Giveaway + Blog Tour: When Death Frees The Devil (Death and the Devil, #3) by L.J. Hayward

Welcome author L.J. Hayward who is here today to promote the final installment in her wildly popular Death and the Devil series, When Death Frees the Devil. Find out more about her journey with Jack and Ethan below and leave a comment to be entered (with your contact info - email, etc.) in the giveaway for a $15 Amazon gift card! Good luck!

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Hello! I’m L.J. Hayward and I’ll be your author for this blog tour. Thank you for being here with me as I introduce the third, and last for this story arc, Death and the Devil book. Jack and Ethan have faced off against a rogue assassin, hidden enemies and each other. This time they’re going up against the shadowy, global organisation behind every danger to threaten them and their life together.

For a chance to win a US$15 Amazon gift card, please leave a comment (with a means to contact you i.e. email, Twitter, etc) and a winner will be randomly chosen at the end of the blog tour.

Thank you to Boy Meets Boy Reviews for hosting me today. The third Death and the Devil book, WHEN DEATH FREES THE DEVIL, is out in the world!! Hopefully you’re all reading it right now, but if you’re here reading this instead, that’s very cool too. 😉

It’s a sad thing to come to an end of a series, both for the writer and readers who love the characters. But it is a bit of a relief too, for me at least, because there are so many other things I want to do, including reading books I’ve had to set aside for reasons.

Just as Where Death Meets the Devil was released, the LGBTQ+ reading community exploded with intense love for Cordelia Kingsbridge’s Seven of Spades books. Everywhere I looked, there was so much praise for Kill Game I wanted desperately to read the book and join. However I was in the midst of editing my own book about a serial killer and I’m very wary of subconsciously appropriating elements from similar stories into my own. So I put Kill Game aside until Why the Devil Stalks Death was complete.

Needless to say, the moment I had a second free after releasing WTDSD, I was all over Kill Game like sprinkles on a cupcake! The best thing about waiting that long to read it was that the moment I finished book one, I could immediately buy the rest of the series without waiting. Best binge read ever!

Similarly, it wasn’t until I’d released Where Death Meets the Devil that I learned of another series with main characters named Jack and Ethan, Tal Bauer’s Executive Office. I immediately bought book one, Enemies of the State, with the full intention of reading it then and there. But I couldn’t.

My head was already filled with my own Jack and Ethan, who had a lot more to tell me about their lives and adventures together. Trying to fit in another Jack and Ethan felt very daunting. So I put the book aside until I’d finished the Death and the Devil series. Once When Death Frees the Devil was finalised and waiting patiently for release, I could open Tal’s book and start reading. Honestly, it still took me a moment to reconcile this Jack and Ethan with my immediate perceptions of the names. It’s like reading your own name in a book or hearing it in a TV show or movie.

Anyway, this new Jack and Ethan caught my attention and held it until I’d finished the book. And loved it. As late as I am coming to the party, I’m definitely on the Jack Spiers and Ethan Reichenbach train now!

My Jack Reardon and Ethan Blade have been living in my head for a very long time. Writing their stories has been amazingly fun and challenging and, let’s face it, they’ll always be just that bit special. However, finally finishing this particular arc of their lives is a bit of a relief. I love these characters, but it’s time I got some space from Jack and Ethan. I’m not saying they will never be back, because never say never, right? But I have other stories I want to tell as well, including Andrew and Brian, and Sean and Lucas, possibly a Noah and Foster, and perhaps a Seven and Isla (with appropriate cameos 😉).

I hope this HEA for my Jack and Ethan makes you happy and perhaps a bit excited for what’s coming next. You can find me and information about my books at


Ethan is finally free. He’s left the Cabal behind and embraced a civilian life with Jack, the man he loves. The only problem is that the Cabal isn’t willing to let him go. A call in the middle of the night and a threat to Jack’s family, and Ethan is back in the game. The only way out is to take on the organization that spent years warping his life.
Jack’s boyfriend has a way of vanishing on him, but this time Ethan’s disappearance is more frightening than ever. A trail of mysterious clues, a hit against his family, and the handprint of the Cabal on everything means the greatest test of love and determination Jack has ever endured.
Torn apart by forces greater than they are, Jack and Ethan must fight harrowing battles to get back to each other. The Cabal is the greatest foe either of them has had to face. Ethan is willing to throw away everything to bring an end to the Cabal’s evil. And Jack is willing to do the same to make sure Ethan comes out the other side alive.


L.J. Hayward has been telling stories for most of her life, a good deal of them of the tall variety. She loves reading but doesn’t seem to have enough time between wanting to be a more disciplined writer, being the actual erratic writer she is, and working for dollars in a dungeon laboratory. She also lives on the Gold Coast in Queensland, but rarely sees a beach and can’t surf, though she thinks living on a houseboat might be fun. At least then she’d have an excuse to get a cat.


  1. I need to check out this series. L.J. Hayward is a new to me author.


  2. Keep 'em coming! I'm sure whatever is next will draw me in.

  3. I absolutely love this series! I am at the 70% mark and determined to finish this one tonight. As much as I love reading about Ethan and Jack, I'm also very excited about all the new stories and characters you are going to write. :)

  4. I'm looking forward to reading this! slmlibraryone(at)yahoo(dot)com

  5. Giveaway closed! Thank you all for entering. <3
    Congrats, Natalija!!