Tag Team Review: The Magician's Angel (The Christmas Angel #3) by Jordan L. Hawk

Vaudeville stage magician Christopher Fiend lives for the spotlight. His chance at big time stardom awaits him in Chicago, the next stop on the circuit after the little town of Twelfth Junction.

Edward Smith wants nothing to do with his family's theater. Until Christopher catches his eye on opening night, then treats him to a very special performance during intermission.

When a dead body turns up in the middle of Christopher’s act, suspicion immediately falls on him. If Christopher and Edward can’t work together to clear his name, Christopher won’t make it to Chicago in time. Edward knows he shouldn’t get attached to a man who will be gone in two days, but his heart—and a very special angel—have other ideas.

The Christmas Angel series of holiday romances follow the travels of an angel ornament through the decades as she inspires (and sometimes nudges) lonely men to find their Happily Ever After. The Magician’s Angel is the third in series, which can be read in any order.


Chelsea - 4 Hearts

JL Hawk is a genius and I love her. Her characters are perfection and her writing is clean and precise and allows you to immerse yourself in her stories with ease. The Magician's Angel was no different. I loved reading about these two complex and charming men, they both had rich back stories, great personal development and a spark which sizzled between them.

The Angel was very very subtle in this story which worked well and the overarching mystery did keep my interest. However, this is not more than 4 stars for the reason of the mystery being the vast majority of the story. While I love a good murder, especially themed with Christmas, this murder was very un-christmassy, as was the book as a whole. If I am going to read a murder romance, the romance better not be overshadowed by the murder, which I felt it was here.

It really was a good fun and very enjoyable story despite those thoughts. A great addition to the series.

R *A Reader Obsessed* - 3 Hearts

Well… apparently this historical murder mystery just did not do it for me as much as the first two novellas in this charming series of loosely connected stories about a benevolent wooden angel who helps people find love.

However, if you like said historical plus murder mystery then I don’t think one will find much fault if any, and that is evident in the many glowing reviews already out there.

For me, things proceeded a bit too quickly without the whimsical magic from the decorative angel whose presence and “interference" were felt so strongly in the prior stories. Here, it’s almost an afterthought. It doesn’t help that it’s gonna take a lot of goodness and greatness for me to rally behind a period piece and a whodunnit - 2 lesser liked tropes on my part - and this fell a bit short on keeping my interest. Obviously, this is a personal preference and others have shown their appreciation of this 3rd installment!

Regardless, a great holiday vibe was brought to the table and of course, a wonderful happy ending!

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