Review: Talos (Bloodlines of Fate #1) by A.G. Carothers

The Age of Man has passed, and a new age is upon the Earth. An age of magic and technology ruled by the supernatural beings that once hid amongst humanity has begun.

Talos - Vampyr King, Supernatural Council Member, and Despiser of Humans. Fate has a surprise up their sleeve for him.

Bayne - Raised by the human resistance, Would-be Assassin, and Despiser of Supernatural Beings. He's ready to sacrifice himself to kill his enemy.

Bayne is thrust into a world he thinks he knows but quickly discovers his whole life has been built on lies. Talos, perfectly happy ruling his corner of the world, is faced with an unexpected and unwelcome change that comes with the mate chosen by Fate. Together they must discover how to live and, in the end, love one another. But will Fate have more in store for them than just learning to love the species they hate?

Bloodlines of Fate is a new urban fantasy series set in a world destroyed by humans and resurrected by supernatural beings. Fate has many plans for the vampires, fae, unicorns, therianthropes, and humans of this new world. While their mates may be fated, love isn't that easy.

This book contains depictions of gladiatorial combat, snarky fem twinks who will cut you, kings in stilettos, and awkward heats with a pinch of daddy kink.

Talos is part one of a two part story arch. It does end in an HFN with a HEA tied into the second part. This is a type of omegaverse with mpreg

Ok, I may be exaggerating a bit but this new series was whack, and I mean that in the nicest way.

Briefly, this is a futuristic post apocalyptic world where humans aren’t really the good guys and the supernaturals have basically come to rule, having saved earth from said human greed and corruption. The leader is King Talos, a Vampyri (a born bred of vamp), who’s often the target of human rebellion factions. It’s just another day in paradise as Talos goes about his ostentatious life of a mostly benevolent, definitely indulgent, but always guarded routine, thinking he’ll easily handle another rote assassination attempt with nary a blip on his schedule. Imagine Talos’s surprise when the assassin turns out to be his mate and a human at that.

What you won’t get is an angsty push pull between Talos and Bayne. You also won’t get a drawn out thoughtful look at the evolution of said enemies to lovers. This is almost campy fun (if you like to toss in some brutality and depravity) where the author has taken the setting and the beings who inhabit it to the max. Regardless, I think mainly Carothers had a grand time creating this world and basically had the mentality of “anything goes” especially dabbling in the following (with varying intensity) which may or may not titillate...

-gratuitous gladiator gore
-public sex
-unicorn sex
-blood play
-urination play?? (beyond a simple golden shower)
-ménage (lovers of mate monogamy beware)
-daddy kink
-touches of bdsm
-heats and mpreg

Now while the story does focus on Talos and Bayne, it also focuses a lot on the dynamic between his brother and BFF (Odin and Majid are trying to complete their mate triad) as well as several other periphery characters who are sure to be featured in their own future books.

I’m on the fence whether I’ll continue, but I will say the sequel hints at the 3rd component of Odin and Majid’s triangle which is very enticing as I do love me a good gentle, or not so gentle, giant especially since it's going to be a bear. Honestly, I don’t think my staid self is the target audience but if you like violence and debauchery, fated mates, a new take on born vampires, along with a varied dabbling in all sorts sexual shenanigans, then this might be the tangent to take you away from the usual MM fare! Enjoy!!

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