Audiobook Review: A Full Plate by Kim Fielding

Opposites come together for a spicy surprise.

Bradford “Tully” Tolliver has everything—money, a great car, a beautiful condo, and a promising career as one of Portland’s hottest young lawyers. Sure, he puts in long hours and has no social life to speak of, but who needs romance when corporations pay top dollar for his expertise? He hesitates when a colleague asks if her cousin can live with him, but the arrangement will last less than a year, and then the cousin—Sage Filling—will return to his tiny hometown.

But Sage is handsome and intriguing, and his cooking makes Tully swoon. Sage has obligations back home, though, and Tully has offers he might not refuse from a persistent—and very wealthy—ex. Since Tully and Sage each have a full plate, can they make room for a side of love?

As the Desires line goes, this was overall a win for me.

Just like the blurb says, Tully and Sage live together as a matter of convenience. Sage needs a rent free place to save money to help his family and Tully benefits by having delicious home cooked meals awaiting him on a daily basis. These two have vastly disparate lives with different goals and responsibilities, but despite the stark divide in their social status and upbringing, they slowly develop a friendship and eventually fall in love.

This has absolutely no flash and bang (and sadly no smex either). However, I was mostly ok with that. Perhaps to add in a little conflict there is an annoying ex which I suppose serves to drive the point home just how much Tully and Sage are meant to be despite what they perceive as insurmountable problems, that such roadblocks are simply inconsequential in the grand scheme of things.

Narrated by Kenneth Obi, he continues to deliver a solid performance and I have no complaints. This was obviously a sedate romance which I’m finding I prefer to the crazy silly ott ones at the moment. Each definitely has their place depending on one’s reading mood and preferences. Apparently, this fit my romance requirement at the right time!

Thanks to the author/publisher for the audio in exchange for an honest review

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