Review: Trick or Treat by Sydney Blackburn

Drew hates labels, but loves Halloween and he wants a trick-or-treat of his own. At his mother’s​ to deliver emergency candy, she has him get the door in his gender-bending costume. The handsome man with the little trick-or-treater would be Drew’s perfect treat.

David’s attraction to Drew is no trick. He wants the whole Drew, in all his unlabeled glory, making Drew think this could be a treat that lasts long past the holiday.

Well, this was a delightful treat! I’ve been gorging on the Christmas stories since before Halloween and it really is time to come out of my gingerbread house and read something different. And since I’m not ready to give up holidays all together yet, heading back to Halloween seemed like the perfect plan and I was so right!

This story of Drew and his hookup with promise is utterly adorable. Drew labels himself as a genderfluid pansexual man, but he also labels himself just because he kind of feels like he has to. Being a model, a lot of his relationships/hookups see him as an embodiment of a label, but none have taken the time just to know Drew. And oh, how sad is that? He’s funny, he’s fabulous and he loves and appreciates his mother. What’s not to love there?

He’s put together an amazing costume for Halloween and he has an all too brief meeting with a man he has an instant connection too. Drew is helping his mom with a candy crisis and answers the door to David (hot and hunky connection guy) and his nephew trick or treating. Drew drops a hint as to where he’ll be later and HEY, guess who shows up at the club?

This is a short story, so I didn’t get a whole lot of David, but the author did a really great job of showing me who he was through Drew’s eyes and I was as smitten as Drew was in no time. I loved how David made Drew feel, how Drew felt important and cherished even if they just met. This is one of those stories that gives you the most optimistic of HFN’s and I would love an expanded version of Drew and David’s story. There’s a lot to work with just on the setup here alone and the characters are ones I would love to get to know better.

**a copy of this story was provided for an honest review**

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