Audiobook Review: A Wild Ride (The Bullriders #1) by Andrew Grey

Dante Rivers just lost the rodeo by two one hundredths of a point: he’s frustrated as hell, needs to get laid, and he knows just where to go. That night he meets Ryan Abbott and catches his eye—Ryan watched the rodeo and is still riding high on the rush. The chemistry between them ignites, but Dante, unable to deal with complications, leaves while Ryan’s asleep.

Ryan figures he’ll never see Dante again, but they’re fatefully reunited when Dante’s grandfather, Hy, hires Ryan to help straighten out some old investments. The attraction between Ryan and Dante still sizzles. Sex slowly turns to more, but obstacles abound: Hy’s failing health, Dante’s homophobic sponsor, an attack on Ryan, and Dante’s own struggle with his identity. Any one thing would be enough to separate them permanently… unless they both decide to hang on for the wild ride.

Listening Time: 6 hrs, 55 min
Narrator: John Solo

Reviewer: Shee Reviewer

Dante Rivers just lost the rodeo by 2 100ths of a point and he’s furious. He goes to the nearest bar where he can find a guy and get laid. He meets Ryan Abbotts and they catch each other’s eye. There is pool, flirting and eventually a trip to the hotel. Ryan gives Dante just what he needs, but the bull rider can’t cope with the way Ryan makes him feel so leaves in the middle of the night.

They cross each other’s paths when Dante’s grandfather wants a consultation with financial genius Ryan. When they see each other, the air sizzles, but will either man give in? Of course they will!

This is a complex journey for the men from hook up with a stranger to happily ever after including bull riding, homophobic attacks, sponsorship problems, sassy friends, untruths and misconceptions. It is a full experience and I really enjoyed getting to know Dante and Ryan. I adored Dante’s grandfather, who stood for no nonsense! The bull riding was not something I am that familiar with, but Andrew Grey’s telling makes me want to attend my first rodeo asap!

The relationship develops despite either man being that good with expressing their feelings, and I loved their halting attempts at communication. They are both such likeable characters, that all the obstacles had me rooting for the path of true love.

John Solo’s narration is awesome. He brought each character to life with such energy, I was transported right into the story. it was such an enjoyable listen, and the HEA is the full satisfying treatment I expect, and always get from Andrew Grey.


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