Guest Review: Life Underwater By Matthew J. Metzger

Ashraf never thought he could fall in love. So when he falls hard and fast for marine biologist Jamie Singer, it’s a shock to the system—in more ways than one.

Even if he can wrap his head around what love is and how relationships work, Ashraf’s not sure this is viable. He’s hydrophobic. And Jamie’s entire world revolves around the sea. What’s the point of trying if so much of Jamie’s life is inaccessible to Ashraf?

But Ashraf has vastly underestimated the pull of loving Jamie. For the first time, he wants to face the water, rather than flee from it. He has underestimated the power of love in making people brave, stupid, or a little bit of both.

Maybe it’s time to take a leap—and sink or swim.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Oh my gosh, how much did I love this book?? I read it twice. That’s right, twice in three days. I freaking LOVED it.

What can I tell you without spoiling the story?

Well, it is beautifully written, is sharply observant, has delightful genuine dialogue and is sweet and lovely and wonderful.

Yeah, that's pretty much it.

Ashraf is asexual and aromantic, but he has fallen in love with a clever, fun and funny person who is so exuberant they leap off the page! Jamie is a marine Biologist studying for their PhD. Ashraf is a lecturer who is older, browner and more Muslim than Jamie, but love is real despite other people’s prejudices. Ashraf wants to confront his fear of water which stems from childhood trauma, since Jamie’s life is all about the sea. There are so many wonderful things I could say about this story, for example, Ashraf going home with Jamie for Christmas to their outrageous Scottish matriarchal family who are all hilarious. But the best thing I can say is, you should read this book, maybe even twice.

Highly recommended.

I received a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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