Review: Brought to Light (Magic Emporium) by Eliot Grayson

A hitman and a fae walk into a café…

Callum always gets the job done—whether he likes it or not—but this job isn’t like any other. The target’s too young, too pretty, and too appealing for comfort, and the clients are offering more threats than cash. And either the target poisoned his hot chocolate or he’s going crazy, because now magic stores and wizard-looking dudes are appearing out of nowhere. It’s really not Callum’s day.

Linden’s on the run, and the human realm’s a good place to hide from evil sorcerers who think Linden’s the answer to a prophecy. But his enemy has found a way to send a very human and very dangerous assassin after him—a man who could kill Linden with one hand. Linden should be terrified, but his knees go weak for all the wrong reasons.

When Linden’s family is taken hostage, spending the night with Callum ought to be the last thing on his mind, but Linden can’t resist the chance to fulfill his deepest fantasies before sacrificing his own life. Callum knows he should walk away—it’s not his fight. But the beautiful fae is under his skin and now protecting Linden and his family feels more important than his own survival. A human learning to feel. A fae learning to trust. Can two worlds merge into one true love?

Brought to Light is part of the Magic Emporium Series. Each book stands alone, but each one features an appearance by Marden’s Magic Emporium, a shop that can appear anywhere, but only once and only when someone’s in dire need. This book contains explicit scenes, a magic flashlight, a prophecy that doesn’t quite work out the way anyone expects, and a guaranteed HEA.

Really, the blurb says it all for this next installment in the Magic Emporium series!

Callum is a focused assassin for hire. His job doesn’t allow for his emotions to get in the way, especially annoyance at being cajoled into buying a worthless trinket from a Dumbledore look alike while scouting a mark. However, when Callum and his handler are basically threatened to take out said mark who couldn’t possibly harm a fly, Callum’s gut instinct makes him hesitate, putting both himself and the man he’s supposed to kill in even more danger.

Linden is a fae, and he’s unsuccessfully hiding in the human world from an evil sorcerer bent on killing him. When circumstance forces him to return home, Linden doesn’t expect Callum to follow, and he wonders should he dare trust a man who does murder for hire. Regardless, these two are complete opposites, a fact that only fuels the irresistible pull between them more. Linden is all sunshine and warmth which apparently, can make a cold blooded killer melt. Duh.

This is my first foray from this author and the writing is good. Just know there’s gonna be a simple progression from lust and attraction to falling in love to defeating the bad guy to having a bit of no communication and running away only to come back so they can live happily ever after forever and ever. Overall, Grayson delivers a good amount of world building bridging the stark differences between Callum and Linden and also provides some nice explicit for those who need to know.

Easy breezy reading if you need some paranormal fluff in your life. Enjoy!

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