Guest Review: Screwed (Four Bear Construction #4) by K.M. Neuhold

I've had my fair share of less than proud relationship moments, but waking up married to my brother-in-law's best friend is a new low.

A drunken wedding to a man who already rejected me once? Check. A hefty bet about how long it will last? Check. My feisty new husband, determined to make our friends pay up? Double check.

I've never managed to make a real relationship last nearly a year, there's no way Daniel will stick around long enough to win this bet. The only problem is the longer he stays, the more the lines blur between what's real and what's for show. Does he feel it too or am I totally screwed?

Reviewer: Shee Reader 

Ever since I read my first Four Bears Construction novel, I have been eagerly awaiting Ollie’s story. All Oil has ever wanted is his happily ever after and so far he has been looking in all the wrong places. Married more than one man in haste, and ended up regretting it soon after. Each time.

Enter Daniel, Ollie’s brother-in-law’s best friend and confirmed comittment-phobe who has never met a bet he wouldn’t give anything to win. This last characteristic is most especially true when the bet makes fun of sweet Ollie (again) who accepts the ribbing without question. Daniel will not stand by while Ollie gets ridiculed yet again and hence we have one of my favourites tropes - the fake marriage that fools everyone, including the lucky husbands!

Daniel’s life experiences have made him cynical and jaded. Can the love and care or sweet Ollie give Daniel the life he never knew he wanted? Yes! Of course the answer is yes!

I adored this book, the feisty and sexy men in it and the delightfully satisfying HEA. It was so good to catch up with the guys from the previous books and see how their own stories evolved. This book is a delight.

Highly recommended!

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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