Guest Review: Camp Lake Omega by Penelope Peters

Jim Smith isn’t your average omega.

My first alpha died after we’d been bonded for a week – since then, I’ve been living a quiet life sequestered in my parents’ house. Now I’ve got one last summer of freedom working as a camp counselor at Camp Lake Omega before they force me to settle down and find a mate. I’m going to wring every drop of fun from this summer that I can, no matter how bad of an idea he – I mean, it is!

Zachary Ito isn’t your average alpha.

I watched my father screw up one relationship after another. No way am I going to let myself fall under the influence of omega pheromones like he did. I’ve devoted my life to running Camp Alpha-by-the-Lake, hoping to teach young alphas how to respect and protect omegas instead of seeking to control and overpower them. There’s no room for fun in my life, no matter how intriguing he – I mean, it is!

But one chance encounter at the beginning of the summer…

…And neither Zachary nor Jim can get the other out of their heads – or out of their beds! When Jim’s biology puts not only himself but another counselor in danger – will Zachary be there to help him to safety?

Camp Lake Omega is a stand-alone m/m omegaverse non-shifter romance with an HEA ending. All participants are well over the age of consent. The story contains runaway canoes, broken-down cabins, the possibility of bears, and a whole lot of glitter paint.

Reviewer - R *A Reader Obsessed*

Apparently, I’m on a roll with my recent ABO reads, and this thankfully, hit the spot.

Poor Jim. He’s an omega and in a rare position. He’s been bonded, but since his mate died unexpectedly without them ever having had kids, he’s now an inert omega - not exactly off limits, but not physically ready and willing to easily bond again. Jim’s basically resigned himself to a lonely existence living with his parents for the rest of his days, so he grabs the chance to be a counselor at the omega camp he loved as a teen. Excited to be just a normal person, Jim looks forward to enjoying some much needed freedom. What he doesn’t expect is meeting the enticing alpha, Zach, who runs the new alpha-only camp across the lake.

Zach too, is a rare unattached alpha. His biology drives him to mate with an omega, but Zach’s adamant that he never wants to be dictated by hormones and pheromones, and thus far, has avoided any omegas who might potentially pique his interest. When Jim propositions him though, Zach finds it difficult to say no to the risk-free sexy times with the yummy omega. It’s just his luck that Jim hasn’t produced any pheromones for the last few years - he’s neither bonded or unbonded - and poses no threat in sending Zach into a mindless rutting haze. There’s absolutely no worry with this no strings attached fling, right?? Silly boys. They should know that alphas and omegas don’t/can’t do something as simple as casual sex.

These two were very, very nice together as they explore each other without the heat induced attachments and obligations. However, don’t worry. You know that’s not gonna last, as evolving feelings push Jim’s body into the hot and needy yumminess we've all been waiting for!

Basically, if you like this trope, there’s not much fault to find in this sweet sexy story. Though maybe a tad disappointing in not being crazy detailed and extra explicit with the heat dynamics, one really can’t complain when KNOTTING is involved. I just wanted more!! Why isn’t there more?? Overall though, I’m quite satisfied with what I got!

Thank you to the author/publisher for a copy in exchange for an honest review.

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