Review: A Kiss of Brimstone (Out of the Shadows #2) by Morgan Elektra

Sparked in the shadows, their passion burns brighter than any fire in Hell.

Formed at the dawn of civilization and risen through the ranks of demonkind to command legions, Andras has never cared for anything so much as his duty to humanity and the Creator.

There is nothing on Earth that could hold a candle to his sense of purpose.

Ben travels the world alone, intent on destroying rogue vampires, feral werewolves, and corrupt witches. For him, hunting is more than a job, it's his life's calling.

But there is more in Heaven and Earth than he ever imagined, and the revelation sets his shadowed world ablaze.

From the moment their eyes meet, the desire in Andras' blood gives him a new mission: possess the rugged hunter. Will Ben resist the primal pull between them, or will he let the fire of the demon lord's lust consume him?

I love that the author is continuing with the Out of the Shadows series and the “good in bed with evil” theme she has going. I had a blast with Will and Reese in A Single Heartbeat and when I saw we were getting another hunter with a demon in this, I knew I wanted it and held out hope that we would get a possible glimpse of Will and Reese.
Whatever our souls are made of, his and mine are the same.

Andras is a demon, but not the ones we’re used to seeing. Yes, physically he has the traits we would assume would belong to him; the horns, the dark wings and the forked tongue, but Andras is a Soul Reaver, a special demon who along his angel brothers and sisters does the work for the Creator. As a demon he ferries souls to their rest in Kimah and oversaw the keeping of the Silent City (aka Heaven and Hell) while the angels carry new souls into the world, and watched over them on Earth. Andras has come to Earth to retrieve a soul that has escaped Kimah and taken possession over a human who retains the same darkness. When Andras meets the dark souls in an alley before to stop them before they hurt an innocent, he is confronted with a hunter…

Ben Carpenter is a hunter, born from hunters, who is out to make contact with a man who could possible help him track down a vampire. Given the name of this man by a vampire priestess, Ben is on his way to a club for the meeting when he senses a supernatural being in an alley and goes in for the rescue of an innocent man. What Ben sees as he faces the dark soul changes him forever in more ways than he thought possible.

I dug the “meet cute” with Ben and Andras because it really shows who both men are. Ben is fearless in what he does as a hunter though he’s never seen anything like Andras. Andras is old and thought he was passed the wanting of carnal pleasures and heart until faced with Ben and quite literally cannot let the feeling go. Though they part ways, the small wait we get is more than worth it.

I loved that the hunter Ben is going to meet is Will and that the meeting was at Sang. I was waiting for Reese to make an appearance and when he did I was stupidly happy. It was great to see them again and know that what they shared, what I read as one night truly did turn into more and that they are still all over one another. The fact that Reese, a centuries old vampire, is fascinated that Ben has seen a Soul Reaver in the flesh and that both the hunters and most of the supernatural creatures they encounter aren’t sure if demons and angels actually exist added another new level to this world we are in.
…demons worked for God, the same as angels. They did not corrupt souls, but fought the corruption. If Reese’s Sire was to be believed, demons literally fought wars to save souls.
Once both Ben and Andras are done with their respective duties, the men find their way to one another and things heat up.

I have to say Andras in his human or other form was extremely attractive, but I am on the same page with Ben and preferred him in his demon form. Being in both POV’s it was great to know what that meant to Andras, for Ben to prefer him with literally horns and all but those wings are freaking orgasmic regardless of how they are presented and how they are presented in the human form was sexy as heck. Speaking of sexy… you don’t get a hunter and a demon in bed and not have it be hot because OMG was it ever hot. Let me just say, a long forked demon tongue can do many things and slide into many places. *grunts* Hot, it was so freaking hot.

Oh but there was romance in this and it was amazing. Knowing that Andras works with the Creator and that Ben could possibly be his Reliquum, or true soul mate, was ├╝ber romantic and that end gave me feels and hope far beyond the HFN that was presented.

A Kiss of Brimstone was another sexy read from this author and I love how the title applies and also plays with the story. I can’t wait to see if the author continues with the series and if she will visit the mysterious figure in the doorway the angel came to watch over. I hope so because he stuck in my head and I would love to know more about him.

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