Tag Team Review: Tight Quarters (Out of Uniform #6) by Annabeth Albert

Petty Officer Bacon, a navy SEAL and ace sharpshooter, has been on the front lines of more than his fair share of dangerous ops. Yet when a minor injury relegates him to the beta team, he’s tasked with what may be his riskiest assignment yet: the silver fox journalist he’s babysitting is the hottest, most charismatic man he’s ever encountered.

Award-winning journalist Spencer Bryant may have been named one of Pride magazine’s most eligible bachelors of the year, but he’s not looking to change his relationship status. He’s a consummate professional who won’t risk his ethics or impeccable reputation by getting involved with a source. Even a sexy-as-hell military man. But while Spencer can resist his physical attraction to Bacon, he has less control over his emotions—especially when the mission goes sideways and the two men are trapped alone.

Getting out of the jungle alive turns out to be easy compared to facing the truth about their feelings for one another back in the real world. And whether or not they can build a future is a different story altogether.

Adam - 4 Hearts

Bacon’s a dedicated SEAL. He doesn’t let anything get in the way of his job, and he’s highly loyal to his team. But he also has a secret that few people know - Bacon is pansexual. He doesn’t expect to come out to his team, unless he falls for a man.

I’ve wanted to read Bacon’s story for a while now. It didn’t take me long to develop a major crush on Bacon. He’s the total package - strong, driven, and he’s got heart in spades. Plus, the killer bod doesn’t hurt either.

Spencer Bryant is an award-winning journalist who’s shadowing Bacon’s team. Spencer’s married to his career and has a rigid sense of ethics. But from the moment he meets Bacon, Spencer can’t help but be drawn to the man.

The two men don’t get off to a great start. Bacon ends up on babysitting duty, keeping Spencer out of harm’s way. Bacon would rather be in the midst of the action, and Spencer doesn’t like being treated like a burden.

However, underneath the snark there’s an undeniable simmering tension. Spencer and Bacon manage to keep their hands to themselves, but it’s only a matter of time before they give in.

When the mission goes awry, Bacon finds himself turning to Spencer for comfort. The two men go at each other with no holds barred. This is one sexy read!

And it’s not just the physical chemistry that’s obvious to the two men. At some point during the mission, their rocky start turned to mutual respect.

Bacon finds himself opening up to Spencer about his past in a way he’s never done before, and Spencer begins thinking about a life that includes more than just his pen and laptop.

I loved seeing the two men let their guard down. It doesn’t take long for their weekends together to become the most important parts of their lives.

The big stumbling block on Spencer and Bacon’s road to a happy ever after is a book that Spencer wants to write about the military, which Bacon isn’t on board with. I’ve got mixed feelings about the whole thing, and neither man handled the situation that well.

But I was really happy with how everything was resolved, and that Bacon and Spencer get the perfect happy ever ending!

Overall, this was a really good addition to the Out of Uniforms series!

SheReadsALot - 4 Hearts

Tight Quarters is another solid addition to the Out of Uniform series.

This certainly can be read as a standalone, but it features couples (briefly) from Wheels Up and Squared Away.  Pansexual Petty Officer Bacon (Bacon's first name finally revealed inside) has been a solid side character. I was a little unsure how I'd feel about Bacon getting a starring role. But I shouldn't be surprised, this author gave him an interesting enough back story and a solid romance to boot.

Ginger haired Bacon is 28 years old and enjoys being a 'lifer'. Granted, everyone around seems to be coupled up. He hasn't even come out to his team other than a trusted friend. But he's satisfied...enough. He's dedicated to his SEAL career. And to his dismay, he's assigned to watch over a journalist embedded with his SEAL team. And it's the last thing he needs. Especially since he's a fan of the handsome silver haired out 43 year old author, Spencer Bryant. Bacon isn't sure Spencer will make any new fans with his team since there are a few homophobes on his team.

Spencer and Bacon do start off a little rough. Bacon just thinks the out and proud journalist is going to dig into everyone's business. It takes a mission for the two to form a bond and mutual understanding after sharing their pasts. The sexual chemistry was palpable.

Bacon and Spencer try to deny themselves, especially since Spencer would never start a personal relationship with a source. Once Spencer is off from being embedded with the SEAL team, the two start something that became bigger than they ever expected.

I like Spencer for Bacon a lot. He knew how to read his desires and was just about perfect as his match. The way how they dived into feelings...I'm mostly on board with it. The further I read along, the more favorable I became to the two being a couple.

The author added tidbits of daily life to help move the plot along. It was an easy read. There was a good amount of sex as well: big guy bottoming, rimming and dirty talk.

The two struggle with career choices as Spencer plans on writing book that focuses on the military. But as per usual with this author, the two figure it out with a satisfying HEA.

The last chapter was my favorite.

Sexy, sweet story with a some mission action and solid leads. It's not my favorite from the series but I'd recommend to readers who enjoy age gaps, sexual tension that goes somewhere and a couple that learns the importance of communication.

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