Guest Review: Beyond the Tunnel (The Wizard Shifter #1) by Daniel Mitton

Adam Stephens is a man with a mission. It has been three years since they chopped that malignant brain tumor out of his head, and he is off on a solo motorcycle camping trip through the Appalachian Mountains.

When he rides into the Pine Mountain Tunnel in North Carolina and rides out into another realm—a realm that comes complete with a big sexy grizzly bear shifter, mages, and an evil sorcerer—he isn’t sure he isn’t lying in the tunnel after crashing his bike. Can such a world exist? Or is he dreaming? If he is dreaming…it sure is realistic.

Along the way, there will be some major hurdles to surpass including no indoor plumbing…and no coffee. A man needs some basic luxuries, correct?

Reviewer: NeRdyWYRM

I Want One!

I want a tunnel just like this one. Yep. Gimme. Portal to a magical world? Sign me up. Meet my life mate in the first five minutes. Where's the dotted line? Discover I now have magical powers and I'm Billy Bad-Ass, savior of shifters in another dimension. Hand me the knife, I'll sign in blood.

There's a May/December theme here ... sort of. There's a hell of a twist there, too. But it leaves us with a mature-thinking MC, which is a bonus in this situation. There's disability, too, in a way. I'm vacillating, I know, but you'll see what I mean when you read it. There's shifters and evil wizards, and good wizards and people who just wanna live a normal life fighting the good fight, underdog style.

eat my shorts

There's no indoor plumbing and then there is. There's a one-way ticket to another world and then there's a way out but maybe no way back in. There's soulmates and mysteries, murder and mayhem, genocide and death.

There's also love, friendship, camaraderie, second chances, first chances, new leases on life, and bright sunshiny places in which to live them.

Gimme. Gimme. Gimme more. If you like paranormals with a twist, if you like feel-good stories that talk a walk on the dark side, if you like it when the good guys win one even if they have to lose a few first, this is the story for you.

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