Audiobook Review: The Hockey Player's Heart (Hockey Hearts #1) by Jeff Adams and Will Knauss

When hockey star Caleb Carter returns to his hometown to recover from an injury, the only thing he’s interested in is a little R & R. He never expects to run into his onetime crush at a grade school fund-raiser . Seeing Aaron Price hits him hard, like being checked into the boards. The attraction is still there, even after all these years, and Caleb decides to make a play for the schoolteacher. You miss 100 percent of the shots you never take, right?

Aaron has been burned by love before and can’t imagine what a celebrity like Caleb could possibly see in a guy like him. Their differences are just too great. But as Aaron spends more time with Caleb, he begins to wonder if he might have what it takes to win the hockey player’s heart.

Listening Length: 4 hours 56 minutes
Narrator: Finn Sterling

This right here?? This was pretty darn close to contemporary no fuss no muss perfection!

Caleb is a pro hockey player who broke his foot and is home for a few weeks to recover, as well as to visit friends and family that he’s had little time to do so because of his crazy super star life. When Caleb reconnects with his teen crush Aaron (bff to his older sister), it’s like his feelings never diminished. As Caleb and Aaron get to know each other again, their slow burn and charming sweet interactions simply made me smile. Overall, these men were, and acted, like the adults they are. They took their time reforming their friendship, capitalizing on their great chemistry and similar interests, and in their maturity, they appreciated what the other could offer as a potential partner and communicated such with overall ease. And how!

So, I obviously freaking loved that these two did not play any games, that though this is of the DSP Dreamspun line, there was no over the top melodrama, no big misunderstanding. Minus just one instance, this went down like the best brownie sundae ever! What made this even better was the fact that Caleb is an out and proud and well beloved hockey player. He even has a teammate who is also gay, and I suspect will be the star in the next book of this series!

I listened to this lovely story despite the fact that I don’t have the greatest track record with narrator Finn Sterling. I sampled before forging ahead, and though he is still far from my favorite, the many strong points definitely shined through regardless.

I’m also quite biased in having a soft spot for these two married authors, as they cohost a lovely podcast that features many an mm author and related events. This was definitely a win despite the little angst involving Aaron’s past relationship baggage making him afraid to take a chance at love. Both these characters were very likeable guys, and I fell hard for Caleb - Aaron never had a chance at resisting for very long! So high five for a great contemporary romance with equally some great sexy and nary a complaint! I look forward to this duo’s next endeavor!!

Thank you to the authors/publisher for the audio in exchange for an honest review

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