Tag Team Review: A Wish Upon the Stars (Tales From Verania #4) by T.J. Klune

Nearly a year ago, blinded by grief and betrayal, Sam of Wilds made a desperate decision to follow the Great White into the Dark Woods. Now, he emerges to a world changed.

The City of Lockes is a prison. The King has been locked away in the dungeons. The Kingdom of Verania has fallen, and the Dark wizard Myrin sits on the throne.

But soon after his return, Sam learns of a resistance fighting in his name led by a courageous knight, a defiant prince, a pissed-off unicorn, and a half-giant who wants to smash everything in sight. If he has any hope of defeating the villains who have taken their home, Sam must face the consequences of his choices—and the friends he left behind.

Chelsea - 5 Hearts

Beautiful! Just beautiful! The message this story provides is one of sacrifice, love, friendship, equality and diversity all mixed up in sassy unicorns, perverted dragons, bushy eyebrows and adorable half-giants.

This novel is surprisingly more heart warming and uplifting than its predecessors, despite the rise of Myrin, there's just so much hope!

There's really not much I can say about this book that you wouldn't expect if you've been reading this series. It's funny as hell, sweet as molasses and Gods sexy!

TJ Klune is a genius and I wholeheartedly recommend this series to anyone who likes ridiculous humor and strong feelings.

Ann - 5 Hearts

Stone crumbles.

Soooo ominous. That short phrase has scared me since it was first uttered.

But nothing is clear cut in the Tales of Verania. Nothing is simple and one dimensional and my sweet jeebus, this series and it’s themes. Just when you think you have it all figured out you are wrong and it’s such a wonderful ride.

A Wish Upon the Stars was the perfect finale for the Verania series in that it truly brought the overall story full circle. Not only are all the questions answered, even some I didn’t even know that I had, but most importantly, the whole crew is back together and it made my heart happy to read every word of the snarky, bitchy love.

The beginning had shades of The Lightning Struck Heart with Sam, Gary and Tiggy being reunited. And while I loved and 5 starred Destiny and Consumption, the beauty that is the banter in the Sam/Gary/Tiggy Friendship is magic in and of itself. Prince Justin has always been working his way towards becoming integral to Sam, even though is was begrudgingly so, he is part of Sam’s future after all. I always felt him more peripherally until now. But he really came into his own in Wish. And then I read the Author’s Notes and I just about died from the happy that was promised there. I’ve always swooned over all that is Knight Delicious Face, but damn if Justin didn’t make me appreciate his princely ways.

Sam has A LOT to process when he returns from his Questiny. I feel disrespectful referring to it as his Destiny. He hates that word so, so I’ve been referring to it in my head as a Questiny instead. Anywaaaayyyy, he has so many emotions and relationships to reconcile. Time did not stand still while he was in the dark woods and the extremity of the situation the Darks have put the people of Verania through has almost made time accelerate as they didn’t have the luxury of holding grudges and superfluous emotions. Reading about Sam coming to terms with all the change was really fascinating and shaped the rest of Sam’s future.

I can’t even begin to cover everything I felt reading through Wish, I could go on and on about every relationship and every story line, but there is no way I could do it justice. There are so many epic moments and so many passages I reread, it’s just one of those books, the kind that take over your life while you read it and you hand over all your time and your feels happily. This book will own you, it owned me.

Just when things seemed to wrap up and I thought it was all just a little too clean, shit got really real and the story went there. It went exactly where I didn’t want Sam to go, but it had to, the foreshadowing of the Dark was just too much to ignore and anything else would have been too cheap. Which, considering what Ryan went through is a ridiculous thing to say, but in order for the Cornerstone to be as vital as the Wizard the end had to happen and while HaveHeart has always been a reality, this took it beyond romance and into Destiny.

Capitalized because it’s true.

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