Audiobook Review: Wanted - Bad Boyfriend (Island Classifieds #1) by T.A. Moore

His mother. His best friend. The barmaid at the local pub. Everyone is determined to find Nathan Moffatt a boyfriend. It’s the last thing Nathan wants. After spending every day making sure his clients experience nothing but romantic magic, the Granshire Hotel’s wedding organizer just wants to go home, binge-watch crime dramas, and eat pizza in his underwear.

Unfortunately, no one believes him, and he’s stuck with lectures about dying alone. Then inspiration strikes. He needs the people in his life to want him to stay single as much as he does. He needs a bad boyfriend.

There’s only one man for the job.

Flynn Delaney is used to people on the island of Ceremony thinking the worst of him. But he isn’t sure he wants the dubious honor of worst boyfriend on the entire island. On the other hand, if he plays along, he gets to hang out with the gorgeous Nathan and piss off the owners of the Granshire Hotel. It’s a win-win.

There’s only one problem—Flynn’s actually quite a good boyfriend, and now Nathan’s wondering if getting off the sofa occasionally is really the worst thing in the world.

Narrator: Michael Mola
Listening Length: 6 hours 34 minutes

Reviewer: Shee Reader

So, the story isn’t bad (although I did feel a little mis-sold as Flynn is a great boyfriend from the outset) and the characters are likeable enough, just.

This was my second only ever Did Not Finish for an audio book, and my main problem was the narrator. Now, don’t get me wrong, Michael Mola has a gorgeous voice and I’ve enjoyed other things by him, but it was just the accents. They were so offensive to my British ears that I couldn’t listen all the way through. I was speeding a lot of time shouting at the sound, or ripping my AirPods out of my ears just to make it stop. I did try the book out on an American friend who felt the British accents in the audiobook were fine, so maybe I’m just being over sensitive.

I did buy the ebook to finish the story and it was ok. There was a pretty nice HEA and Nathan does get over himself in the end which I was glad about.

It has to be said again though: British set books by British authors with British characters need better narration. Get a British voice actor, or someone who can really do the accents. Gosh, for a few quid, I’ll read it aloud for you!

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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