Audiobook Review: Who We Truly Are (Enhanced World #2) by Victoria Sue

Talon’s deadly abilities are spiraling out of control. Desperate to keep Finn safe, Talon struggles to protect the man he loves with all his heart, and not become the greatest risk to Finn’s life.

Finn has no choice but to offer himself as bait for the evil forces kidnapping enhanced children, facing danger he is untrained and unprepared for, and he is having to do it alone.

Does Talon have one last fight in him? Will he slay everyone who wants to destroy Finn and the team, or will he finally discover that to defeat their enemy and the ultimate threat, the biggest battle he has to face is one with himself?

Listening Length: 7 hours and 45 minutes
Narrator: Nick J. Russo

I've returned for more Enhanced action and I'm still digging the series!

Who We Truly Are is a continuation that happens a few weeks after Five Minutes Longer ends. Talon and his human partner, Finn still struggle to find a balance between their work and personal lives.Plus, the Enhanced team is getting more press, a new director, and a new villain on the game board making their lives harder.

There are missing enhanced kids and the team uses Finn to go undercover to find out who is behind this.

Add that to this author's penchant for jam packing action and fresh subplots, the story never has a dull moment. The reader gets to learn about more kids and different powers, how the enhanced are continually treated like second class citizens. For an audio book, this is prime entertainment because it is so fast paced.

I think because I listened to book #2 directly after #1, I've grown used to Nick J. Russo's narration style. I liked that I was able to differentiate between the main characters. I'll admit, I would get some of the other enhanced team embers mixed up from time to time with the voices used.

I have a few niggles with Talon and Finn's relationship. (And I hope we get to see future spotlights of progression in future stories) They get together fairly quick in book #1, pretty serious in a matter of weeks. But while the book showed their sexual chemistry is strong, I didn't see much else to be on board with their relationship. I was looking for more growth in book #2... and in away there was some and there wasn't. It's weeks later and communication still seemed to be an issue. There's a larger arc at play, so I get why we don't skip ahead by much.

But I feel Talon and Finn would work their kinks out without never ending action and drama happening. And actually spending time together to know who they're fucking. Finn's undercover for a majority of the book, so there wasn't much change in their relationship.

I like Finn. I'm neutral about Talon because sometimes he needed to listen and ease up on the 'protectiveness'.

The story is a 4 for me because I really liked the main plot points overall. Great suspense, good romance, there's an actual plot that is interesting, good characters and the world building sucks you in. The narration is about the same because there wasn't much change in style, easy to follow along.

I'm very interested in book #3 because it's a new couple! And there are a few members on the team I'm very curious about.

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