Guest Review: Hardwood (Four Bears Construction #3) by KM Neuhold

I’ve spent forty-four years of my life telling the world I’m a carpet man. Is it too late to admit to myself and everyone else that deep down I’m really all about the Hardwood?

It took me over thirty-five years to admit to myself that I’m gay, another seven to find the courage to say it out loud to anyone else, and exactly thirty seconds to develop a massive crush on my daughter’s music teacher. It’s really not my fault, have you even seen those cute bowties he wears?

After everything it’s taken to get here, am I going to work up the nerve to come out to my ex-wife and my best friends? Am I ready to shake up my comfortable, simple life and take a chance on Watson? Or am I going to throw a wrench in my own chance for happily ever after?

***Hardwood is a steamy, seriously so much delicious tension, single-dad, gay awakening, low angst story, which happens to be the third in the Four Bears Construction Series. It CAN be read as a stand alone. There are NO shifters in this series, only the OTHER kind of bears.***

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Everett owns a construction company with three of his closest friends, They are all out and proud gay men living their best lives with smoochy HEA’s in the other books in the series, Ev, however is the straight one. Or is he?

This is such a lovely mature coming-out story that filled me with joy. I’ve loved the first two books and this one is even sweeter - if that’s even possible.

Ev is coming to terms with who he really is. He was married to a woman who remains one of his best friends, and is father to a spirited little spitfire who loves her music teacher. Everett develops a crush on said music teacher and that is the catalyst for him to come out to his ex-wife and perhaps even his buddies - although why he is worried about coming out to a host or gay men who love him is anyone's guess.

Watson is the charming and adorkable music teacher who notices his student’s hot dad knowing he is straight doesn’t stop the lusting either!

The relationship starts in secret while Ev gets up the courage to tell all, and I felt Watson was insanely patient with dithering Ev but it all works out in the end, The HEA is so perfect I got cavities just reading it.

There is one truly hilarious NSFW scene that fully had me choking on my coffee. I would love to elaborate, but spoilers, so safe to say, this is a funny one.

It was also a joy to catch up with the other men in the series. I’m just holding out for Ollie’s HEA now.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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