Review: Cry Wolf (Big Bad Wolf #5) by Charlie Adhara

Don’t miss this thrilling installment in Charlie Adhara’s suspenseful paranormal mystery series, Big Bad Wolf. 

Agent Cooper Dayton never thought anything could be harder than solving murders. Until he had to plan a wedding. 

After taking down an old adversary, Agent Cooper Dayton of the Bureau of Special Investigations has earned a break. Not that planning a wedding to his sexy shifter partner, Oliver Park, is necessarily stress free, but it’s better than worrying about the ominous warning, delivered months ago, that Cooper’s life is in danger. 

When he’s dragged to an event by his family, Cooper braces for an awkward evening, but instead finds himself in the middle of an ugly feud between Park’s ex and a rebel pack leader. What was supposed to be a quick outing turns into a full-blown murder investigation after the pack leader ends up dead, Park’s ex goes missing, and Cooper and Park are sent a series of disturbing wedding gifts that are somehow connected to it all. 

The list of potential suspects is long, and with the bodies piling up, Cooper must turn to the one person he trusts the least: the villain he’s already put behind bars once and who has nothing to lose by lying and everything to gain if Cooper is out of the picture—for good.

How quickly had the mere background hum of another person's life become such an essential fixture of the house that its absence felt like a robbery?

In the fifth installment of the Big Bad Wolf series Cooper and Park are in the throes of domestic bliss, something if you had told me was forthcoming at the beginning of this journey I would've said, oh... bless your heart. But they are and I think their soul deep happiness translated into my savoring Cry Wolf, not really my strong suit. The savoring was also due in part to thinking this was the end but I'm delighted to discover I think there is more to come from my favorite wolf and his porcupine. Or, at least, the door hasn't been entirely closed.

This installment was packed with the same intrigues and sticky situations that I've become accustomed to where Park and Cooper are concerned and have kept me guessing through the previous four installments. I was surprised by how much I felt for Eli and am hoping for maybe a spinoff involving him. He deserves some romantic shenanigans all his own. However, Cry Wolf didn't fall victim to the common pitfall of other series by focusing on secondary characters or becoming a watered down version of its former self; the mystery storyline was just as strong with Cooper and Park anchoring it. 

On the romance front, the swoon was brought. The witty repartee is on full display delivering more than one moment of levity amongst the death and chaos. There were countless moments that showed their connection which is what I thoroughly enjoyed about Cry Wolf and their chemistry, as we all know, could start a brush fire. 

"Whatever happens next, whoever we are or whoever they think we are, it doesn't matter. Because the way we love is already the stuff of legends."


I putting my vote in now for more hijinks from these two and if you're a fan of this series, Cry Wolf won't disappoint.


An ARC was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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