Audiobook Review: Pent Up by Damon Suede

PENT UP: Mix business with pleasure and take cover.

Ruben Oso moves to Manhattan to start his life over as a low-rent bodyguard and stumbles into a gig in a swanky Park Avenue penthouse. What begins as executive protection turns personal working for a debonair zillionaire who makes Ruben question everything about himself.

Watching over financial hotshot Andy Bauer puts Ruben in an impossible position. He knows zero about shady trading and his cocky boss lives barricaded in a glass tower with wall-to-wall secrets and hot-and-cold-running paranoia. Can the danger be real? Is Andy for real?

What’s a bullet catcher to do? Ruben knows his emotions are out of control even as he races to untangle a high-priced conspiracy and his crazy feelings before somebody gets dead. If his suspicions are right, Andy will pay a price neither can afford, and Ruben may discover there’s no way to guard a heart.

Length: 12 hours 46 minutes
Narrator: Christopher Kipiniak

Reviewer: Shee Reader

Ruben is a recovering alcoholic divorcee with a target for a face. Damon Suede really knows how to craft a character that is full of flaws, but eventually lovable nonetheless. Andy is also a charmer. A dodgy dealing financial whiz with enemies in every shadow. His cocky fine-boned face draws Ruben from the outset.

The story is written from Ruben’s POV and I found him hard to like at the start, but he did grow on me. Andy wasn’t that likable at first either, but he redeemed himself in the end, mainly by how he treated Ruben. There is so much conflict and angst in this book, but it was still a fun listen. At times the story felt to be moving far too slowly, but the HEA was worth the wait!

There were some great supporting characters in Pink (Ruben’s sponsor in Florida) and Charles (Ruben’s brother who gives him a job and couch to sleep on in NYC) among the horribly unlikeable ones.

Christopher Kipiniak was a new-to-me narrator and I found his style agreeable, but more inflection to distinguish Ruben’s almost constant inner monologue and his audibly spoken words would have helped me follow the story much more easily.

In all, not one for the low-angst fluff moments, but enjoyable.

I was given a copy of the audiobook free in exchange for an honest review.

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