Review: Cabin Fever by Roe Horvat

Michael Bourgeon is a talented artist, young and gorgeous, a stinking rich heir from a well-connected family. He’s the infamous libertine behind the most extravagant parties in Manhattan, and his exploits often lead to juicy tabloid stories. Enjoying his wealth and freedom to the fullest, Michael has the world at his feet.

Until someone tries to kill him. Repeatedly. After a security breach among his own staff, he has run out of options where to hide while the FBI hunts the killer.

A high-profile private security expert Vincent Nowak is supposed to provide the miracle solution. And while Michael struggles with nightmares and anxiety due to the looming threat, Vincent becomes not only the ultimately reliable protector, but a wonderful distraction, too…

A small cabin in the woods, a cocky brat with a soft heart, his gruff, controlling bodyguard, and weeks of tension in a confined space.

Based on the original short story "Yes, Daddy".

Sexy, dirty, a bit sweet, and some action. Exactly what I signed up for!

Michael is the spoiled rich kid with a streak of trouble and bad behaviour. He likes to push boundaries, and people’s buttons.

I’ll admit - I really didn’t like Michael as a person as first. But the brat grew on me eventually.

Vincent is stoic, silent, and dependable. He gets the job done. Perfect boyfriend material - or daddy material, in this case.

The complete opposites are thrown together when a contracted killer sets sights on Michael, and Vincent is brought in to be the bodyguard.

From the moment they meet, the men enter a battle of wills. But underneath it all, there’s a palpable want and tension.

With Michael and Vincent holed up in an isolated cabin, there’s nothing to do. Except for Michael to tease. And tease a bit more. And then some more.

Until Vincent’s resolve finally breaks.

Then it’s sex-galore. Page after page of filth.


I was very much so on board with it. The big issue - other than the contracted killer stalking them, of course - is Vincent’s inability to let someone in, and the resulting hot-and-cold routine.

But again and again, Vincent caves to his boy. And soon Michael has his Daddy wrapped around his finger.


Inevitably, the plot catches up and there’s a big action scene. The premise of it all was very flimsy. But I let it slide - the action plot definitely wasn’t the focus of the book.

If you’re looking for some good smut and a sweet Daddy/boy romance, give Cabin Fever a try!

A copy was provided in exchange for an honest review.

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