Guest Review: Stable Hand (The Braided Crop Ranch #1) by A.E. Lister

The Braided Crop Ranch is looking for stable hands. But this is no ordinary horse ranch. They cater to men with a certain interest. An interest involving harnesses, tails, and trainers.

Managed and expertly run by registered psychologist, Adam Marsland, the Ranch is a safe place for the expression of sex positive and kink positive needs and fantasies.

Jensen Moriarty is desperate for a job. He can handle horses. In fact, he’s a pro at it. Too bad the BCR doesn’t deal with real horses. But they do have “ponies”.

If Jensen can wrap his head around what the BCR actually stands for, he may have the opportunity to expand his resumé and experience something completely unexpected in the process.

~ A BDSM cowboy story about men who like to play pony, and the trainers who indulge them.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

When Jensen first arrives at the Braided Crop Ranch, his senses confuse him. No comforting smell of horse and manure. It’s all very quiet and clean. As he is meeting with the boss, his confusion deepens until a mixed up email, some careful wording in the telephone interview, and a photo album make it very, very clear that this is no ordinary horse ranch. Can Jensen do it? He needs the job, but why didn’t his friend (read: asshole) who told him about the job not be a bit more clear? Jensen answered that for himself right away; he wouldn’t have come.

But now he was here, sitting in the bosses office getting a hard-on for pictures of exquisite men in kinky pony gear. Could he do the necessary?

Fortunately for our story he decided to stay and give it a go. He’ll be staying in the bunkhouse with the other stable hands and the pony boys will his heart and his dick survive?

Jensen is a broadminded young man who may be a newb to the world of kinky ponies, but he is discovering his kinky side with every second he stays. On meeting two very different but both alluring men Jensen very quickly gets involved in sexy power play games and plenty of cuddling as he tries to find his way in the new environment. Jensen shows real promise as a stable hand, and perhaps one day a trainer at the BCR if he can overcome his worries and stick around.

His attachment to both men confuses and scares Jensen a little but his hard-won Happy For Now ending is well worth the angst.

This is a charming story of troubled men finding a safe space to have their needs met and the people who help them. I liked the flawed characters and the real genuine love and affections they grew for one another. The dynamic of a thruple was interesting and the kink was smoking hot.

I’m looking forward to finding the next books in the series.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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