Tag Team Review: Christmas Angel (The Christmas Angel #1) by Eli Easton

When John Trent, a dedicated member of the new Bow Street Runners, finds an exquisite carved angel floating in the Thames, he can’t stop thinking about it. He tracks down its creator, a sad and quiet young sculptor. But neither the angel nor the sculptor is done with John just yet. The blasted angel refuses to leave him be, behaving not at all like an inanimate object should.

Alec Allston is resigned to the fact that his love will ever be a river that flows out and never flows in. All he wanted to do was create a special gift so that a small part of himself could be with his unattainable and noble beloved, always. But when the gift keeps showing back up at his shop in the hands of a windblown and rugged thief-taker, Alec will need to reconsider his conviction that love is destined to remain an aethereal ideal.

R *A Reader Obsessed* - 4 Hearts

A perfect start to this historical series loosely tied by a magical Christmas angel!

See how it all begins with the angel’s creation as Alec pours his heartfelt emotions, desire, and love into making the figurine as a token to a man he can never have. What Alec doesn’t expect is to be rejected, only to have the discarded angel brought back to him by ruggedly handsome “lawman” John, who’s instantly intrigued and taken with the artist.

What ensues is really quite the endearing courting, culminating in Alec and John spending the holiday together solidifying their new love, something they never thought themselves worthy or able to have - all thanks to a persistent angel who wouldn’t let them pass each other by.

Overall, just a feel good, smexy lite, emotional and touching holiday romance!

Chelsea - 4.5 Hearts

Ah Eli Easton…. there is something magical about her Christmas stories and in this case it came in the form of romance and a mischievous angel.

This is my favourite of the series so far and it's the first if you're reading it in order.

Unrequited love really rather sucks and Alec has got a bad case of it. Alec is a very sweet, naive and innocent character. He fell in love young, gives his whole heart away and believes almost everything that is said to him. So living with this unrequited love has taken its toll on him and he's doomed himself to a life of loneliness and misery, that is until big brawny and incredibly sweet Bow Street runner John comes into his shop and life.

John is such a cool character, built like a brick house, tough as nails but so gentle and so sweet to all those he loves and he falls for Alec's pixie face almost immediately? Of course that's helped along by a magical angel/homo love guide.

The angel was great in this one, once again obvious in her appearances but never stole the limelight away from Alec and John.

These two take their time courting and falling in love, like most Eli Easton stories, then like most Eli Easton's stories there's a surprisingly super sexy sex scene which leaves you sweating.

Loved it!

I'll reread this one again at another Christmas time.

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review

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