Review: Home is Where You Are (States of Love) by Emjay Haze

For a chance at a future filled with love, he’ll have to face a painful past.

Eric, recently dumped by his boyfriend, is summoned home after his dad suffers a stroke. His family farm in rural Vermont holds memories he’d rather forget, but he—with his degree in agricultural business—is needed to clear up a predicament with the bank. In trying to forget the bad, Eric has also lost sight of the good: green meadows dotted with grass-fed dairy cows and the sugar maples that once produced the area’s finest maple syrup. With Eric’s help, they will again.

A captivating farmhand named Phil tempts Eric to give the countryside another chance, but before they can consider being together, Eric must move past more than his feelings for his ex-boyfriend—he’ll need to stand up to the ghosts that sent him running from the farm in the first place….

I would say overall that this was a very easy read with a touch of hurt comfort, a nice dash of sexy, and a gentle giant for those who love such.

As per the blurb, Eric has been avoiding home for years in an effort to not think or relive some painful and traumatic incidents. Instead of moving on like he'd thought, he’s let it prevent him from returning to a place that he once loved quite dearly. However, when his dad falls ill and his help is needed on their maple/dairy farm, Eric returns to help out the family business. Little does he know that his absence has been acutely felt and is surprised to realize just how much he’s missed his childhood home.

What Eric finds is the farm a little outdated and in need of an overhaul to make things more profitable. He also finds old classmate Phil, whom he never took too much notice of and who’s pretty much managing the entire operation in his absence. What Eric doesn’t know is that Phil has long taken notice of him and has crushed on Eric from afar for years, and Phil knows Eric’s return is just what Eric and the farm needs.

As with most novellas, sometimes things just don't go as smoothly or progress as organically as one would want or expect. This is not overly a big deal because this was easy reading, but I noticed it a bit and there were some small personal niggles like irksome nickname use, grammar typo issues, and slightly off realistic situations. However, despite Eric's initial hesitance and very stubborn resistance, Phil is definitely the standout star here. Hard working, genuine, kind, and caring, this big guy only hopes Eric will decide to take a chance on him and the farm that needs him so desperately.

Again, this was a nice read about rediscovering ones roots, healing from past hurts, and loving the life you were meant to have. Bonus points for falling for the guy that was always in front of you and never left.

Thanks to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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