Review: Life Drawing (Chiaroscuro #3) by Suzanne Clay

After two intense encounters with her former student, Ainsley must admit to herself that she can see a future with Noma—but at what cost? Years spent protecting herself from heartbreak have left Ainsley terrified to take a chance on love. Everything—from their age gap to the judgment of others to a commitment to deeper intimacy—makes a relationship seem impossible.

When Noma asks Ainsley to go away with her to a secluded mountain cabin for Noma’s final weekend in town, there’s nowhere for Ainsley to run. And Noma is asking for harder scenes than either of them have ever explored before. Such intimate isolation with the only woman that she’s been drawn to in years, and with nothing but raw chemistry and honesty between them, could unlock the last of Ainsley’s crumbling defenses once and for all.

Ainsley and Noma’s relationship comes to a head in the third and final story of the Chiaroscuro series.

Noma and Ainsley go away for a weekend and things start to get a little bit serious.

I really love Noma. She is so open with her feelings and what she wants, and doesn’t shy away from heavy conversation.

Ainsley is a little more reserved, but she is opening up a bit more and while I find their dynamic a little confusing at times, I do think their chemistry is working. This has some nice heat and light kink.

Both women seem to really enjoy each other’s company, and while this is told only from Ainsley’s point of view, Noma is a strong character who has enough depth to know and understand.

This is a short story series, but gives a HFN and a hopeful future. If you enjoy small snippets with decent heat and great writing flow, I definitely recommend this. I would also recommend reading all three parts consecutively to enjoy the dynamic between these two more.

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