Audiobook Review: Red Fish, Dead Fish (Fish Out of Water #2) by Amy Lane

They must work together to stop a psychopath—and save each other.

Two months ago Jackson Rivers got shot while trying to save Ellery Cramer’s life. Not only is Jackson still suffering from his wounds, the triggerman remains at large—and the body count is mounting.

Jackson and Ellery have been trying to track down Tim Owens since Jackson got out of the hospital, but Owens’s time as a member of the department makes the DA reluctant to turn over any stones. When Owens starts going after people Jackson knows, Ellery’s instincts hit red alert. Hurt in a scuffle with drug-dealing squatters and trying damned hard not to grieve for a childhood spent in hell, Jackson is weak and vulnerable when Owens strikes.

Jackson gets away, but the fallout from the encounter might kill him. It’s not doing Ellery any favors either. When a police detective is abducted—and Jackson and Ellery hold the key to finding her—Ellery finds out exactly what he’s made of. He’s not the corporate shark who believes in winning at all costs; he’s the frightened lover trying to keep the man he cares for from self-destructing in his own valor.

Listening Length: 11 hrs and 48 mins
Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Reviewer: Annika

This book was intense! And I loved every minute I spent reading it. It drew me in from the start and held me in an iron grip and wouldn’t let go until it was all said and done. Or well, until I reached the last page of the book that is, because there are more lose ends for Jackson and Ellery to find and tie up and more adventures to be had.

Red Fish, Dead Fish is not a standalone story, it is a continuation of the first book, where Jackson and Ellery is doing everything they can to track and stop Owens, the big bad from Fish Out of Water. And boy is he bad, truly depraved in every imaginable ways. So squeamish people might want to be careful reading certain parts of this book, cause they are graphic and paints images that will stay with you and possibly make you a bit green around the gills. I honestly didn’t mind that, it made the hunt for him so much more intense, made me invested to really want to stop the SOB once and for all. And preferably in a permanent way….

Again, the relationship between Ellery and Jackson took a backseat to the hunt, but it was always there. They moved forward – Jackson kind of kicking and screaming, but they still moved forward. They grew into something more, something deeper. It was nice to see Jackson coming out of his shell and starting to trust, starting to want, to hope. He’s suffered so much in the past and being there for some of the happy times was really wonderful.

I did have one problem though, and that was that no matter how banged up he got (and that was more than his fair share) he was up and about in no time, ready to start hunting again. I’m not a fan of ├╝bermenches so it was a bit much. But since that’s probably the only thing that don’t work for me in this series, I count myself lucky.

As mentioned at the start, even when we reach the end of this book the story doesn’t end. Sure, Ellery and Jackson takes some huge steps, saved a few people but there are still bad guys to find and stop, and something tells me that it’s going to be a bumpy ride.

A copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review

Release Blitz + Giveaway: Blood Lust by L.E. Royal

Learn more about today's release blitz for Blood Lust with author L.E. Royal and IndiGo Promotions! Don't miss out on the info about the paranormal romance or the $10 NineStar Press credit giveaway!

Title: Blood Lust
Author: L.E. Royal
Publisher: NineStar Press
Release Date: February 18, 2019
Heat Level: 3 - Some Sex
Pairing: Female/Female
Length: 73200
Genre: Paranormal, LGBT, Paranormal, contemporary, lesbian, vampire, family-drama, human slaves, horror, dark, paternal murder, blood play, psychic ability

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The sequel to Blood Echo.

For Rayne Kennedy, the only Hybrid in Vires, a walled Vampire city in Vermont, life is almost over. Despite the new family and temporary happiness she’s found, her vampire girlfriend, Scarlett Pearce, has been given ninety days by the mysterious city government to turn her into a vampire. She’s sure her days as a human are numbered.

Scarlett fights to find a way to avoid Rayne’s death when her father and society have decreed it must happen. Between new relationships formed, old ones reshaped, and a bloody romp through the city’s darkness, Rayne must decide if she trusts Scarlett not to give in to her blood lust. Thrown into the center of an unexpected revolution, Rayne tries to save herself and Scarlett, unsure if her days as a human, and their time being blood bound, are truly coming to an end.


Blood Lust
L.E. Royal © 2019
All Rights Reserved

Chapter One
“Pick it up.”

Scarlett watched with lazy eyes as my hand shot forward to grab the apple. I hated her a little for how easy she found this.

“You’re scowling, Princess.”

I dropped the apple the minute she let me and did my best to straighten my face.

The revelation that Scarlett and I were blood bound was old news, but its implications were still new to both of us. We’d been spending time when we were alone learning to overcome the phenomenon—or trying.

The vampire stretched, reclining before me on the black satin bedsheets, and I wondered if she felt me compelling her at all. I tried to recreate the feeling inside myself from the rare times I had succeeded in bending her to my will. Silently, I concentrated and willed her to pick up the apple.

She yawned.

Raindrops ran down the sleek glass doors of Scarlett’s balcony, the sky a dreary gray. Even from the great height of the thirteenth floor, I could see little beige specks below that I knew were actually humans. They came from the outskirts of the city—the Fringe, brought in to work around the decadent skyscrapers that housed Vampire families, like Scarlett’s. High up in Pearce Tower we could live under the illusion of safety, for the moment.

Below, the streets of Vires teemed with vampires, Deltas who were genetically advanced enough to walk in the daylight. The non-Deltas would join them at sunset.

A flash of curiosity disturbed me, pulling me back off the dark path I was traveling, thoughts of society in Vires starting to consume me. Without looking, I could feel her watching me, taste her curiosity. Her wish to know what was going on inside my head was clear through the emotional connection we shared. I tried to lock her out, to shield my feelings from her. She tipped her head and when I met her dark eyes, their intensity burned. I figured I was successful.

Pick up the apple.

Her voice was liquid smoke, lingering in my mind, penetrating every corner. My pale hand darted forward and grabbed it again. She smirked. My stupid, smug, beautiful vampire.

My fingers released their grip the moment she bade them to, and the abused fruit fell back onto the sheets.

“Your turn.”

I wanted to grumble, to ask what the point was. We both knew I couldn’t resist the commands she gave. We also knew she could resist mine effortlessly most of the time. I smoothed my hands over my jean-clad thighs and tried again.

“I’m not resisting you, sweetheart. I haven’t felt any compulsion to resist yet.” She was amused. It danced in her eyes, in the little tug at the corner of her mouth, but I knew she was trying to be diplomatic, at least.

“Why is this even important?”

She had been playful and light-hearted, secretly enjoying the little game we shared. The minute I asked the question I felt her growing cold, uncomfortable. The pleasant hum of her emotions as they lapped at me waned before they shut down altogether.

The subject we were avoiding hung between us, heavy and suffocating. After almost a week of sleepless nights and uneasy dreams I knew sometimes she could share, I was ready to drag it out into the light.

“I don’t ever want it to be used against us.” She was somber, her expression dark and unreadable.

“Scar, if I’m going to be a vampire anyway…”

She hissed. I prepared to backpedal, wishing I had been a little more tactful, but she was already speaking.

“Why are you so obsessed with becoming a monster?”

“Jade’s not a monster and she’s a vampire.” Dark eyes softened at the mention of her younger sister, one of the people she loved most in the world. Through our connection I had quickly grown to love her too.

“Jade has struggled more than you know.” It was cryptic and caustic and an answer that was oh so Scarlett.

“You’re not a monster, really.”

She scoffed.

We were silent for a few seconds, my reply dancing on the tip of my tongue. It was a large part of what had been keeping me up at night, but I was too afraid of her answer to voice the topic.

“Say what’s on your mind?” It was only half a question, and I could tell it took some effort for her not to command it out of me. Beneath the cold indifference she had painted on her face, tiny tells and miniscule shimmers of her feelings told me she was nervous.

“I don’t want to get old when you’ll always be young.”

She laughed, and the sound was ever so slightly bitter.

“I’m three hundred and sixty-nine years old, Princess.”

I wondered if I would ever stop being staggered by that fact.

“Besides, I don’t think aging is something we have to worry about. I’m almost certain you’ve already stopped, being as you are.”

“Hybrids don’t age?” My voice was an octave too high with surprise, and maybe a little bit of joy.

We hadn’t much discussed what I was, what I had become, what she had made me. Her cool and careful handling of the subject frustrated me, and it gave me the uncomfortable feeling she was making plans without any of us.

“Just a hunch.” She tried to curtail me before I got too fixated on the fact. “But if I’m right and age isn’t a factor, are you still so eager to be turned?”

I shrugged, unsure.

“Being a hybrid is still dangerous. What if the Government eventually discovers that us sharing blood is what caused this? What if they find out we’re blood bound? Wouldn’t it be safer if I was less…breakable?”


NineStar Press | Amazon | Smashwords | Barnes & Noble | Kobo

Meet the Author

L.E. Royal is a British born fiction writer, living in Texas. She enjoys dark but redeemable characters, and twisted themes. Though she is a fan of happy endings, she would describe most of her work as fractured romance. When she is not writing, she is pursuing her dreams with her multi-champion Arabian show horses, or hanging out with her wife at their small ranch/accidental cat sanctuary.

Facebook | Twitter


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Review: Jordan vs. All the Boys by John Goode

Everyone has that one summer, the summer where you take your first steps into adulthood. The nights are longer, the songs are better, and the friends you make are forever. For Jordan, Brandon, Ethan, and Dominic, that summer is now. This pack of self-proclaimed nerds set out on an adventure that defines every young man’s life—the search for love, or at least what they think love is. As with all great quests there are pitfalls and challenges ahead of them and they will have to overcome their greatest enemy, their own egos. But the power of true friendship could give them the strength they need to complete their quest and win their prize.

This was like a word problem, right? I had seventeen cantaloupes, and the answer was going to be sodium or some shit.

This is an incredibly sweet and funny story about the perils of dating. Jordan and his friends are on summer break between their sophomore and junior year of high school. Horned up and clueless, they decide to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Jordan suggests going to a local club that's queer friendly, because where the gays are, the girls are so EVERYBODY wins!

Off they go and then somehow Jordan and his dating adventures turned me into Nemo's dad...

There's nothing but dangers lurking out there!!!

Naturally, he ignored me. Typical. He proceeded to meet one no good loser after another that had me 16 different kinds of judge-y...

Then some nitwit suggested he join Grindr!!!!

Funny with just a dollop of angst, excellent banter between Jordan and his band of friends, much kissing banditry and an indeterminate number of guffaws (from me) made this a really good time for me.

Even Jordan breaking the fourth wall totally worked which is something I typically find jarring. Being inside Jordan's head was a delight even though he's a gamer extraordinaire, something I know exactly nothing about; I sooooo appreciated him explaining all those terms otherwise I would've been hitting the google as hard as he does.

John Goode has a unique voice and this read has me full of excite to tackle his backlist. I'd recommend "Jordan vs. All the Boys" to anyone that's ever dated or likes YA or anyone in need of a chuckle. Or twelve. Because it most definitely delivers.

An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

Release Blitz + Giveaway: Snowed In: Nen and Anani by Nell Iris

Celebrate the JMS Books release of Snowed In: Nen and Anani with author Nell Iris and Signal Boost Promotions! Learn more about the fantasy novella and enter in the signed paperback giveaway of Finding the One!

Buy Links: Amazon US | Amazon UK | JMS 

Length: 22,312 words

Publisher: JMS Books 


It is time to go to my son.

Nen waited to hear those words from the Vasilissa for fifteen rotations, since that time the snow wouldn’t stop falling. But now that he’s about to meet Anani, the love of his life, again, he’s afraid. What if Anani doesn’t feel the same anymore?

Anani, the guardian of the water element, was only seventeen when he was banished from his mother’s court. Heartbroken he couldn’t be with the one he loved, he lost control over his emotions and his power. No matter what he tried, the snow wouldn’t stop, and as a last resort, he was sent away.

When they finally meet again, Anani is hopeful but disillusioned. The law that kept them apart hasn’t changed. How will they be able to find their happily ever after?

And what happens when the snow starts falling again?


A third knock hushes the forest even more. Not a single insect can be heard. Is the wildlife waiting for me to leave? Is he? Would he answer if I call out to him? Or will the sound of my voice make him even more resolved to stay behind the closed door?

Before I have time to come to a decision, the door is yanked open and he appears in the opening.

The Vasilieu.

Oh, great Spirit, still my heart!

He is magnificent!

He is willowy tall and has grown so much these last fifteen rotations, reaching me to my nose, standing over a head taller than any other member of his family. He’s dressed like a commoner in a tunic and pants even plainer than my own -- where's his kaftan? The clothes hug his body and reveal every long sinewy muscle in his legs and arms.

Hair as white as newly fallen snow is parted in the middle and hangs straight to his waist. His nose, slightly upturned, gives him a mischievous look. His pale lips, imperceptibly darker than his skin color, are pillowy but set in a severe line.

But it's his eyes that draw my attention. Pale blue eyes staring at me as if he can't believe what he's seeing. After a few heartbeats, they widen, and he lets out a gasp.

A wave of emotions hit me square in the chest. What was muted just moments before grows into an avalanche as though he let them loose, or lost control of them. They overwhelm me; I physically feel them, poking and prodding my breast, invading my heart. I stagger a few steps backward and sink to my knees without hesitation. I don't avert my gaze. "Vasilieu."

He narrows his eyes. "Do not call me that. You know my name. Use it."

The barrage of his emotions intensifies, making it hard to breathe but easy for me to identify them. Disbelief. Uncertainty. Hope.

... Happiness?

Yes, definitely happiness.

"Anani," I whisper. Never before have I uttered his name, not even alone in the night. Saying it now is terrifying and freeing all at once. And it feels right, as though my lips are meant to say it. Whisper it in his ear as our limbs are entwined and sweaty.

He surges forward and throws himself on his knees before me. Cups my cheeks and lets his thumbs caress my beard. His gaze flits over my face as if though he's trying to take in all the changes that have happened since we saw each other last. The crow's feet by my eyes. The corners of my mouth that are downturned from the lack of smiling. The first gray at my temples in a sea of black, bristly hair.

I'm an older, more tired-looking version of the man who watched him walk away all those rotations ago, while he's more breathtaking than ever.

"Vasilieu. Don't kneel before me. It's not proper."

"Nen. Oh Nen. Is it really you?" he asks as if he didn't hear my plea. His hands explore my face; the fingertips linger in my wrinkles and lines, sending sparkles through my body. He tugs lightly on my beard and gazes into my eyes. I wonder what he sees.

"Vasilieu. Anani." The second time I use his name is even more momentous. "Stand, I beg you."

He sits back on his heels. "What are you doing here?" His disbelief melts away. Clearly, he trusts his own eyes and what he can see before him. Confusion takes its place. With grace, he rises to his feet, bends down to grab my hands, and pulls me to standing with little help from me. Spirit, he is strong!

He doesn't let go.

Nell Iris is a romantic at heart who believes everyone deserves a happy ending. She’s a bona fide bookworm (learned to read long before she started school), wouldn’t dream of going anywhere without something to read (not even the ladies’ room), loves music (and singing along but, let’s face it, she’s no Celine Dion), and is a real Star Trek nerd (“Make it so”). She loves words, poetry, wine, and Sudoku, and absolutely adores elephants!

Nell believes passionately in equality for all regardless of race, gender, or sexuality, and wants to make the world a better, less hateful, place.

Nell is a forty-something bisexual Swedish woman, married to the love of her life, and a proud mama of a grown daughter. She left the Scandinavian cold and darkness for warmer and sunnier Malaysia a few years ago, and now spends her days writing, surfing the Internet, enjoying the heat, and eating good food. One day she decided to chase her lifelong dream of being a writer, sat down in front of her laptop, and wrote a story about two men falling in love.

Nell Iris writes gay romance, prefers sweet over angst, and wants to write diverse and different characters.



Twitter @nellirisauthor

Facebook page

Facebook profile



QueeRomance Ink

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Audiobook Review: Who We Truly Are (Enhanced World #2) by Victoria Sue

Talon’s deadly abilities are spiraling out of control. Desperate to keep Finn safe, Talon struggles to protect the man he loves with all his heart, and not become the greatest risk to Finn’s life.

Finn has no choice but to offer himself as bait for the evil forces kidnapping enhanced children, facing danger he is untrained and unprepared for, and he is having to do it alone.

Does Talon have one last fight in him? Will he slay everyone who wants to destroy Finn and the team, or will he finally discover that to defeat their enemy and the ultimate threat, the biggest battle he has to face is one with himself?

Listening Length: 7 hours and 45 minutes
Narrator: Nick J. Russo

I've returned for more Enhanced action and I'm still digging the series!

Who We Truly Are is a continuation that happens a few weeks after Five Minutes Longer ends. Talon and his human partner, Finn still struggle to find a balance between their work and personal lives.Plus, the Enhanced team is getting more press, a new director, and a new villain on the game board making their lives harder.

There are missing enhanced kids and the team uses Finn to go undercover to find out who is behind this.

Add that to this author's penchant for jam packing action and fresh subplots, the story never has a dull moment. The reader gets to learn about more kids and different powers, how the enhanced are continually treated like second class citizens. For an audio book, this is prime entertainment because it is so fast paced.

I think because I listened to book #2 directly after #1, I've grown used to Nick J. Russo's narration style. I liked that I was able to differentiate between the main characters. I'll admit, I would get some of the other enhanced team embers mixed up from time to time with the voices used.

I have a few niggles with Talon and Finn's relationship. (And I hope we get to see future spotlights of progression in future stories) They get together fairly quick in book #1, pretty serious in a matter of weeks. But while the book showed their sexual chemistry is strong, I didn't see much else to be on board with their relationship. I was looking for more growth in book #2... and in away there was some and there wasn't. It's weeks later and communication still seemed to be an issue. There's a larger arc at play, so I get why we don't skip ahead by much.

But I feel Talon and Finn would work their kinks out without never ending action and drama happening. And actually spending time together to know who they're fucking. Finn's undercover for a majority of the book, so there wasn't much change in their relationship.

I like Finn. I'm neutral about Talon because sometimes he needed to listen and ease up on the 'protectiveness'.

The story is a 4 for me because I really liked the main plot points overall. Great suspense, good romance, there's an actual plot that is interesting, good characters and the world building sucks you in. The narration is about the same because there wasn't much change in style, easy to follow along.

I'm very interested in book #3 because it's a new couple! And there are a few members on the team I'm very curious about.

Release Blitz: Milo (Finding Home #2) by Lily Morton

Celebrate the recent release of Milo (Finding Home #2) with author Lily Morton and Vibrant Promotions! Find out more about this hurt/comfort romance and read an excerpt below!

Mile RDB Banner

RELEASE DATE: 02.15.19

Milo Cover

COVER DESIGN: Natasha Snow Designs


Once upon a time a brave knight rescued a young man. Unfortunately, he then spent the next few years bossing the young man around and treating him like a child.
Milo has been burying himself at Chi an Mor, hiding from the wreckage of his once promising career and running from a bad relationship that destroyed what little confidence he had. Niall, his big brother’s best friend, has been there for him that entire time. An arrogant and funny man, Niall couldn’t be any more different from the shy and occasionally stuttering Milo, which has never stopped Milo from crushing wildly on the man who saved him.
However, just as Milo makes the decision to move on from his hopeless crush, he and Niall are thrown into close contact, and for the first time ever Niall seems to be returning his interest. But it can never work. How can it when Milo always needs rescuing?
From the bestselling author of the Mixed Messages series comes a story about a man who needs to write his own happily ever after.
This is the second book in the Finding Home series, but it can be read as a standalone.
Content warning: There are descriptions of domestic abuse in this book.

Milo Teaser 1
Milo Teaser 2


“Bloody hell, is that a relation of my husband or a suspect in the Jack the Ripper case?”

I laugh and Cora startles slightly. I shush her and kiss the tiny fingers she holds up to my face. Moving next to him, I stare down at the picture. “He is a bit grim, isn’t he?”

“Grim? Caligula was grim. This is a new and previously undiscovered level of malevolence.” He cocks his head to one side. “Is it my imagination or do his eyes follow you when you move?”

I shake my head. “My remit isn’t to judge. Instead, I reveal what has been previously hidden.”

“While I’m sure that sounds romantic in your head, let’s be realistic. You’ve actually just wiped dirt off a grumpy old git’s face.”

I laugh. “I’m so glad my time at art college wasn’t wasted.”

He looks searchingly at me and opens his mouth but then closes it again. I stare at him. “Oh my God, what were you going to say? It must be bad if it’s made Oz Gallagher shut up.”

He laughs, and I look affectionately at him. I know he’s going to tell me the truth. Oz doesn’t ever shy away from that. He’s my best friend in the world and it comes as a shock to realise that I’ve only known him for a couple of years. He came here to Chi an Mor in all his wisecracking, sassy glory and proceeded to turn everyone’s lives upside down. Footloose and fancy-free, he only intended to stay for a few months and ease the old house into opening to the general public. The best-laid plans always go wrong – or right – and now he’s settled with his husband Silas, the current earl, and they have a beautiful seven-month-old daughter.

He clears his throat and looks at me, and I straighten from kissing Cora’s forehead. “What?”

“I just think that you’re actually a bit wasted here, Milo.”


“Because you’re so bloody talented. People from all over the country are starting to come here to consult with you, and rather than enjoying it you’re stuck in a small, cold room wearing ugly gloves and hunched over a hideous painting. It’s like something from a Dickens novel.”

He pauses for breath and I try to relax my instinctive defensive shield. I don’t need it with him.

He rubs my arm affectionately. “You’re so clever and talented and no one sees it here apart from us, and you need more than that. You should be living it up and going to exotic parties. Mixing with artists and the bohemian crowd.”

I swallow hard at the thought of the people that used to surround Thomas. “I don’t think I’m cut out for a bohemian crowd. They sound quite noisy and tiring,” I manage to say.

“Well, maybe look for a sub-branch. The whispering bohemians or something.”

Lily Morton Logo

Lily writes contemporary romance novels, and specialises in hot love stories with a good dose of humour.
Lily lives in sunny England with her husband and two children, all of whom claim that they haven’t had a proper conversation with her since she bought her first Kindle.
She has spent her life with her head full of daydreams and decided one day to just sit down and start writing about them. In the process she discovered that she actually loved writing, because how else could she get to spend her time with hot, funny men!
She loves chocolate and Baileys and the best of all creations – chocolate Baileys! Her lifetime’s ambition is to have a bath in peace without being shouted by one of her family.
vibrant promotions logo

Giveaway + Audio Release Blitz: Road of No Return: Hounds of Valhalla MC (Sex & Mayhem #1) by K.A. Merikan

Join authors K.A. Merikan and Signal Boost Promotions in the release blitz of Road of No Return in audio form, narrated by Wyatt Baker. Find out more about the series and enter in the giveaway to win your very own audiobook!

Length: 11hrs 30mins

Narrated by: Wyatt Baker

Cover Design: Natasha Snow


Don’t talk to strangers.

Zak: Tattoo artist. Independent. Doesn’t do relationships.

Stitch: Outlaw biker. Deep in the closet. Doesn’t share his property.

On the day of Stitch’s divorce, lust personified enters the biker bar he’s celebrating at. Tattooed all over, pierced, confident, and hot as hellfire, Zak is the bone Stitch has waited for life to throw him. All Stitch wants is a sniff, a taste, a lick. What follows instead is gluttony of the most carnal sort, and nothing will ever be the same. Forced to hide his new love affair from the whole world, Stitch juggles family, club life, and crime, but it’s only a matter of time until it becomes too hard.

Zak moves to Lake Valley in search of peace and quiet, but when he puts his hand into the jaws of a Hound of Valhalla, life gets all but simple. In order to be with Stitch, Zak’s biker wet dream, he has to crawl right back into the closet. As heated as the relationship is, the secrets, the hiding, the violence, jealousy, and conservative attitudes in the town rub Zak in all the wrong ways. When pretending he doesn't know what his man does becomes impossible, Zak needs to decide if life with an outlaw biker is really what he wants.

As club life and the love affair collide, all that’s left in Zak and Stitch’s life is mayhem.

Warning: Contains adult content - a gritty storyline, explicit language, violence, and torture

K. A. Merikan is the pen name for Kat and Agnes Merikan, a team of writers, who are taken for sisters with surprising regularity. Kat’s the mean sergeant and survival specialist of the duo, never hesitating to kick Agnes’s ass when she’s slacking off. Her memory works like an easy-access catalogue, which allows her to keep up with both book details and social media. Also works as the emergency GPS. Agnes is the Merikan nitpicker, usually found busy with formatting and research. Her attention tends to be scattered, and despite pushing thirty, she needs to apply makeup to buy alcohol. Self-proclaimed queen of the roads.

They love the weird and wonderful, stepping out of the box, and bending stereotypes both in life and books. When you pick up a Merikan book, there’s one thing you can be sure of – it will be full of surprises.





Miss Merikan

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Audiobook Review: Fish Out of Water (Fish Out of Water #1) by Amy Lane

PI Jackson Rivers grew up on the mean streets of Del Paso Heights—and he doesn’t trust cops, even though he was one. When the man he thinks of as his brother is accused of killing a police officer in an obviously doctored crime, Jackson will move heaven and earth to keep Kaden and his family safe.

Defense attorney Ellery Cramer grew up with the proverbial silver spoon in his mouth, but that hasn’t stopped him from crushing on street-smart, swaggering Jackson Rivers for the past six years. But when Jackson asks for his help defending Kaden Cameron, Ellery is out of his depth—and not just with guarded, prickly Jackson. Kaden wasn’t just framed, he was framed by crooked cops, and the conspiracy goes higher than Ellery dares reach—and deep into Jackson’s troubled past.

Both men are soon enmeshed in the mystery of who killed the cop in the minimart, and engaged in a race against time to clear Kaden’s name. But when the mystery is solved and the bullets stop flying, they’ll have to deal with their personal complications… and an attraction that’s spiraled out of control.

Listening Length: 9 hours and 20 minutes
Narrator: Greg Tremblay

Reviewer: Annika

You might know this about me (or not) but I’m not really a fan of Amy Lane's. She’s written a couple of good books, but for the most part I don’t really like them. They mostly end up on the okay scale and are books that I could really do without. But I picked this book up – I’m a sucker for mysteries and romantic suspense and just couldn’t resist. So colour me very surprised the first time I picked up Fish Out of Water and not only liked it but I loved it. Maybe even worshipped it a little. I was hooked from the first to last word and just couldn't put the book down. So here we are, some 2.5 years later and at least a couple of re-reads, or in this case listen later, and I’m as in love with this book now as I was the first time around.

Jackson Rivers lost all faith in the system eight years ago when he was almost killed by a crooked cop. Now he’s working as a PI for a law office, but he’s still haunted by past evens and trust don’t come easy – or at all. When his brother is (falsely) arrested for killing a cop, Jackson knows things are about to get hairy again and that they need all the help they can get if they want to clear Kaden’s name. Ellery Cramer believes in justice, believes in the system. So when he’s asked to take on a case to defend a man accused of killing a cop he’s reluctant. But he’s persuaded to takes a look, and then he takes a closer one and realises there were far more going on than the arresting officers want to him to know.

This book’s main focus is the mystery. The romance between Jackson and Ellery is secondary. It’s there but never the main focus of the book, nor does it end with a happily ever after, rather a start of sorts. And it’s fitting with the characters; Jackson is so jaded and mistrustful that anything more would have been unbelievable. They are so different, but they still fit in some weird way, they are right for each other. I love them together.

Greg Tremblay is an outstanding narrator! He hits every word, every note and flicker of emotion just right. It’s almost like magic. It’s always such a joy to listen to his performances. It’s effortless on the listener’s part as he has so many distinct voices for the different characters that it’s easy to follow along. You never have to wonder who’s speaking, you just know. All of this is the reason of why I never tire of his books, I can listen to him days on end.

The story is not over when the book ends, there’s no major cliffhanger, nor is it finished, and I couldn’t be happier about that, I haven’t gotten enough of these guys just yet. Fish Out of Water is definitely worth the read! And a re-read or two for that matter ;)

A copy of this book was generously provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.