Guest Review: Mr. August (Calendar Men #8) by Bailey Bradford

Hector thought he’d escaped his past and had nothing to fear by posing for a charity calendar, but he was wrong.

Hector Torres is a self-made man. He came from the wrong side of the tracks and had a difficult childhood. Violence and crime flourished around him, but one particular event sent him running, and he’s been looking back over his shoulder for over a decade.

He thought he’d changed enough to take a chance and do something good, especially in light of his closest friend’s daughter being diagnosed with cancer.

But Hector is wrong, and the man suddenly appears in his life might be his saviour—or his executor.

Reviewer: Shee Reader

I have been an avid follower of this whole series, and this book is just as enjoyable as the others. It’s a quick read, has lovely varied characters, and despite being part of a strong series, each pairing in each book is unique. They have very different situations and different love stories, but each one is lovely in it’s own way. They do stand alone though, and as well as the common threat of the calendar, each book has its own shifters in!

Hector poses for the calendar and finds his old life catching up with him in the most alarming way. Mat is from Hector’s old life, and is settling a debt by getting involved with Hector’s life again. Mat is a Jaguar and it was great that he shows himself to Hector in his cat-skin.

Mat and Hector have combustible energy between them, but Hector struggles to get over the fact that Mat knows old Hector too. Can Hector ever learn to trust?

This is a smashing addition to the series. Recommended!

I was given a free copy of the book in exchange for an honest review.

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