I'd like to hear who you think would fit the characters!

BMBR: Oh, there was a long discussion, and the names Ryan Reynolds and Joe Manganiello were tossed around. *grins* Where did you get the inspiration for your characters and all their fascinating and unusual attributes?
James: I have no idea. I wanted to give each guy an aspect that made him different and unique. Those alien men are the results of my warped mind!
BMBR: Lavender and Layden were pretty popular characters with us. Would you consider writing their story? Please?

James: You know I never thought about a sequel for this story. That’s a really interesting idea. I liked the world I created. There are many possibilities. I think I may have to plot a new book for these characters!
BMBR: We also discussed how hard it must be to write an orgy scene. One that isn’t written well can be hard to follow. Do you plan those scenes differently when you’re writing?
James: It is hard but possible. It just takes planning. I usually twist around as my characters would, to see if the position is possible. It also helps to have a fantastic editor, thank you Christine!
BMBR: You write some epic sentences, we all picked our favorites from HHW, do you recognize the moment you write a keeper? Which is your favorite?
James: Thank you! They just flow out onto the screen. Usually if the line makes me pause and smile, I know it’s a keeper. I like too many too count. The question is what’s your favorite?
BMBR: There were just too many to choose! :) Thank you so much for hanging out with us, James. 

James: Thanks for the questions. I’m honored to be your author of the month and happy to hear you lovely ladies and sexy gents enjoy my books! 

After the unicorns finished squee-ing over the idea of Hugh Jackman, Jensen Ackles, and Alexander Skarsgård in a movie together, James was kind enough to let us know that he has two copies of his stories (winner's choice!) to give away. Woohoo!

To enter the contest to receive a copy of any one ebook from James Cox's backlist, please leave a comment on this thread! The contest is open until 11:59PM (Pacific time) on November 15th, and two winners will be posted on this site shortly thereafter.

Many uniporn thanks to James for stopping by and bringing goodies!

Handsome Hero Wanted is available now at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, All Romance eBooks, and Evernight Publishing. You can find out more about James online at

P.S. When James wasn't looking, we also took a peek at his unicorn name.  He does seem like a pretty good Champion Fair Head, doesn't he? ;)


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