Tag Team Review: A Soldier's Wish (The Christmas Angel #5) by N.R. Walker

The year is 1969…

Gary Fairchild is proud to be a hippie college student, and he protests the Vietnam War because he believes in love and peace. To him, it isn’t just a counterculture movement—it’s a way of life. When tickets to the Aquarium Exposition—3 Days of Peace & Music, or Woodstock, as it was better known, go on sale, there’s no way he isn’t going.

Richard Ronsman is a sheltered farm boy who lives in the shadow of his overbearing father. He’s hidden his darkest secret to earn his father’s love, but nothing is ever good enough—not even volunteering for the Vietnam War. And with just a few days left before he’s deployed, a striking hippie invites him to join them at a music festival.

Three days of music, drugs, rain, mud, and love forged a bond between these two very different men that would shape the rest of their lives. They share dreams and fears, and when Richard is shipped off to war, they share letters and love. For Richard’s first Christmas home, he is gifted a special angel ornament that just might make a soldier’s wish come true.


R *A Reader Obsessed* - 3.5 Hearts

I’m a huge fan of NR Walker, but this wasn’t my favorite. Don’t fret though, this was still extremely well written and of course, very romantic and smexy!

Though I’ve become a bigger fan of historicals this year, apparently I’m fickle and the time period just didn’t capture me as much. Throw in the horrors of war, terribly awful bigoted parents, and the enjoyment factor for me was decreased.

Unlike Christmas Angel and Summerfield’s Angel, the magical whimsy of said angel has diminished steadily in this series, and I honestly miss the fantastical theme of it all. Don’t listen to me though, and please go read any of the glowing reviews out there singing this book’s praises because Walker really is a fantastic writer. I’m the odd man out here, defective in my lack of Christmas cheer for this story.

Chelsea - 4 Hearts

This was the most fluffy lovey-dovey story of the series so far, which is very appropriate being set in the era of sex, drugs and acoustic guitars.

This story is set within a few years during the Vietnam war and despite its heavy themes the love story is as sweet as dancing naked in the rain.

Gary and Richard meet 3 days before Richard is due to fly out to Vietnam, they're connection is instant and they both continue to write to each other while Richard is away. During these letters they fall in love and make promises of a future together when the war is over.

Richard is a broken man, before and after the war. He's lived his whole life in denial about his sexuality due to living with conservative homophobic parents, then the war comes and breaks him even more but despite all of this he is so positive. It might be his naive look on life or his hope for a better world, but he always shines when Gary is around and doesn't hesitate to look at the positive side in every situation.

Gary certainly helps with all this positivity, he is all hippie; happy, relaxed but strong and determined to stand by Richard through everything.

This story was definitely steamer than its predecessors in the series which was great to read. The angel was also completely irrelevant and felt like an afterthought, but that didn't really matter as the angel is hardly the reason I'm reading this series.

Super sweet story with a nice side of steam! Definitely recommend it!

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