Review: The Claiming (Bound Gods #6) & Purgatory (Bound Gods #7) by Adrienne Wilder

The Claiming: Book Six in the Bound Gods Series. This is NOT a stand alone book.

What begins as a day of celebration, the Claiming of two Doxies to a single god, transforms into a spiraling path of cataclysmic change.

Hearts will break.

Friendships will shatter.

And betrayal to those closest to the heart of the Association are only a small price to pay for the protection of the gods’ most precious possessions…


Note: This book ends on a cliffhanger to book Seven.

This one is difficult to rate simply because it's unfinished. That cliff is real, y'all. 

Also because this series is edging away from what drew me to it in the first place which was the hardcore BDSM elements, proud, card-carrying member of #TeamPain that I am.

The Claiming scene with Kaleb, Aaron and Leo was probably the highlight of the book for me. Exhibitionism, forced orgasms, public sex that inspired an orgy amongst the other gods and doxies in attendance. Good stuff.

Then it all went to shit.

Many tears were shed. They were on the cusp of getting everything they wanted and instead wound up heartbroken and betrayed.

It is still bad wrong but the bestiality theme seems to be the new flavor of bad wrong, superseding the kink. There is some kink including electric play, orgasm denial/chastity and some impact play just not as much PAIN as I would've liked. As much as I enjoy PAIN I'm not a huge fan of painful sex; the term monster cock isn't a exaggeration, folks.

However, I wasn't as repulsed by the bestiality in this one as I was in Crocuta, Crocuta, owing mostly to the sheer level of alpha possessiveness both The Chimera and Taurus showed for their doxies. I'm kind of a sucker for the possessive ones.

The other thing that I struggled with was all the threads and head hopping. I'm positive this whole thing is going to culminate in some epic event and I have my popcorn ready. But I always have trouble rating what I call "the set up book", so here's me chickening out and reading Purgatory before I rate them. Because really, they cannot be read apart.

Here's hoping I don't chicken out and have to read God of Monsters before rating the trilogy...

This is a part of an ongoing series and not a stand-alone book. Reading these books out of order isn’t advised.

**** Purgatory is where gods go to die, imprisoned for their violent crimes, sentenced to never see the light of day again. Trapped within the stone catacombs are impossible, dangerous, barely human gods.

Gods of legend.

And with the potent ambrosia Aaron produces, those gods might soon walk free. If they do, blood will rain and hell will be unleashed.

***** Trigger Warning: This product contains nuts. Oh, and it’s the second-half of a three part installment and ends on a ditchhanger. Or maybe even a gullyhanger. But definitely nothing nerve wrenching enough to qualify as a cliffhanger.


Welp, we've officially entered Monster-Pornsville. I'm not wild about the trajectory this series is taking and not to get too spoilery but there are threads that don't add up for me.

What I do like is the subtext of this series that quite frankly, early on I was oblivous to because of the kink fog I was in, but now that I'm more coherent I see the message of looking below the surface, not judging people solely on their exterior. It's a good message; one to appreciate. Aaron was disfigured by the god son, Taurus is half bull, Cerberus is half hyena and all of them have tender hearts and an enormous capacity to love.

Taurus is also quite possessive and protective of his doxie as is Malum and I do heart me a possessive MC. I like both of them and I still like the dynamic that pervades the doxies' interactions with one another and how tactile and affectionate they are with one another. They really do remind me of puppies. Puppies who are horny ALL THE TIME, but still.

The endgame continues to intrigue me but here's the thing, I'm not as invested in this narrative as I once was. This storyline came across as fractured with multiple perspectives some of whom I do not care about nor to I like. I'm looking at you, Sonny.

The backstory of these new characters is not well developed nor is their characterization. Plus there are so many new people! There's only so far porn can carry a narrative for me, especially when the porn has taken a hard left into Monster-Pornsville. There is still kink: cropping, fisting, spanking, orgasm denial/chastity, some bondage and none of these people have any qualms about orgying that I do thoroughly enjoy. I just don't really care about those who are engaging in it.

Lastly, I understand how titillating and erotic excessive amounts of cum are to some but...


Bottom line, I was primarily drawn to this series because of Kaleb and Leo. I went back and read my reviews of the first three books all of which are mostly squeeing and inarticulate nonsense a.k.a. the kink fog. Those books were also bad wrong, but they were filled with a palpable connection between them, relationship development and oodles of PAIN! #TeamPain4evs

I'm going with 3 Hearts for both of these mostly because I'm interested in what Alton and the Chimera's objectives are and that's holding my interest at least through book 8.

Review copies were provided.

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