Audiobook Review: Tender Mercies (Men of Lancaster County #2) by Eli Easton

Eddie Graber's dream of a sanctuary for rescued farm animals was about to come true when his partner backed out at the last minute. Now Eddie risks losing the 25-acre property in Lancaster County - and all the hopes he held for it - before the project even gets off the ground. He needs help, he needs money, but most importantly, he needs to rediscover the belief in a higher purpose that brought him here in the first place.

Samuel Miller worked hard to fit into his Amish community despite his clubfoot. But when his father learns Samuel is gay, he is whipped and shunned. With just a few hundred dollars to his name, Samuel responds to an ad for a farmhand and finds himself employed by a city guy who has strange ideas about animals, no clue how to run his small farm, and a gentle heart.

Samuel isn't the only lost soul to serendipitously find his way to Meadow Lake Farm. There's Fred and Ginger, two cows who'd been living in a garage, a gang of sheep, and a little black pig named Benny who might be the key to life, love, money - and even a happily ever after for two castoffs.

Listening Length: 8 hours and 28 minutes
Narrator: Will Tulin

I enjoyed the audiobook narration by Will Tulin. This is the first time I’m listening to his work, and I’d definitely do so again without any worries.

The way readers are introduced to Samuel broke my heart. The abuse by his father made my blood boil. But even sadder was how Samuel knew nothing could be done to change his family’s minds.

But despite those awful circumstances, Samuel has an inner core of strength and resiliency. He doesn’t let his family’s rejection, or his club foot, keep him down for long.

I was rooting for Samuel from the first page!

Eddie has his own struggles with the farm. But he’s determined to make his sanctuary work, even if it costs him both financially and personally.

The two men are brought together in less-than-perfect circumstances, but it’s clear from the beginning that they’re a strong match for each other.

The romance in ‘Tender Mercies’ is a slow-burn. While Eddie and Samuel are attracted to each other from the beginning, it takes a while for them to do anything about it.

Instead, they gradually become friends. Over shared meals and farmwork, the two get to know each other. And eventually, they start leaning on one another for comfort and support.

But underneath that friendship, there’s a lingering sexual tension. When Samuel and Eddie finally give in, it’s a natural extension of the emotional relationship they’ve already built.

I thought it was really sweet how the two filled a whole in each other’s life. For Samuel, Eddie becomes the home he was so desperately looking for. And for Eddie, Samuel becomes his driving force when he thinks about giving up.


Most of the conflict in this book is driven by the struggle to keep the farm sanctuary running. I could have done with less of it, because it overshadowed the romance and unnecessarily slowed the book down.

Even so, I enjoyed ‘Tender Mercies,’ and I was glad to see Samuel and Eddie get their HEA. If you’re looking for a slow read with a sweet and gradual romance, I’d give this book a try!

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