Guest Review: Hearts of Blood (Chevalier #2) by Kay Doherty

Omega wolf shifter, Vance, and the rest of his small pack have finally found an Alpha willing to take them on and were still trying to regain their footing when the McBane Pack attacked them. When a vampire appears in front of him, Vance realizes he’s looking into the ice-blue eyes of his mate, and the fact that his mate is something other than wolf scares him.

Sakima knew the wolf shifter was his destined companion the moment he scented him at Elysium, but claiming the gorgeous young Omega wolf is a dangerous proposition. Vance and his unconventional pack have attracted the attention of the vampire coven. As the owner of Elysium, Sakima has been asked to use the club to gather information on the powerful interspecies pack and its Alpha.

Unfortunately for Vance and Sakima, the vampire coven and the continued attacks by the McBane Pack are only a portion of their problems. Amidst concerns over Alpha Tanner’s abilities growing with Sakima’s addition to the pack, a spurned ex targets Vance in an attempt to remove him from Sakima’s life, and Elysium becomes a hot bed for interspecies mingling where anyone could be an enemy.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Vance meets his fated mate and runs. The vampire is not happy as he scents the fear on his destined companion, but is happy to rise to the challenge. So begins a delicate dance between the two mates as they try to find their way. The odd little pack that has a variety of supernaturals in it, has threats coming at it from several quarters, but the turning point for Vance and Sakima is when Vance is attacked by vampires. The claiming bite the pair had been waiting to deliver is needed to save Vance.

The story is very busy with secondary characters and I really struggled to keep up with everyone and all their issues and connections, and I did at times feel that Vance and Sakima were not a big enough feature for me to really care about them, and rather they were rather overwhelmed by the supporting cast and the development of their relationship was consequently difficult to follow. At times, I had to go back and re-read parts to see if I could care about the main chapters a bit more, but sadly, this one wasn’t a great match for me. Perhaps I’m being unfair and to a reader that has read the preceding books and already felt connected to the characters in this book, it might have been a much more enjoyable read.

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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