Tag Team Review: 9 Willow Street by Nell Iris

Heartbroken after the death of his beloved Nana, Hannes, the family outsider, finally allows himself to grieve. The legal battle over Nana’s quirky old house -- the only place he’s ever felt accepted and loved -- is over, and he moves in and finds a sense of peace.

 ... And a rabbit.

An adorable bunny with a huge personality moves in, too, and refuses to leave. Hannes instantly falls in love with the sweet animal who helps heal his heart. But one morning, Hannes’ view of the world changes when the rabbit transforms into a man. A man named Mattis.

After the initial shock, Hannes and Mattis discover a connection between them that runs deeper than it seems. Will their newfound feelings survive unraveling secrets and meddling families, and grow into something real? Something deep and everlasting?


Tag Team Bunny Love with R *A Reader Obsessed* and Ann!

R *A Reader Obsessed* - 4 Hearts

Literally, the blurb says it all. Hannes is grieving his great grandmother, and when he finally moves into the house she left him, he slowly heals with the companionship of a wayward rabbit.

Though Hannes knows his little friend is very very special, he never imagines just how much.

Cue the most adorable rabbit antics ever that turn into equally adorable MC characteristics once Mattis shifts back into his human form. As Hannes gets over his shock, how he and Mattis overcome some obstacles was really satisfying.

Obviously, this was very sweet with a good dash of hurt comfort and made all the more interesting being my first rabbit shifter story. Beware frustrating family dynamics that’s negated by some nice smexy, plenty of cuddles, and two charming MC’s you’ll have no trouble rooting for.

This warmed my cold heart and was a delightful short story win!

Ann - 3.5 Hearts

This little gem of a story is literally stuffed full of fluffy love. So. Much. Fluff.

Poor Hannes is been put through the wringer by his honestly terrible family while he’s grieving the death of his great grandma. He and his Nana were extremely close, she was the only one who truly understood Hannes as he was growing up and her quirky house at 9 Willow Street is his sanctuary. He inherited the beloved home and was soooo relieved when the legalities were finally worked through after his family contested Nana's will. The house is his and his alone and his goal now is to get the home and gardens back to his Nana's standards and to get on with his life.

He gets a surprise visitor in the form of a friendly bunny floof as he’s getting settled and the two of them get into a comfy routine of snuggling and sprucing up the house. He doesn’t know where the bun came from, but Hannes knows that the little dude is something special right when he needs some unconditional cuddles.

It would be too easy for them to live this happy little existence for too long and pretty quickly Hannes is introduced to the world of shifters and his fuzzy little friend is also an adorable man named Mattis who coincidentally has a semi-shitty family too.

The two were a match in both personality and circumstance. They both needed support and were the kind of guys who are meant to have soulmates. The world of shifters and Hannes’ beloved Nana's history evolve in the story and all the *things* get explained in a way that makes sense for a shifter story in general and for Hannes and Mattis in particular. Their needs, strengths and weaknesses complement each other just right and Hannes and Mattis are truly soulmates.

I mentioned this story is chock full of fluff and it well and truly is. 9 Willow Street has a high sugar content and when you are in the mood for the sweetness, this story should be your go to.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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