Guest Review: Prescription for Love (Road to Blissville #7) by Aimee Nicole Walker

What should’ve been an ordinary emergency call turned out to be something extraordinary.

Wanting to distance himself from his toxic parents, Trent Love moved to the quaint town of Blissville to begin a new life. What he finds is blazing chemistry with a hunky fireman who breathes new life into him.

Fearing they’re too different, Tucker attempts to extinguish the spark between them before it can ignite. How could a simple man like him compete with Trent’s life of wealth and privilege? Knowing you shouldn’t want something doesn’t make it go away, and Tucker’s desire for Trent continues to smolder.

Unwilling to accept their relationship is dead on arrival, Trent puts his resuscitation skills to good use. All he wants is a chance to prove he values Tucker’s wealth of character over meaningless material things. What do you get when you mix fire and oxygen: a five-alarm fire or a prescription for love?

Trent’s commitment to freeing himself from poisonous ties kindles a chain of events that have devastating consequences for both men. Is a relationship forged in fire strong enough to overcome these obstacles or is their love doomed to be just another bitter pill to swallow?

Prescription for Love is a small-town, opposites-attract romance. It is the seventh book in the Road to Blissville series but reads like a standalone book. It contains sexually explicit material intended for adults 18 and older.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Trent and Tucker are perfect for each other, but Trent trying to impress Tuck on their first date, had the simple fireman running for the hills. Then Trent goes off to serve with Doctors Without Borders and that is that. Until he comes back and decides that he will do everything he can to get the happy ending he and Tucker deserve. Cue help from Tucker’s hilarious grandmother and the spark ignites. There are some lovely side characters and also some super villainous ones too, and adorable rescue cats. Once the guys get going, they are all kinds of sexy together, but the most adorable, heart warming smooches too.

This was a lovely book, and I really did enjoy it, but the beginning had me all kinds of confused. I felt like there was a chapter or two that I had accidentally skipped. There seemed to be plenty of missing bits until I got into it, and realised that there was only one or two previous meetings between our MC’s that get referenced, and it all became clear. So if you’re reading this book, keep at it! The ending is so adorable, I’ll be looking out the previous books in the series for sure.


I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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