Review: The 5th Gender (Tinkered Stars Mystery) by G.L. Carriger

A species that has no word for murder, has a murderer aboard their spaceship.


Tristol lives in exile. But he’s built a life for himself aboard a human space station. He’s even begun to understand the complex nuances of human courting rituals.

Detective Hastion is finally flirting back!


Except that Tristol’s beloved space station is unexpectedly contacted by the galoi – a xenophobic species with five genders, purple skin, and serious attitude. They need the help of a human detective because there’s a murderer aboard their spaceship. Murder is so rare, the galoi don’t even have a word for it.

Tristol knows this because he is galoi.


Which means that he and Detective Hastion are on the case… together.

Delicate Sensibilities?

Contains men who love other men in graphic detail, regardless of gender, biology, or skin color... and lots of emotively sexy tentacle hair.

What is it about an endearing lavender alien, whose guileless charm, flirty ways, and innate goodness oh so easily and seamlessly melted my cold prickly heart? Throw in said alien having fae features, excellent fashion sense, and fascinating “sentient” hair (crazy I know), and you’ve got quite the start to a new series!

Tristol is an outcast amongst his fellow galoi, and he lives his life on a bustling space station, as his very sunny disposition makes him the perfect diplomatic ambassador to bridge relations between humans and other aliens. Deep down, Tristol misses his home, but he knows his personal choices and preferences prevent his return and he’s made peace with that. All Tristol really wants is for a certain grumpy detective to notice him and make Tristol his. Said surly lawman is Drey, who keeps his distance from the vibrant alien, thinking such a wonderful person would never settle for boring old him.

When Tristol’s self isolating people contact the station for help, this unexpected never before encounter is probably a once in a lifetime event. For a race that doesn’t know what murder is, a dead galoi is a confounding mystery to all. They barter for detective Drey’s skills, and Tristol must accompany him to help solve the case.

Seriously. If you are a fan of Gala’s Claiming series, then this should be an absolute slam dunk. Finishing a 346 page book in two quick nights speaks volumes as to how much I enjoyed this as precious sleep was sacrificed.

This was smart and complex, contemplating human and alien nature as Carriger creates a fascinating species with their own complicated problems and foibles. Such contrasting dynamics always bring an interesting perspective in seeing ourselves from another point of view and to be more accepting and opening minded about others’ choices and beliefs. This in turn, also aptly contrasted Tristol and Drey, the former who can't contain his infectious joie de vivre and the latter, being the ultimate protective gentle giant beneath a gruff exterior. Be reassured that there was no shortage on the romance as this was super sweet, funny, poignant, and very nicely smexy, showing all the different ways the galoi can bring pleasure with their anatomical differences. *wink*

I recommend reading the glossary in the back first to avoid initial frustration and confusion but regardless, take a chance on this and enjoy!! I so look forward to what Carriger will further bring to this new world of hers. I just hope we don’t have to wait an interminable amount of time to get our next fix! Fingers and toes crossed!

A copy was provided by the publisher in exchange for an honest review.

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